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The Taxation of Chargeable Gains (Gilt-edged Securities) Order 20172017 No. 10UK Statutory Instruments
The Coasting Schools (England) Regulations 20172017 No. 9UK Statutory Instruments
The Plant Health (England) (Amendment) Order 20172017 No. 8UK Statutory Instruments
The Education and Adoption Act 2016 (Commencement No. 3) Regulations 20172017 No. 6 (C. 2)UK Statutory Instruments
The A494 Trunk Road (Deeside Park Interchange to the Wales/England border, Flintshire) (Temporary Prohibition of Vehicles, Cyclists & Pedestrians) Order 20172017 No. 5Wales Statutory Instruments
Gorchymyn Cefnffordd yr A494 (Cyfnewidfa Parc Glannau Dyfrdwy i ffin Cymru/Lloegr, Sir y Fflint) (Gwahardd Cerbydau, Beicwyr a Cherddwyr Dros Dro) 2017
The Crime and Courts Act 2013 (Commencement No. 16 and Savings) Order 20172017 No. 4 (C. 1)UK Statutory Instruments
The Compulsory Purchase of Land (Prescribed Forms) (Ministers) (Amendment) Regulations 20172017 No. 2UK Statutory Instruments
The Immigration (European Economic Area) (Amendment) Regulations 20172017 No. 1UK Statutory Instruments
The A55 Trunk Roads (Junction 1, Holyhead, Isle of Anglesey to Junction 36A, Broughton, Flintshire) (Temporary Prohibition of Vehicles) Order 20162016 No. 1270Wales Statutory Instruments
Gorchymyn Cefnffyrdd yr A55 (Cyffordd 1, Caergybi, Ynys Môn i Gyffordd 36A, Brychdyn, Sir y Fflint) (Gwahardd Cerbydau Dros Dro) 2016
The A55 Trunk Road (Pen-y-clip Tunnel, Conwy County Borough) (Temporary Traffic Prohibitions & Restriction) Order 20162016 No. 1269Wales Statutory Instruments
Gorchymyn Cefnffordd yr A55 (Twnnel Pen-y-clip, Bwrdeistref Sirol Conwy) (Gwaharddiadau a Chyfyngiad Traffig Dros Dro) 2016
The Non-Domestic Rating (Rates Retention) (Amendment) Regulations 20162016 No. 1268UK Statutory Instruments
The Greater Manchester Combined Authority (Functions and Amendment) Order 20162016 No. 1267UK Statutory Instruments
The Non-Domestic Rating (Chargeable Amounts) (England) Regulations 20162016 No. 1265UK Statutory Instruments
The Wales Act 2014 (Commencement No. 1) Order 20162016 No. 1264 (C. 88)UK Statutory Instruments
The A487 & A40 Trunk Roads (Fishguard, Pembrokeshire) (Temporary Prohibition of Vehicles) Order 20162016 No. 1263Wales Statutory Instruments
Gorchymyn Cefnffyrdd yr A487 a’r A40 (Abergwaun, Sir Benfro) (Gwahardd Cerbydau Dros Dro) 2016
The Council Tax Reduction Schemes (Prescribed Requirements) (England) (Amendment) Regulations 20162016 No. 1262UK Statutory Instruments
The Consumer Rights (Enforcement and Amendments) Order 20162016 No. 1259UK Statutory Instruments
The Northern Ireland (Stormont Agreement and Implementation Plan) Act 2016 (Commencement) Regulations 20162016 No. 1258 (C. 87)UK Statutory Instruments
The Childcare (Early Years Provision Free of Charge) (Extended Entitlement) Regulations 20162016 No. 1257UK Statutory Instruments
The A48(M) Motorway (St Mellons, Cardiff to Castleton, Newport) (Temporary Prohibition of Vehicles & 40 mph Speed Limit) Order 20162016 No. 1256Wales Statutory Instruments
Gorchymyn Traffordd yr A48 (M) Llaneirwg, Caerdydd i Gas- Bach Casnewydd (Gwahardd Cerbydau a Therfyn Cyflymder 40 MYA Dros Dro)

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