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The Social Security and Child Support (Regulation and Inspection of Social Care (Wales) Act 2016) (Consequential Provision) Regulations 20182018 No. 228UK Statutory Instruments
The Policing and Crime Act 2017 (Consequential Amendments) Regulations 20182018 No. 226UK Statutory Instruments
The Homelessness (Review Procedure etc.) Regulations 20182018 No. 223UK Statutory Instruments
The Licensing of Houses in Multiple Occupation (Prescribed Description) (England) Order 20182018 No. 221UK Statutory Instruments
The Criminal Legal Aid (Remuneration) (Amendment) Regulations 20182018 No. 220UK Statutory Instruments
The Communications (Television Licensing) (Amendment) Regulations 20182018 No. 219UK Statutory Instruments
The Research and Development (Qualifying Bodies) (Tax) Order 20182018 No. 217UK Statutory Instruments
The Wales Act 2014, Sections 16 and 19 (Disapplication of UK Stamp Duty Land Tax and UK Landfill Tax) (Appointed Date) Order 20182018 No. 214 (C. 21)UK Statutory Instruments
The Non-Domestic Rating (Designated Areas) Regulations 20182018 No. 213UK Statutory Instruments
The Electronic Monitoring (Responsible Persons) Order 20182018 No. 212UK Statutory Instruments
The Gambling Act 2005 (Amendment of Schedule 6) Order 20182018 No. 211UK Statutory Instruments
The Criminal Justice Act 2003 (Alcohol Abstinence and Monitoring Requirement) (Prescription of Arrangement for Monitoring) Order 20182018 No. 210UK Statutory Instruments
The Housing (Management Orders and Financial Penalties) (Amounts Recovered) (England) Regulations 20182018 No. 209UK Statutory Instruments
The Small Business, Enterprise and Employment Act 2015 (Consequential Amendments, Savings and Transitional Provisions) Regulations 20182018 No. 208UK Statutory Instruments
The Financial Assistance Scheme (Increased Cap for Long Service) Regulations 20182018 No. 207UK Statutory Instruments
The Finance Act 2004 (Standard Lifetime Allowance) Regulations 20182018 No. 206UK Statutory Instruments
The Independent Educational Provision in England (Inspection Fees) and Independent School Standards (Amendment) Regulations 20182018 No. 205UK Statutory Instruments
The Financial Services and Markets Act 2000 (Benchmarks) (Amendment) Regulations 20182018 No. 204UK Statutory Instruments
The A458 Trunk Road (Braichllwyd, near Mallwyd, Gwynedd) (Temporary Traffic Prohibitions & Restrictions) Order 20182018 No. 203Wales Statutory Instruments
Gorchymyn Cefnffordd yr A458 (Braichllwyd, ger Mallwyd, Gwynedd) (Gwaharddiadau a Chyfyngiadau Traffig Dros Dro) 2018
The A483 Trunk Road (Junction 3 (Croesfoel Roundabout) to Junction 4 (Ruthin Road Interchange), Wrexham County Borough) (Temporary Traffic Prohibitions) Order 20182018 No. 202Wales Statutory Instruments
Gorchymyn Cefnffordd yr A483 (Cyffordd 3 (Cylchfan Croes-foel) i Gyffordd 4 (Cyfnewidfa Ffordd Rhuthun), Bwrdeistref Sirol Wrecsam) (Gwaharddiadau Traffig Dros Dro) 2018

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