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    The A205 Trunk Road (Lewisham) Red Route Traffic Order 19991999 No. 81UK Statutory Instruments
    The Food Protection (Emergency Prohibitions) (Radioactivity in Sheep) Partial Revocation Order 19991999 No. 80UK Statutory Instruments
    The Grants for Pre-school Education (Prescribed Children) (Scotland) Amendment Order 19991999 No. 79 (S. 3)UK Statutory Instruments
    Act of Adjournal (Criminal Procedure Rules) (Amendment) 19991999 No. 78 (S. 2)UK Statutory Instruments
    The Building Regulations (Amendment) Regulations 19991999 No. 77UK Statutory Instruments
    The Bass (Specified Areas) (Prohibition of Fishing) (Variation) Order 19991999 No. 75UK Statutory Instruments
    The Sea Fish (Specified Sea Area) (Regulation of Nets and Prohibition of Fishing Methods) (Variation) Order 19991999 No. 74UK Statutory Instruments
    The Charities (Seamen’s Hospital Society) Order 19991999 No. 73UK Statutory Instruments
    Motor Vehicles (Driving Licences) (Amendment) Regulations 19991999 No. 72UK Statutory Instruments
    The Allocation of Housing and Homelessness (Review Procedures) Regulations 19991999 No. 71UK Statutory Instruments
    The Income Tax (Employments) (Amendment) Regulations 19991999 No. 70UK Statutory Instruments
    The General Optical Council (Registration and Enrolment (Amendment) Rules)—Order of Council 19991999 No. 69UK Statutory Instruments
    The Housing Renewal Grants (Common Parts) Order 19991999 No. 68UK Statutory Instruments
    The European Communities (Recognition of Professional Qualifications) (Second General System) (Amendment) Regulations 19991999 No. 67UK Statutory Instruments
    The Export of Goods (Control) (Amendment) Order 19991999 No. 63UK Statutory Instruments
    The Sandwell Healthcare National Health Service Trust(Establishment) Amendment Order 19991999 No. 62UK Statutory Instruments
    The Government of Wales Act 1998 (Housing) (Amendments) Order 19991999 No. 61UK Statutory Instruments
    The Durham County Priority Services National Health Service Trust (Change of Name) Order 19991999 No. 60UK Statutory Instruments
    The Warrington Hospital National Health Service Trust (Establishment) Amendment Order 19991999 No. 58UK Statutory Instruments
    The Portsmouth Harbour (Gunwharf Quays) Order 19991999 No. 50UK Statutory Instruments

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