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Contribution from Westlaw UK

The National Archives is working with others in government, companies, academic institutions and citizens, to improve public access to legislation. Organisations and individuals are invited to contribute to the development of, working with The National Archives. If you are interested in working with The National Archives please contact us.


To support the government's deregulation initiative, Westlaw UK have contributed electronic versions of Statutory Instruments, Statutory Rules and Orders, as they were first made, to These are the original versions of the legislation, so do not show how the information has changed or how it stands today. The legislation contributed by Westlaw UK was all made prior to 1987 and is in its original form.

Westlaw UK provide a commercial (pay for) service which provides the current version of these Statutory Instruments, Rules and Orders, showing how they currently in force. For more information about Westlaw's commercial services, including an online demo and free trial, visit Other companies provide similar commercial services.

Westlaw UK's contribution to means that the government is able to make secondary legislation from before 1987 available to the public, free of charge. The National Archives thanks Westlaw UK for their significant and important contribution, enabling greater public access to legislation.

Re–using data contributed by Westlaw

You can re–use all the text of the legislation on under the terms of the Open Government Licence. If you are re–using the data contributed by Westlaw, either the HTML webpage or from the API, you should make the following attribution.

"© Westlaw UK derived from Crown Copyright material and contributed to"