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    The M56 Motorway (Junction 7 Bowden View Bridge and Westbound and Eastbound Carriageways, Link Road and Slip Roads) (Temporary Prohibition and Restriction of Traffic) Order 20102010 No. 2499UK Statutory Instruments
    The M48 Motorway (Greenditch Street Overbridge to Junction 1) (Temporary Restriction of Traffic) Order 2010 Variation Order 20102010 No. 2498UK Statutory Instruments
    The Misuse of Drugs (Licence Fees) Regulations 20102010 No. 2497UK Statutory Instruments
    The Income Tax (Pay As You Earn) (Amendment No. 2) Regulations 20102010 No. 2496UK Statutory Instruments
    The Income Tax (Construction Industry Scheme) (Amendment No. 2) Regulations 20102010 No. 2495UK Statutory Instruments
    The Tax Credits (Miscellaneous Amendments) (No. 2) Regulations 20102010 No. 2494UK Statutory Instruments
    The Statutory Payment Schemes (Electronic Communications) (Amendment) Regulations 20102010 No. 2493UK Statutory Instruments
    The A30 Trunk Road (Sourton Cross Junction, Near Okehampton) (Temporary Prohibition of Traffic) Order 20102010 No. 2492UK Statutory Instruments
    The A30 Trunk Road (Chiverton Cross Roundabout, Cornwall) (Temporary Prohibition of Traffic) Order 20102010 No. 2491UK Statutory Instruments
    The A417 Trunk Road (Air Balloon Roundabout to Burford Road Junction, Gloucestershire)(Temporary Prohibition of Traffic) Order 20102010 No. 2490UK Statutory Instruments
    The Atomic Weapons Establishment Blacknest Byelaws 20102010 No. 2489UK Statutory Instruments
    The A2 Trunk Road (M2 Junction 7 - Thanington Road Interchange) (Temporary Restriction and Prohibition of Traffic) Order 20102010 No. 2488UK Statutory Instruments
    The A34 Trunk Road (M40 Junction 9 - West Ilsley) (Temporary Restriction and Prohibition of Traffic) Order 20102010 No. 2487UK Statutory Instruments
    The M20 Motorway (Junction 9, Slip Roads) (Temporary Prohibition of Traffic) (No. 2) Order 20102010 No. 2486UK Statutory Instruments
    The Ashton, Leigh and Wigan Community Healthcare National Health Service Trust (Establishment) Order 20102010 No. 2485UK Statutory Instruments
    The Health and Social Care Act 2008 (Primary Dental Services, Private Ambulance Services and Primary Medical Services) (Regulated Activities) (Transitory and Transitional Provisions) Order 20102010 No. 2484UK Statutory Instruments
    The Capital Allowances (Environmentally Beneficial Plant and Machinery) (Amendment) Order 20102010 No. 2483UK Statutory Instruments
    The Air Navigation (Restriction of Flying) (Leicester City Centre) Regulations 20102010 No. 2482UK Statutory Instruments
    The Income-related Benefits (Subsidy to Authorities) Amendment Order 20102010 No. 2481UK Statutory Instruments
    The Financial Services Act 2010 (Commencement No. 1 and Transitional Provision) Order 20102010 No. 2480 (C. 120)UK Statutory Instruments

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