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    The Police Act 1997 (Criminal Records) (Disclosure) (Amendment No. 2) Regulations (Northern Ireland) 20092009 No. 2495UK Statutory Instruments
    The Local Land Charges (Amendment) Rules 20092009 No. 2494 (L. 27)UK Statutory Instruments
    The Counter-Terrorism Act 2008 (Foreign Travel Notification Requirements) Regulations 20092009 No. 2493UK Statutory Instruments
    The European Economic Interest Grouping and European Public Limited-Liability Company (Fees) Revocation Regulations 20092009 No. 2492UK Statutory Instruments
    The Human Fertilisation and Embryology (Supplementary Provision) Order 20092009 No. 2478UK Statutory Instruments
    The Water Industry (Special Administration) Rules 20092009 No. 2477UK Statutory Instruments
    The Companies Act 2006 and Limited Liability Partnerships (Transitional Provisions and Savings) (Amendment) Regulations 20092009 No. 2476UK Statutory Instruments
    The Payment Services (Amendment) Regulations 20092009 No. 2475UK Statutory Instruments
    The Veterinary Surgeons (Registration Appeals) Rules Order of Council 20092009 No. 2474UK Statutory Instruments
    The Insolvency (Amendment) (No. 2) Rules 20092009 No. 2472UK Statutory Instruments
    The Companies (Disqualification Orders) Regulations 20092009 No. 2471UK Statutory Instruments
    The Equine Identification (Wales) Regulations 20092009 No. 2470 (W. 199)Wales Statutory Instruments
    Rheoliadau Adnabod Ceffylau (Cymru) 2009
    The Companies (Unfair Prejudice Applications) Proceedings Rules 20092009 No. 2469UK Statutory Instruments
    The Constitutional Reform Act 2005 (Consequential Amendments) Order 20092009 No. 2468UK Statutory Instruments
    The Central Lincolnshire Joint Strategic Planning Committee Order 20092009 No. 2467UK Statutory Instruments
    The Northern Ireland Act 2009 (Commencement No. 1) Order 20092009 No. 2466 (C. 102) (C. 101)UK Statutory Instruments
    The Building and Approved Inspectors (Amendment No.2) Regulations 20092009 No. 2465UK Statutory Instruments
    The Trade Marks (International Registration) (Amendment) Order 20092009 No. 2464UK Statutory Instruments
    The Measuring Equipment (Intoxicating Liquor) (Amendment) Regulations 20092009 No. 2463UK Statutory Instruments
    The Financial Collateral Arrangements (No. 2) Regulations 2003 (Amendment) Regulations 20092009 No. 2462UK Statutory Instruments

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