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The Care Planning and Case Review (Miscellaneous Amendments) (Wales) Regulations 20172017 No. 713 (W. 170)Wales Statutory Instruments
Rheoliadau Cynllunio Gofal ac Adolygu Achosion (Diwygiadau Amrywiol) (Cymru) 2017
The Education (Postgraduate Master’s Degree Loans) (Wales) (Amendment) Regulations 20172017 No. 712 (W. 169)Wales Statutory Instruments
Rheoliadau Addysg (Benthyciadau at Radd Feistr Ôl-raddedig) (Cymru) (Diwygio) 2017
The Tuberculosis (Wales) (Amendment) Order 20172017 No. 711 (W. 168)Wales Statutory Instruments
Gorchymyn Twbercwlosis (Cymru) (Diwygio) 2017
The Education (School Inspection) (Wales) (Amendment) Regulations 20172017 No. 710 (W. 167)Wales Statutory Instruments
Rheoliadau Addysg (Arolygu Ysgolion) (Cymru) (Diwygio) 2017
The National Health Service (Pharmaceutical and Local Pharmaceutical Services) (Amendment) Regulations 20172017 No. 709UK Statutory Instruments
The Diocese of Canterbury (Educational Endowments) (Capel-le-Ferne Primary School) Order 20172017 No. 708UK Statutory Instruments
The Diocese of Gloucester (Educational Endowments) (Saul Church of England Primary School) Order 20172017 No. 707UK Statutory Instruments
The Antarctic (Amendment) Regulations 20172017 No. 706UK Statutory Instruments
The Equality Act 2010 (General Qualifications Bodies) (Appropriate Regulator and Relevant Qualifications) (Amendment) (England) Regulations 20172017 No. 705UK Statutory Instruments
The A55 Trunk Road (Junction 1 (Kingsland Roundabout), Holyhead, Isle of Anglesey to east of Junction 11 (Llys y Gwynt Interchange), Bangor, Gwynedd) (Temporary Traffic Restrictions & Prohibition) Order 20172017 No. 704Wales Statutory Instruments
Gorchymyn Cefnffordd yr A55 (Cyffordd 1 (Cylchfan Kingsland), Caergybi, Ynys Môn i fan i’r dwyrain o Gyffordd 11 (Cyfnewidfa Llys y Gwynt), Bangor, Gwynedd) (Cyfyngiadau a Gwaharddiad Traffig Dros Dro) 2017
The Nursing and Midwifery Order (Legal Assessors) (Amendment) and the Nursing and Midwifery Council (Fitness to Practise) (Amendment) Rules Order of Council 20172017 No. 703UK Statutory Instruments
The Insolvency Amendment (EU 2015/848) Regulations 20172017 No. 702UK Statutory Instruments
The Financial Services and Markets Act 2000 (Markets in Financial Instruments) Regulations 20172017 No. 701UK Statutory Instruments
The A487 Trunk Road (Porthmadog, Minffordd & Tremadog Bypass, Gwynedd) (30 mph and 40 mph Speed Limits) Order 20172017 No. 700Wales Statutory Instruments
Gorchymyn Cefnffordd yr A487 (Ffordd Osgoi Porthmadog, Minffordd a Thremadog, Gwynedd) (Terfynau Cyflymder 30 mya a 40 mya) 2017
The Data Reporting Services Regulations 20172017 No. 699UK Statutory Instruments
The Allocation of Housing and Homelessness (Eligibility) (Wales) (Amendment) Regulations 20172017 No. 698 (W. 164)Wales Statutory Instruments
Rheoliadau Dyrannu Tai a Digartrefedd (Cymhwystra) (Cymru) (Diwygio) 2017
The Export Control (Amendment) (No. 3) Order 20172017 No. 697UK Statutory Instruments
The Air Navigation (Restriction of Flying) (Notting Hill, London) (Emergency) (Amendment) Regulations 20172017 No. 696UK Statutory Instruments
The Air Navigation (Restriction of Flying) (Notting Hill, London) (Emergency) Regulations 20172017 No. 695UK Statutory Instruments
The Scottish Partnerships (Register of People with Significant Control) Regulations 20172017 No. 694UK Statutory Instruments

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