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Communications Act 2003


This is the original version (as it was originally enacted).

  1. Introductory Text

  2. Part 1 Functions of OFCOM

    1. Transferred and assigned functions

      1. 1.Functions and general powers of OFCOM

      2. 2.Transfer of functions of pre-commencement regulators

    2. General duties in carrying out functions

      1. 3.General duties of OFCOM

      2. 4.Duties for the purpose of fulfilling Community obligations

      3. 5.Directions in respect of networks and spectrum functions

      4. 6.Duties to review regulatory burdens

      5. 7.Duty to carry out impact assessments

      6. 8.Duty to publish and meet promptness standards

      7. 9.Secretary of State’s powers in relation to promptness standards

    3. Accessible domestic communications apparatus

      1. 10.Duty to encourage availability of easily usable apparatus

    4. Media literacy

      1. 11.Duty to promote media literacy

    5. OFCOM’s Content Board

      1. 12.Duty to establish and maintain Content Board

      2. 13.Functions of the Content Board

    6. Functions for the protection of consumers

      1. 14.Consumer research

      2. 15.Duty to publish and take account of research

      3. 16.Consumer consultation

      4. 17.Membership etc. of the Consumer Panel

      5. 18.Committees and other procedure of the Consumer Panel

      6. 19.Power to amend remit of Consumer Panel

    7. Advisory committees

      1. 20.Advisory committees for different parts of the United Kingdom

      2. 21.Advisory committee on elderly and disabled persons

    8. International matters

      1. 22.Representation on international and other bodies

      2. 23.Directions for international purposes in respect of broadcasting functions

    9. General information functions

      1. 24.Provision of information to the Secretary of State

      2. 25.Community requirement to provide information

      3. 26.Publication of information and advice for consumers etc.

    10. Employment in broadcasting

      1. 27.Training and equality of opportunity

    11. Charging

      1. 28.General power to charge for services

    12. Guarantees

      1. 29.Secretary of State guarantees for OFCOM borrowing

    13. Provisions supplemental to transfer of functions

      1. 30.Transfers of property etc. from pre-commencement regulators

      2. 31.Transitional functions and abolition of pre-commencement regulators

  3. Part 2 Networks, services and the radio spectrum

    1. Chapter 1 Electronic communications networks and services

      1. Preliminary

        1. 32.Meaning of electronic communications networks and services

      2. Notification by providers

        1. 33.Advance notification to OFCOM

        2. 34.Designations and requirements for the purposes of s. 33

        3. 35.Notification of contraventions of s. 33

        4. 36.Enforcement notification for contravention of s. 33

        5. 37.Penalties for contravention of s. 33

      3. Administrative charges imposed on providers

        1. 38.Fixing of charges

        2. 39.Supplemental provision about fixing charges

        3. 40.Notification of non-payment of charges

        4. 41.Penalties for non-payment of charges

        5. 42.Suspending service provision for non-payment

        6. 43.Enforcement of directions under s. 42

      4. Register of providers required to notify or to pay charges

        1. 44.Duty of OFCOM to keep publicly accessible register

      5. Conditions of entitlement to provide network or service etc.

        1. 45.Power of OFCOM to set conditions

        2. 46.Persons to whom conditions may apply

        3. 47.Test for setting or modifying conditions

        4. 48.Procedure for setting, modifying and revoking conditions

        5. 49.Directions and approvals for the purposes of a s. 45 condition

        6. 50.Delivery of copies of notifications etc.

      6. General conditions: subject-matter

        1. 51.Matters to which general conditions may relate

      7. General conditions: customer interests

        1. 52.Conditions relating to customer interests

        2. 53.Approval of codes of practice for the purposes of s. 52

        3. 54.Approval of dispute procedures for the purposes of s. 52

        4. 55.Orders by OFCOM in the absence of conditions under s. 52

      8. General conditions: telephone numbers

        1. 56.The National Telephone Numbering Plan

        2. 57.Conditions to secure access to telephone numbers

        3. 58.Conditions about allocation and adoption of numbers

        4. 59.Telephone numbering conditions binding non-providers

        5. 60.Modification of documents referred to in numbering conditions

        6. 61.Withdrawal of telephone number allocations

        7. 62.Numbering reorganisations

        8. 63.General duty as to telephone numbering functions

      9. General conditions: must-carry obligations

        1. 64.Must-carry obligations

      10. Universal service conditions

        1. 65.Obligations to be secured by universal service conditions

        2. 66.Designation of universal service providers

        3. 67.Subject-matter of universal service conditions

        4. 68.Tariffs etc. for universal services

        5. 69.Directories and directory enquiry facilities

        6. 70.Review of compliance costs

        7. 71.Sharing of burden of universal service obligations

        8. 72.Report on sharing mechanism

      11. Access-related conditions

        1. 73.Permitted subject-matter of access-related conditions

        2. 74.Specific types of access-related conditions

        3. 75.Conditional access systems and access to digital services

        4. 76.Modification and revocation of conditions imposed under s. 75

      12. Privileged supplier conditions

        1. 77.Imposition of privileged supplier conditions

      13. SMP conditions: procedure

        1. 78.Circumstances required for the setting of SMP conditions

        2. 79.Market power determinations

        3. 80.Proposals for identifying markets and for market power determinations

        4. 81.Delivery of copies of notifications under ss. 79 and 80

        5. 82.European Commission’s powers in respect of proposals

        6. 83.Special rules for transnational markets

        7. 84.Review of services market identifications and determinations

        8. 85.Review of apparatus market identifications and determinations

        9. 86.Cases where review required

      14. SMP services conditions: subject-matter

        1. 87.Conditions about network access etc.

        2. 88.Conditions about network access pricing etc.

        3. 89.Conditions about network access in exceptional cases

        4. 90.Conditions about carrier selection and pre-selection

        5. 91.Conditions about regulation of services etc. for end-users

        6. 92.Conditions about leased lines

      15. SMP apparatus conditions: subject-matter

        1. 93.Conditions about apparatus supply

      16. Enforcement of conditions

        1. 94.Notification of contravention of conditions

        2. 95.Enforcement notification for contravention of conditions

        3. 96.Penalties for contravention of conditions

        4. 97.Amount of penalty under s. 96

        5. 98.Power to deal with urgent cases

        6. 99.Confirmation of directions under s. 98

        7. 100.Suspending service provision for contraventions of conditions

        8. 101.Suspending apparatus supply for contraventions of conditions

        9. 102.Procedure for directions under ss. 100 and 101

        10. 103.Enforcement of directions under ss. 98, 100 and 101

        11. 104.Civil liability for breach of conditions or enforcement notification

      17. OFCOM’s duty to intervene on network access issues

        1. 105.Consideration and determination of network access questions

      18. Electronic communications code

        1. 106.Application of the electronic communications code

        2. 107.Procedure for directions applying code

        3. 108.Register of persons in whose case code applies

        4. 109.Restrictions and conditions subject to which code applies

        5. 110.Enforcement of restrictions and conditions

        6. 111.Enforcement notification for contravention of code restrictions

        7. 112.Penalties for contravention of code restrictions

        8. 113.Suspension of application of code

        9. 114.Procedure for directions under s. 113

        10. 115.Modification and revocation of application of code

        11. 116.Notification of cessation by person to whom code applies

        12. 117.Transitional schemes on cessation of application of code

        13. 118.Compulsory acquisition of land etc.

        14. 119.Power to give assistance in relation to certain proceedings

      19. Regulation of premium rate services

        1. 120.Conditions regulating premium rate services

        2. 121.Approval of code for premium rate services

        3. 122.Orders by OFCOM in the absence of a code under s. 121

        4. 123.Enforcement of s. 120 conditions

        5. 124.Suspending service provision for contraventions of s. 120 conditions

      20. Offences relating to networks and services

        1. 125.Dishonestly obtaining electronic communications services

        2. 126.Possession or supply of apparatus etc. for contravening s. 125

        3. 127.Improper use of public electronic communications network

      21. Persistent misuse of network or service

        1. 128.Notification of misuse of networks and services

        2. 129.Enforcement notifications for stopping persistent misuse

        3. 130.Penalties for persistent misuse

        4. 131.Statement of policy on persistent misuse

      22. Powers to deal with emergencies

        1. 132.Powers to require suspension or restriction of a provider’s entitlement

        2. 133.Enforcement of directions under s. 132

      23. Restrictions in leases and licences

        1. 134.Restrictions in leases and licences

      24. Information provisions

        1. 135.Information required for purposes of Chapter 1 functions

        2. 136.Information required for related purposes

        3. 137.Restrictions on imposing information requirements

        4. 138.Notification of contravention of information requirements

        5. 139.Penalties for contravention of information requirements

        6. 140.Suspending service provision for information contraventions

        7. 141.Suspending apparatus supply for information contraventions

        8. 142.Procedure for directions under ss. 140 and 141

        9. 143.Enforcement of directions under ss. 140 and 141

        10. 144.Offences in connection with information requirements

        11. 145.Statement of policy on information gathering

        12. 146.Provision of information by OFCOM

      25. Abolition of telecommunications licensing etc.

        1. 147.Repeal of provisions of Telecommunications Act 1984

      26. Local authority powers in relation to networks and services

        1. 148.Powers of local authorities in connection with networks

      27. Grants for networks and services in Northern Ireland

        1. 149.Grants by Department of Enterprise, Trade and Investment

        2. 150.Grants by district councils

      28. Interpretation of Chapter 1

        1. 151.Interpretation of Chapter 1

    2. Chapter 2 Spectrum use

      1. General functions relating to spectrum use

        1. 152.General functions of OFCOM in relation to radio spectrum

        2. 153.United Kingdom Plan for Frequency Authorisation

        3. 154.Duties of OFCOM when carrying out spectrum functions

        4. 155.Advisory service in relation to interference

        5. 156.Directions with respect to the radio spectrum

        6. 157.Procedure for directions under s. 156

      2. Reservation of spectrum for multiplex use

        1. 158.Special duty in relation to television multiplexes

      3. Recognised spectrum access

        1. 159.Grant of recognised spectrum access

        2. 160.Effect of grant of recognised spectrum access

        3. 161.Charges in respect of grants of recognised spectrum access

        4. 162.Conversion into and from wireless telegraphy licences

      4. Crown use of the radio spectrum

        1. 163.Payments for use of radio spectrum by the Crown

      5. Limitations and exemptions applied to spectrum use

        1. 164.Limitations on authorised spectrum use

        2. 165.Terms etc. of wireless telegraphy licences

        3. 166.Exemption from need for wireless telegraphy licence

      6. Award and transfer of licences

        1. 167.Bidding for wireless telegraphy licences

        2. 168.Spectrum trading

      7. Variation and revocation of licences

        1. 169.Variation and revocation of wireless telegraphy licences

      8. Wireless telegraphy register

        1. 170.Wireless telegraphy register

      9. Information requirements

        1. 171.Information requirements in relation to wireless telegraphy licences

      10. Criminal proceedings etc.

        1. 172.Contraventions of conditions for use of wireless telegraphy

        2. 173.Meaning of “repeated contravention” in s. 172

        3. 174.Procedure for prosecutions of wireless telegraphy offences

        4. 175.Special procedure for contraventions by multiplex licence holders

        5. 176.Amount of penalty under s. 175

        6. 177.“Relevant amount of gross revenue” for the purposes of s. 176

        7. 178.Proceedings for an offence relating to apparatus use

        8. 179.Modification of penalties for certain wireless telegraphy offences

        9. 180.Fixed penalties for certain wireless telegraphy offences

        10. 181.Power of arrest

        11. 182.Forfeiture etc. of restricted apparatus

      11. Construction of 1949 Act

        1. 183.Modification of definition of “undue interference”

        2. 184.Modification of definition of “wireless telegraphy”

    3. Chapter 3 Disputes and appeals

      1. Disputes

        1. 185.Reference of disputes to OFCOM

        2. 186.Action by OFCOM on dispute reference

        3. 187.Legal proceedings about referred disputes

        4. 188.Procedure for resolving disputes

        5. 189.Disputes involving other member States

        6. 190.Resolution of referred disputes

        7. 191.OFCOM’s power to require information in connection with dispute

      2. Appeals

        1. 192.Appeals against decisions by OFCOM, the Secretary of State etc.

        2. 193.Reference of price control matters to the Competition Commission

        3. 194.Composition of Competition Commission for price control references

        4. 195.Decisions of the Tribunal

        5. 196.Appeals from the Tribunal

      3. Interpretation of Chapter 3

        1. 197.Interpretation of Chapter 3

  4. Part 3 Television and Radio Services

    1. Chapter 1 The BBC, C4C the Welsh Authority and the Gaelic media service

      1. The BBC

        1. 198.Functions of OFCOM in relation to the BBC

      2. C4C

        1. 199.Functions of C4C

        2. 200.Removal of members of C4C

        3. 201.Deficits and surpluses of C4C

        4. 202.Borrowing limit for C4C

      3. The Welsh Authority

        1. 203.Function of OFCOM in relation to the Welsh Authority

        2. 204.Welsh Authority’s function of providing S4C and S4C Digital

        3. 205.Powers to provide other services

        4. 206.Other activities of Welsh Authority

        5. 207.Welsh Authority finances

      4. The Gaelic Media Service

        1. 208.The Gaelic Media Service

        2. 209.Membership of the Service

        3. 210.Supplementary provisions about the Service

    2. Chapter 2 Regulatory Structure for Independent Television Services

      1. Preliminary

        1. 211.Regulation of independent television services

        2. 212.Abolition of function of assigning television frequencies

        3. 213.Abolition of licensing for local cable systems

      2. Channels 3 and 5

        1. 214.Digital Channel 3 and Channel 5 licences

        2. 215.Replacement of existing Channel 3 and Channel 5 licences

        3. 216.Renewal of Channel 3 and 5 licences

        4. 217.Financial terms of licence renewed under s. 216

      3. The public teletext service

        1. 218.Duty to secure the provision of a public teletext service

        2. 219.Licensing of the public teletext service

        3. 220.Delegation of provision of public teletext service

        4. 221.Replacement of existing public teletext provider’s licence

        5. 222.Renewal of public teletext licence

        6. 223.Financial terms of licence renewed under s. 222

      4. Meaning of initial expiry date

        1. 224.Meaning of “initial expiry date”

      5. Reviews relating to licensing of Channels 3 & 5 and teletext

        1. 225.Application for review of financial terms of replacement licences

        2. 226.Application for review of financial terms in consequence of new obligations

        3. 227.Reviews under ss. 225 and 226

        4. 228.Giving effect to reviews under ss. 225 and 226

        5. 229.Report in anticipation of new licensing round

        6. 230.Orders suspending rights of renewal

      6. Replacement of Channel 4 licence

        1. 231.Replacement of Channel 4 licence

      7. Television licensable content services

        1. 232.Meaning of “television licensable content service”

        2. 233.Services that are not television licensable content services

        3. 234.Modification of ss. 232 and 233

        4. 235.Licensing of television licensable content services

        5. 236.Direction to licensee to take remedial action

        6. 237.Penalties for contravention of licence condition or direction

        7. 238.Revocation of television licensable content service licence

        8. 239.Action against licence holders who incite crime or disorder

        9. 240.Abolition of separate licences for certain television services

      8. Television multiplex services

        1. 241.Television multiplex services

        2. 242.Composition of services in television multiplexes

        3. 243.Powers where frequencies reserved for qualifying services

      9. Local digital television services

        1. 244.Local digital television services

    3. Chapter 3 Regulatory Structure for Independent Radio Services

      1. Preliminary

        1. 245.Regulation of independent radio services

        2. 246.Abolition of function of assigning radio frequencies

      2. Radio licensable content services

        1. 247.Meaning of “radio licensable content services”

        2. 248.Services that are not radio licensable content services

        3. 249.Modification of ss. 247 and 248

        4. 250.Licensing of radio licensable content services

        5. 251.Abolition of separate licences for certain sound services

      3. Licence periods etc.

        1. 252.Extension of licence periods

        2. 253.Extension and modification of existing licences

        3. 254.Renewal of local licences

        4. 255.Extension of special application procedure for local licences

      4. Provision of simulcast radio services

        1. 256.Definition of simulcast radio services

        2. 257.Promotion of simulcast radio services

      5. Multiplexes broadcasting sound programmes

        1. 258.Radio multiplex services

        2. 259.Composition of services in radio multiplexes

        3. 260.Digital sound services for inclusion in non-radio multiplexes

        4. 261.Renewal of radio multiplex licences

      6. Community radio

        1. 262.Community radio

    4. Chapter 4 Regulatory provisions

      1. Application of regulatory regimes

        1. 263.Application of regulatory regimes

      2. The public service remit for television

        1. 264.OFCOM reports on the fulfilment of the public service remit

        2. 265.Public service remits of licensed providers

        3. 266.Statements of programme policy

        4. 267.Changes of programme policy

        5. 268.Statements of service policy by the public teletext provider

        6. 269.Changes of service policy

        7. 270.Enforcement of public service remits

        8. 271.Power to amend public service remits

      3. Must-offer obligations etc. affecting public service television

        1. 272.Must-offer obligations in relation to networks

        2. 273.Must-offer obligations in relation to satellite services

        3. 274.Securing reception of must-provide services in certain areas

        4. 275.Must-provide services for the purposes of s. 274

        5. 276.Co-operation with the public teletext provider

      4. Programming quotas for public service television

        1. 277.Programming quotas for independent productions

        2. 278.Programming quotas for original productions

      5. News provision etc. on public service television

        1. 279.News and current affairs programmes

        2. 280.Appointed news providers for Channel 3

        3. 281.Disqualification from appointment as news provider

        4. 282.Power to repeal or modify Channel 3 news provider provisions

        5. 283.News providers for Channel 5

        6. 284.News provision on the public teletext service

      6. Independent and regional productions and programmes for public service television

        1. 285.Code relating to programme commissioning

        2. 286.Regional programme-making for Channels 3 and 5

        3. 287.Regional programmes on Channel 3

        4. 288.Regional programme-making for Channel 4

        5. 289.Regional matters in the public teletext service

      7. Networking arrangements for Channel 3

        1. 290.Proposals for arrangements

        2. 291.Obligation as to making and continuance of approved arrangements

        3. 292.OFCOM’s power to impose arrangements

        4. 293.Review of approved networking arrangements etc.

        5. 294.Supplemental provision about networking arrangements

      8. Special obligations for Channel 4

        1. 295.Involvement of C4 Corporation in programme-making

        2. 296.Schools programmes on Channel 4

        3. 297.Channel 4 contribution towards national television archive

      9. Special obligation for the public teletext provider

        1. 298.Conditions prohibiting interference with other services

      10. Sporting and other events of national interest

        1. 299.Categorisation of listed events

        2. 300.Effects of categorisation of listed events

        3. 301.Code relating to listed events

        4. 302.Regulations about coverage of listed events

      11. Television services for the deaf and visually impaired

        1. 303.Code relating to provision for the deaf and visually impaired

        2. 304.Procedure for issuing and revising code under s. 303

        3. 305.Meaning of “relevant date” in s. 303

        4. 306.Power to modify targets in s. 303

        5. 307.Observance of code under s. 303

        6. 308.Assistance for the visually impaired with the public teletext service

      12. Programming quotas for digital television programme services

        1. 309.Quotas for independent programmes

      13. Regulation of electronic programme guides

        1. 310.Code of practice for electronic programme guides

        2. 311.Conditions to comply with code under s. 310

      14. Character and coverage of radio services

        1. 312.Character and coverage of sound broadcasting services

        2. 313.Consultation about change of character of local services

        3. 314.Local content and character of local sound broadcasting services

        4. 315.Variations of radio multiplex licences affecting service characteristics

      15. Competition between licensed providers etc.

        1. 316.Conditions relating to competition matters

        2. 317.Exercise of Broadcasting Act powers for a competition purpose

        3. 318.Review of powers exercised for competition purposes

      16. Programme and fairness standards for television and radio

        1. 319.OFCOM’s standards code

        2. 320.Special impartiality requirements

        3. 321.Objectives for advertisements and sponsorship

        4. 322.Supplementary powers relating to advertising

        5. 323.Modification of matters to be taken into account under s. 319

        6. 324.Setting and publication of standards

        7. 325.Observance of standards code

        8. 326.Duty to observe fairness code

        9. 327.Standards with respect to fairness

        10. 328.Duty to publicise OFCOM’s functions in relation to complaints

      17. Power to proscribe unacceptable foreign television and radio services

        1. 329.Proscription orders

        2. 330.Effect of proscription order

        3. 331.Notification for enforcing proscription

        4. 332.Penalties for contravention of notification under s. 331

      18. Party political broadcasts on television and radio

        1. 333.Party political broadcasts

      19. Monitoring of programmes

        1. 334.Retention and production of recordings

      20. International obligations

        1. 335.Conditions securing compliance with international obligations

      21. Government requirements for licensed services

        1. 336.Government requirements for licensed services

      22. Equal opportunities and training

        1. 337.Promotion of equal opportunities and training

      23. Corresponding rules for the BBC and Welsh Authority

        1. 338.Corresponding rules for the BBC and the Welsh Authority

      24. Enforcement against the Welsh Authority

        1. 339.Review of fulfilment by Welsh Authority of public service remits

        2. 340.Directions to Welsh Authority to take remedial action

        3. 341.Imposition of penalties on the Welsh Authority

        4. 342.Contraventions recorded in Welsh Authority’s annual report

        5. 343.Provision of information by Welsh Authority

      25. Enforcement of licence conditions

        1. 344.Transmission of statement of findings

        2. 345.Financial penalties imposable on licence holders

        3. 346.Recovery of fees and penalties

      26. Broadcasting Act licence fees

        1. 347.Statement of charging principles

    5. Chapter 5 Media ownership and control

      1. Restrictions on licence holders

        1. 348.Modification of disqualification provisions

        2. 349.Licence holding by local authorities

        3. 350.Relaxation of licence-holding restrictions

      2. Changes of control

        1. 351.Changes of control of Channel 3 services

        2. 352.Action following review under s. 351

        3. 353.Changes of control of Channel 5

        4. 354.Action following review under s. 353

        5. 355.Variation of local licence following change of control

        6. 356.Action following review under s. 355

      3. Meaning of control

        1. 357.Meaning of “control”

    6. Chapter 6 Other provisions about television and radio services

      1. Annual report on television and radio

        1. 358.Annual factual and statistical report

      2. Community radio and local digital television

        1. 359.Grants to providers

      3. Supplemental provisions of Part 3

        1. 360.Amendments of the 1990 and 1996 Acts

        2. 361.Meaning of “available for reception by members of the public”

        3. 362.Interpretation of Part 3

  5. Part 4 Licensing of TV reception

    1. 363.Licence required for use of TV receiver

    2. 364.TV licences

    3. 365.TV licence fees

    4. 366.Powers to enforce TV licensing

    5. 367.Interpretation of provisions about dealer notification

    6. 368.Meanings of “television receiver” and “use”

  6. Part 5 Competition in communications markets

    1. Chapter 1 Functions of OFCOM under competition legislation

      1. 369.Matters in relation to which OFCOM have competition functions

      2. 370.OFCOM’s functions under Part 4 of the Enterprise Act 2002

      3. 371.OFCOM’s functions under the Competition Act 1998

      4. 372.Application of the Competition Act 1998 to news provision

    2. Chapter 2 Media mergers

      1. Introductory

        1. 373.Repeal of existing newspaper merger regime

        2. 374.Repeal of exclusion for newspaper mergers from general merger controls

      2. Adaptation for media mergers of main merger regime

        1. 375.Media public interest considerations

        2. 376.Adaptation of role of OFT in initial investigations and reports

        3. 377.Additional investigation and report by OFCOM

      3. Extension of special public interest regime

        1. 378.Extension of special public interest regime for certain media mergers

        2. 379.Adaptation of role of OFT in special public interest regime

        3. 380.Additional investigation and report by OFCOM: special public interest cases

      4. New general functions in relation to media mergers

        1. 381.Public consultation in relation to media mergers

        2. 382.General information duties in relation to media mergers

        3. 383.Advice and information in relation to media mergers

        4. 384.General advisory functions of OFCOM in relation to media mergers

        5. 385.Other general functions of OFCOM in relation to media mergers

        6. 386.Monitoring role for OFT in relation to media mergers

      5. Supplemental provisions of Chapter 2

        1. 387.Enforcement powers in relation to newspaper and other media mergers

        2. 388.Alterations concerning newspaper panel of Competition Commission

        3. 389.Further provision in connection with media mergers

  7. Part 6 Miscellaneous and Supplemental

    1. Annual report

      1. 390.Annual report on the Secretary of State’s functions

    2. Review of media ownership

      1. 391.Review of media ownership

    3. Guidelines as to penalties

      1. 392.Penalties imposed by OFCOM

    4. Disclosure of information

      1. 393.General restrictions on disclosure of information

    5. Notifications etc. and electronic working

      1. 394.Service of notifications and other documents

      2. 395.Notifications and documents in electronic form

      3. 396.Timing and location of things done electronically

    6. Other miscellaneous provisions

      1. 397.Purchase of Duchy of Lancaster land

      2. 398.Repeal of certain provisions of the Telecommunications Act 1984

    7. Supplemental

      1. 399.Expenses

      2. 400.Destination of licence fees and penalties

      3. 401.Power of OFCOM to retain costs of carrying out spectrum functions

      4. 402.Power of Secretary of State to make orders and regulations

      5. 403.Regulations and orders made by OFCOM

      6. 404.Criminal liability of company directors etc.

      7. 405.General interpretation

      8. 406.Minor and consequential amendments, transitionals and repeals

      9. 407.Pre-consolidation amendments

      10. 408.Transitional provision for anticipatory carrying out of functions

      11. 409.Modifications consequential on regulations implementing Directives

      12. 410.Application of enactments to territorial sea and other waters

      13. 411.Short title, commencement and extent

    1. Schedule 1

      Functions transferred to OFCOM

    2. Schedule 2

      Transfer schemes

    3. Schedule 3

      Amendments of Schedule 2 to the Telecommunications Act 1984

    4. Schedule 4

      Compulsory purchase and entry for exploratory purposes

    5. Schedule 5

      Procedure for grants of recognised spectrum access

    6. Schedule 6

      Fixed penalties for wireless telegraphy offences

    7. Schedule 7

      Seizure and forfeiture of apparatus

    8. Schedule 8

      Decisions not subject to appeal

    9. Schedule 9

      Arrangements about carrying on of C4C’s activities

    10. Schedule 10

      Licensing the public teletext service

      1. Part 1 Applications for and award of licence

      2. Part 2 Conditions and enforcement of licence

      3. Part 3 Interpretation of Schedule

    11. Schedule 11

      Approval, imposition and modification of networking arrangements

    12. Schedule 12

      Corresponding obligations of the BBC and Welsh Authority

      1. Part 1 The BBC

      2. Part 2 The Welsh Authority

    13. Schedule 13

      Financial penalties under the Broadcasting Acts

      1. Part 1 Broadcasting Act 1990

      2. Part 2 Broadcasting Act 1996

    14. Schedule 14

      Media ownership rules

      1. Part 1 Channel 3 services

      2. Part 2 Radio multiplex services

      3. Part 3 Local sound programme services

      4. Part 4 Religious bodies etc.

      5. Part 5 Supplemental provisions of Schedule

    15. Schedule 15

      Amendments of Broadcasting Acts

      1. Part 1 Amendments of the 1990 Act

      2. Part 2 Amendments of the 1996 Act

    16. Schedule 16

      Further amendments in connection with media mergers

    17. Schedule 17

      Minor and Consequential Amendments

    18. Schedule 18

      Transitional Provisions

    19. Schedule 19


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Legislation is available in different versions:

Latest Available (revised):The latest available updated version of the legislation incorporating changes made by subsequent legislation and applied by our editorial team. Changes we have not yet applied to the text, can be found in the ‘Changes to Legislation’ area.

Original (As Enacted or Made):The original version of the legislation as it stood when it was enacted or made. No changes have been applied to the text.


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Different options to open legislation in order to view more content on screen at once


Explanatory Notes

Text created by the government department responsible for the subject matter of the Act to explain what the Act sets out to achieve and to make the Act accessible to readers who are not legally qualified. Explanatory Notes were introduced in 1999 and accompany all Public Acts except Appropriation, Consolidated Fund, Finance and Consolidation Acts.


More Resources

Access essential accompanying documents and information for this legislation item from this tab. Dependent on the legislation item being viewed this may include:

  • the original print PDF of the as enacted version that was used for the print copy
  • lists of changes made by and/or affecting this legislation item
  • confers power and blanket amendment details
  • all formats of all associated documents
  • correction slips
  • links to related legislation and further information resources

More Resources

Use this menu to access essential accompanying documents and information for this legislation item. Dependent on the legislation item being viewed this may include:

  • the original print PDF of the as enacted version that was used for the print copy
  • correction slips

Click 'View More' or select 'More Resources' tab for additional information including:

  • lists of changes made by and/or affecting this legislation item
  • confers power and blanket amendment details
  • all formats of all associated documents
  • links to related legislation and further information resources