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The Prosecution of Offences Act 1985 (Specified Proceedings) (Amendment) Order 20202020 No. 562UK Statutory Instruments
The Census (England) Regulations 20202020 No. 560UK Statutory Instruments
The Health Protection (Coronavirus, Restrictions) (England) (Amendment) (No. 3) Regulations 20202020 No. 558UK Statutory Instruments
The Health Protection (Coronavirus Restrictions) (Wales) (Amendment) (No. 5) Regulations 20202020 No. 557 (W. 129)Wales Statutory Instruments
Rheoliadau Diogelu Iechyd (Cyfyngiadau Coronafeirws) (Cymru) (Diwygio) (Rhif 5) 2020
The A63 (Castle Street Improvement, Hull) Development Consent Order 20202020 No. 556UK Statutory Instruments
The Census (Wales) Regulations 20202020 No. 555 (W. 128)Wales Statutory Instruments
Rheoliadau’r Cyfrifiad (Cymru) 2020
The A48 Trunk Road (Cross Hands Roundabout to Pont Abraham Roundabout, Carmarthenshire) (Temporary Traffic Prohibitions and Restrictions) Order 20202020 No. 554 (W. 127)Wales Statutory Instruments
Gorchymyn Cefnffordd yr A48 (Cylchfan Cross Hands i Gylchfan Pont Abraham, Sir Gaerfyrddin) (Gwaharddiadau a Chyfyngiadau Traffig Dros Dro) 2020
The A5 Trunk Road (Laybys between Menai Bridge and Junction 8A of the A55 at Carreg Bran, Anglesey) (Temporary Prohibition of Vehicles) Order 20202020 No. 553 (W. 126)Wales Statutory Instruments
Gorchymyn Cefnffordd yr A5 (Cilfannau rhwng Porthaethwy a Chyffordd 8A yr A55 yng Ngharreg Brân, Ynys Môn) (Gwahardd Cerbydau Dros Dro) 2020
The Official Controls (Plant Protection Products) Regulations 20202020 No. 552UK Statutory Instruments
The Direct Payments Penalty Simplification (England) Regulations 20202020 No. 551UK Statutory Instruments
The Air Navigation (Restriction of Flying) (Royal Air Force Syerston) (No. 2) Regulations 20202020 No. 550UK Statutory Instruments
The Wireless Telegraphy (Exemption and Amendment) (Amendment) Regulations 20202020 No. 549UK Statutory Instruments
The Civil Enforcement of Parking Contraventions (England) General (Amendment) Regulations 20202020 No. 548UK Statutory Instruments
The Cleve Hill Solar Park Order 20202020 No. 547UK Statutory Instruments
The Police (Amendment) Regulations 20202020 No. 546UK Statutory Instruments
The Electronic Communications (Universal Service) (Costs) Regulations 20202020 No. 545UK Statutory Instruments
The Education (Pupil Registration) (England) (Coronavirus) (Amendment) Regulations 20202020 No. 544UK Statutory Instruments
The School Discipline (England) (Coronavirus) (Pupil Exclusions and Reviews) (Amendment) Regulations 20202020 No. 543UK Statutory Instruments
The Education (Independent School Standards) (Coronavirus) (Amendment) Regulations 20202020 No. 542UK Statutory Instruments
The Food Information (Amendment) (England) Regulations 20202020 No. 541UK Statutory Instruments

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