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    The Community Investment Tax Relief (Accreditation of Community Development Finance Institutions) Regulations 20032003 No. 96UK Statutory Instruments
    The Road Traffic (Permitted Parking Area and Special Parking Area) (District of Bath and North East Somerset) Order 20032003 No. 95UK Statutory Instruments
    The A595 Trunk Road (Carlisle City Boundary to Thursby) (Detrunking) Order 20032003 No. 94UK Statutory Instruments
    The A596 Trunk Road (Lillyhall to Thursby) (Detrunking) Order 20032003 No. 93UK Statutory Instruments
    The Crown Office Fees Order 20032003 No. 92UK Statutory Instruments
    The A660 Trunk Road (Boundary of The City of Bradford And Leeds City to Weetwood Roundabout) (Detrunking) Order 20032003 No. 91UK Statutory Instruments
    The A6120 Trunk Road (Weetwood Roundabout to Junction 46 of the M1) (Detrunking) Order 20032003 No. 90UK Statutory Instruments
    The A64 Trunk Road (Whinmoor Roundabout to County Boundary) (Detrunking) Order 20032003 No. 89UK Statutory Instruments
    The Finance Act 2002, Section 57(3) and (4)(a), (Appointed Day Order 20032003 No. 88 (C. 5)UK Statutory Instruments
    The State Pension Credit Act 2002 (Commencement No. 3) Order 20032003 No. 83 (C. 4)UK Statutory Instruments
    The Proceeds of Crime Act 2002 (Appeals under Part 2) Order 20032003 No. 82UK Statutory Instruments
    The Tobacco Advertising and Promotion (Sponsorship) Transitional Regulations 20032003 No. 77UK Statutory Instruments
    The Wireless Telegraphy (Exemption) Regulations 20032003 No. 74UK Statutory Instruments
    The Rules of the Air (Amendment) Regulations 20032003 No. 64UK Statutory Instruments
    The Environmental Protection (Duty of Care) (England) (Amendment) Regulations 2003 (revoked)2003 No. 63UK Statutory Instruments
    The Companies (Welsh Language Forms) Regulations 20032003 No. 62UK Statutory Instruments
    The Limited Liability Partnerships (Welsh Language Forms) Regulations 20032003 No. 61UK Statutory Instruments
    The Seeds (Miscellaneous Amendments) Regulations (Wales) 20032003 No. 56 (W. 6)Wales Statutory Instruments
    Rheoliadau Hadau (Diwygiadau Amrywiol) (Cymru) 2003
    The Northern Ireland Act 1998 (Designation of Public Authorities) Order 20032003 No. 55UK Statutory Instruments
    The Housing (Right to Acquire and Right to Buy) (Designated Rural Areas and Designated Regions) (Wales) Order 20032003 No. 54 (W. 5)Wales Statutory Instruments
    Gorchymyn Tai (Hawl i Gaffael a Hawl i Brynu) (Ardaloedd Gwledig Dynodedig a Rhanbarthau Dynodedig) (Cymru) 2003

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