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Wages Councils

The Unlicensed Place of Refreshment Wages Council (Variation) Order 19871987 No. 801UK Statutory Instruments
The Wages Councils (Meetings and Procedure) Regulations 19871987 No. 862UK Statutory Instruments
The Wages Councils (Notices) (No. 2) Regulations 19871987 No. 1852UK Statutory Instruments
The Wages Councils (Notices) Regulations 19871987 No. 863UK Statutory Instruments


The County of Denbighshire (Electoral Arrangements) Order 19981998 No. 3139UK Statutory Instruments
The County of Powys (Electoral Arrangements) Order 19981998 No. 3143UK Statutory Instruments
The Education (Education Standards Grants) (Wales) Regulations 19991999 No. 521UK Statutory Instruments
The Education (School Performance Targets) (Wales) Regulations 19981998 No. 2196UK Statutory Instruments
The Local Government Reorganisation (Wales) (Consequential Amendments No. 2) Order 19951995 No. 1510UK Statutory Instruments
The Local Government Reorganisation (Wales) (Transitional Provisions No. 2) Order 19951995 No. 1042UK Statutory Instruments
The Local Government Reorganisation (Wales) (Transitional Provisions No. 3) Order 19951995 No. 1161UK Statutory Instruments
The Northern Devon Healthcare National Health Service Trust (Establishment) Order 19911991 No. 109UK Statutory Instruments
The Ogwr (Ogmore Valley and Garw Valley Communities) Order 19941994 No. 3168UK Statutory Instruments
The Petty Sessional Divisions (Essex) Order 19911991 No. 121UK Statutory Instruments
The Residuary Body for Wales (Levies) Regulations 19951995 No. 2306UK Statutory Instruments
The Structural Funds (National Assembly for Wales) Regulations 20002000 No. 906UK Statutory Instruments
The Swansea–Manchester Trunk Road (A483) (Llandovery County Primary School Layby Detrunking) Order 19981998 No. 2912UK Statutory Instruments

Wales Dentists, Wales

The Care Standards Act 2000 (Commencement No.5 and Transitional Provisions) (Wales) Order 20012001 No. 2504 (W. 205) (C. 82)Wales Statutory Instruments
Gorchymyn Deddf Safonau Gofal 2000 (Cychwyn Rhif 5 a Darpariaethau Trosiannol) (Cymru) 2001


The Environment and Rural Affairs (Amendment) (EU Exit) Regulations 20192019 No. 1078UK Statutory Instruments
The Environment, Food and Rural Affairs (Miscellaneous Amendments and Revocations) Regulations 20182018 No. 942UK Statutory Instruments

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