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    The Motor Vehicles (Third Party Risks) (Amendment) Regulations 19971997 No. 97UK Statutory Instruments
    The A4 Trunk Road (Great West Road, Hounslow) Red Route (Prescribed Routes) Traffic Order 19971997 No. 96UK Statutory Instruments
    The Education (Fees and Awards) (Scotland) Regulations 19971997 No. 93 (S. 5)UK Statutory Instruments
    The Cumbria College of Art and Design Further Education Corporation (Transfer to the Higher Education Sector) Order 19971997 No. 91UK Statutory Instruments
    The Public Telecommunication System Designation (Videotron Southampton & Eastleigh Limited) Order 19971997 No. 90UK Statutory Instruments
    The A312 Trunk Road (Hounslow) Red Route (Clearway) Traffic Order 19971997 No. 88UK Statutory Instruments
    The A12 Trunk Road (Redbridge) (No.1) Red Route Traffic Order 1996 Experimental Variation Order 19971997 No. 87UK Statutory Instruments
    The Public Service Vehicles (Conditions of Fitness, Equipment, Use and Certification) (Amendment) Regulations 19971997 No. 84UK Statutory Instruments
    The Road Vehicles (Prohibition) (Amendment) Regulations 19971997 No. 83UK Statutory Instruments
    The Goods Vehicles (Plating and Testing) (Amendment) Regulations 19971997 No. 82UK Statutory Instruments
    The Motor Vehicles (Tests) (Amendment) Regulations 19971997 No. 81UK Statutory Instruments
    The National Health Service Pension Scheme and Provision of Information and Administrative Expenses etc. (Amendment) Regulations 19971997 No. 80UK Statutory Instruments
    The Betting, Gaming and Lotteries Act 1963 (Variation of Fees) (Scotland) Order 19971997 No. 77 (S. 4)UK Statutory Instruments
    The Local Government Changes for England (Valuation and Community Charge Tribunals) Regulations 19971997 No. 75UK Statutory Instruments
    The Housing Act 1996 (Consequential Amendments) Order 19971997 No. 74UK Statutory Instruments
    The Secure Tenants of Local Housing Authorities (Right to Repair) (Amendment) Regulations 19971997 No. 73UK Statutory Instruments
    The Introductory Tenants (Review) Regulations 19971997 No. 72UK Statutory Instruments
    The Secure Tenancies (Notices) (Amendment) Regulations 19971997 No. 71UK Statutory Instruments
    The Housing Act 1996 (Commencement No.6 and Savings) Order 19971997 No. 66 (C. 5)UK Statutory Instruments
    The Income-related Benefits and Jobseeker’s Allowance (Miscellaneous Amendments) Regulations 19971997 No. 65UK Statutory Instruments

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