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    The Merchant Shipping (Protection of Shipping and Trading Interests) (USSR) (Revocation) Order 19881988 No. 1899UK Statutory Instruments
    The Customs and Excise (Deferred Payment) (RAF Airfields and Offshore Installations) (No. 2) Regulations 19881988 No. 1898UK Statutory Instruments
    The Motor Vehicles (Tests) (Amendment) (No. 3) Regulations 19881988 No. 1894UK Statutory Instruments
    The Sheriff Court Fees Amendment (No.2) Order 19881988 No. 1893 (S. 181)UK Statutory Instruments
    The Court of Session Etc. Fees Amendment (No.3) Order 19881988 No. 1892 (S. 180)UK Statutory Instruments
    The Civil Legal Aid (Scotland) Amendment (No.3) Regulations 19881988 No. 1891 (S. 179)UK Statutory Instruments
    The Housing Benefit (Community Charge Rebates) (Scotland) Regulations 19881988 No. 1890 (S. 178)UK Statutory Instruments
    Community Charges (Information Concerning Social Security) (Scotland) Regulations 19881988 No. 1889 (S. 177)UK Statutory Instruments
    The Education (Higher Education Corporations) (Amendment) Order 19881988 No. 1888UK Statutory Instruments
    The Family Law (Scotland) Act 1985 (Commencement No.2) Order 19881988 No. 1887 (C. 70)UK Statutory Instruments
    The Import and Export (Plant Health Fees) (Scotland) Order 19881988 No. 1882 (S. 175)UK Statutory Instruments
    The Food Protection (Emergency Prohibitions) Amendment No. 4 Order 19881988 No. 1881UK Statutory Instruments
    The Community Charges (Levying, Collection and Payment) (Scotland) Regulations 19881988 No. 1880 (S. 174)UK Statutory Instruments
    The Public Service Vehicles (Registration of Local Services) (Amendment) Regulations 19881988 No. 1879UK Statutory Instruments
    The Three Valleys Water Order 19881988 No. 1878UK Statutory Instruments
    The Renfrew and Cunninghame Districts (Whitehouse) Boundaries Amendment Order 19881988 No. 1877 (S. 173)UK Statutory Instruments
    The Road Vehicles (Construction and Use) (Amendment) (No. 7) Regulations 19881988 No. 1871UK Statutory Instruments
    The Exeter—Launceston—Bodmin Trunk Road A30 (Plusha to Bolventor Improvement and Slip Roads) Order 19881988 No. 1869UK Statutory Instruments
    The Exeter — Launceston — Bodmin Trunk Road A30 (Plusha to Bolventor Improvement) (Detrunking) Order 19881988 No. 1867UK Statutory Instruments
    The Serious Fraud Office (Witnesses' etc. Allowances) Regulations 19881988 No. 1863UK Statutory Instruments

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