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    The Roads (Traffic Calming) (Scotland) Regulations 19941994 No. 2488 (S. 118)UK Statutory Instruments
    The Environmental Protection Act 1990 (Commencement No. 15) (Amendment) Order 19941994 No. 2487 (C. 49)UK Statutory Instruments
    The A4 Trunk Road (Great West Road, Hounslow) (Prescribed Routes) Order 19941994 No. 2486UK Statutory Instruments
    The Central Scotland Healthcare National Health Service Trust (Appointment of Trustees) Order 19941994 No. 2485 (S. 117)UK Statutory Instruments
    The Royal Scottish National Hospital and Community National Health Service Trust (Dissolution) Order 19941994 No. 2484 (S. 116)UK Statutory Instruments
    Act of Sederunt (Registration Appeal Court) 19941994 No. 2483 (S. 115)UK Statutory Instruments
    The Maternity (Compulsory Leave) Regulations 19941994 No. 2479UK Statutory Instruments
    The Channel Tunnel (Shop and Liquor Licensing Hours Requirements) (Disapplication) Order 19941994 No. 2478UK Statutory Instruments
    The Animals, Meat and Meat Products (Examination for Residues and Maximum Residue Limits) (Amendment) Regulations 19941994 No. 2465UK Statutory Instruments
    The Merchant Shipping (Gas Carriers) Regulations 19941994 No. 2464UK Statutory Instruments
    Teaching as a Career Unit (Transfer of Property, Rights and Liabilities) Order 19941994 No. 2463UK Statutory Instruments
    The City Council of Sheffield (Broughton Lane Bridge) Scheme 1993 Confirmation Instrument 19941994 No. 2462UK Statutory Instruments
    The M1 Motorway (Junction 1, Barnet) (Speed Limit) Regulations 19941994 No. 2461UK Statutory Instruments
    The Milk Marketing Board Scheme of Reorganisation (Third Party Rights) Regulations 19941994 No. 2460UK Statutory Instruments
    The Building Societies (Accounts and Related Provisions) (Amendment) Regulations 19941994 No. 2459UK Statutory Instruments
    The Building Societies (Aggregation) (Amendment) Rules 19941994 No. 2458UK Statutory Instruments
    The Building Societies (Designation of Qualifying Bodies) (Amendment) Order 19941994 No. 2457UK Statutory Instruments
    The Dairy Produce Quotas (Amendment) Regulations 19941994 No. 2448UK Statutory Instruments
    The Education (Grants for Education Support and Training) (Amendment) Regulations 19941994 No. 2446UK Statutory Instruments
    The Local Government (Publication of Manpower Information) (England) (Revocation) Regulations 19941994 No. 2422UK Statutory Instruments

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