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The Hallmarking Act 1973 (Application to Palladium) Order 20092009 No. 2040UK Statutory Instruments

Harbours, Docks, Piers and Ferries

The Berwick Upon Tweed Harbour Revision (Constitution) Order 20092009 No. 1231UK Statutory Instruments
The Berwick upon Tweed (Closure of Spittal Quay) Harbour Revision Order 20092009 No. 3382UK Statutory Instruments
The Felixstowe Dock and Railway Harbour Revision Order 20092009 No. 2259UK Statutory Instruments
The Manchester Ship Canal Harbour Revision Order 20092009 No. 2579UK Statutory Instruments
The Mersey Docks and Harbour Revision Order 20092009 No. 2604UK Statutory Instruments
The Neath Harbour Revision (Constitution) Order 20092009 No. 2207UK Statutory Instruments
The Penzance Harbour Revision Order 20092009 No. 2325UK Statutory Instruments

Harbours, Docks, Piers and Ferries, England and Wales

The Harbour Works (Environmental Impact Assessment) (Amendment) (England and Wales) Regulations 20092009 No. 269UK Statutory Instruments
The Marine and Coastal Access Act 2009 (Commencement No.1 and Transitional Provisions) Order 20092009 No. 3345 (C. 153)UK Statutory Instruments

Health and Personal Social Services, Northern Ireland

The Health Service Branded Medicines (Control of Prices and Supply of Information) Amendment Regulations 20092009 No. 3030UK Statutory Instruments

Health and Safety

The Blood Safety and Quality (Fees Amendment) Regulations 20092009 No. 372UK Statutory Instruments
The Blood Safety and Quality (Modification) Regulations 20092009 No. 3307UK Statutory Instruments
The Carriage of Dangerous Goods and Use of Transportable Pressure Equipment Regulations 20092009 No. 1348UK Statutory Instruments
The Chemicals (Hazard Information and Packaging for Supply) Regulations 20092009 No. 716UK Statutory Instruments
The Control of Major Accident Hazards (Amendment) Regulations 20092009 No. 1595UK Statutory Instruments
The Factories Act 1961 and Offices, Shops and Railway Premises Act 1963 (Repeals and Modifications) Regulations 20092009 No. 605UK Statutory Instruments
The Health and Safety (Fees) Regulations 20092009 No. 515UK Statutory Instruments
The Health and Safety (Miscellaneous Amendments and Revocations) Regulations 20092009 No. 693UK Statutory Instruments
The Health and Safety at Work etc. Act 1974 (Application outside Great Britain) (Variation) Order 20092009 No. 1750UK Statutory Instruments

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