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The Digital Economy Act 2017 (Commencement No. 2) Regulations 20172017 No. 1136UK Statutory Instruments
The Armed Forces Act 2016 (Commencement No. 1) Regulations 20172017 No. 1131 (C. 105)UK Statutory Instruments
The Air Navigation (Restriction of Flying) (Waddesdon) (Emergency) (Revocation) Regulations 20172017 No. 1130UK Statutory Instruments
The Diocese of Newcastle (Educational Endowments) (Byker St. Anthony’s Church of England Primary School) Order 20172017 No. 1129UK Statutory Instruments
The A458 Trunk Road (Buttington to Cefn Bridge, Powys) (50 mph Speed Limit) Order 20172017 No. 1126Wales Statutory Instruments
Gorchymyn Cefnffordd yr A458 (Tal-y-bont i Bont Cefn, Powys) (Terfyn Cyflymder 50 mya) 2017
The A55 Trunk Road (Slip Roads between Junction 8 (Ael y Bowl), Anglesey & Junction 11 (Llys y Gwynt Interchange), Gwynedd) (Temporary Prohibition of Vehicles, Cyclists & Pedestrians) Order 20172017 No. 1123Wales Statutory Instruments
Gorchymyn Cefnffordd yr A55 (Y Ffyrdd Ymuno ac Ymadael rhwng Cyffordd 8 (Ael y Bowl), Ynys Môn a Chyffordd 11 (Cyfnewidfa Llys y Gwynt), Gwynedd) (Gwahardd Cerbydau, Beicwyr a Cherddwyr Dros Dro) 2017
The A14 Cambridge to Huntingdon Improvement Scheme Development Consent (Correction) Order 20172017 No. 1121UK Statutory Instruments
The Highways England Company Limited (M49 Avonmouth Junction) (Slip Roads, Special Roads) Scheme 2017 Confirmation Instrument 20172017 No. 1120UK Statutory Instruments
The Insolvency (Miscellaneous Amendments) Regulations 20172017 No. 1119UK Statutory Instruments
The Misuse of Drugs (Designation) (Amendment) (No. 2) (England, Wales and Scotland) Order 20172017 No. 1118UK Statutory Instruments
The Misuse of Drugs (Amendment) (No. 2) (England, Wales and Scotland) Regulations 20172017 No. 1117UK Statutory Instruments
The Childcare Payments Act 2014 (Commencement No. 5) Regulations 20172017 No. 1116 (C. 104)UK Statutory Instruments
The Insolvency (England and Wales) and Insolvency (Scotland) (Miscellaneous and Consequential Amendments) Rules 20172017 No. 1115UK Statutory Instruments
The Misuse of Drugs Act 1971 (Amendment) (No. 2) Order 20172017 No. 1114UK Statutory Instruments
The A487 Trunk Road (New Street, Tal-y-bont, Ceredigion) (Part-time 20 mph Speed Limit) Order 20172017 No. 1113Wales Statutory Instruments
Gorchymyn Cefnffordd yr A487 (Stryd Newydd, Tal-y-bont, Ceredigion) (Terfyn Cyflymder 20 mya Rhan-amser) 2017
The Inspectors of Education, Children’s Services and Skills (No. 4) Order 20172017 No. 1111UK Statutory Instruments
The National Assembly for Wales (Returning Officers’ Charges) (Amendment) Order 20172017 No. 1106 (W. 280)Wales Statutory Instruments
Gorchymyn Cynulliad Cenedlaethol Cymru (Taliadau Swyddogion Canlyniadau) (Diwygio) 2017
The Dentists Act 1984 (Medical Authorities) Order 20172017 No. 1105UK Statutory Instruments
The Occupational Pensions (Revaluation) Order 20172017 No. 1104UK Statutory Instruments
The Novel Foods (Wales) Regulations 20172017 No. 1103 (W. 279)Wales Statutory Instruments
Rheoliadau Bwydydd Newydd (Cymru) 2017

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