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    The Charges for Inspections and Controls (Amendment) Regulations 20042004 No. 1697UK Statutory Instruments
    The Plant Health (Export Certification) (Forestry) (Great Britain) Order 20042004 No. 1684UK Statutory Instruments
    The Criminal Justice Act 2003 (Conditional Cautions: Code of Practice) Order 20042004 No. 1683UK Statutory Instruments
    The Redundancy Payments (Continuity of Employment in Local Government, etc.) (Modification) (Amendment) Order 20042004 No. 1682UK Statutory Instruments
    The Rother Valley College (Dissolution) Order 20042004 No. 1681UK Statutory Instruments
    The Veterinary Surgeons and Veterinary Practitioners (Disciplinary Committee) (Procedure and Evidence) Rules Order of Council 20042004 No. 1680UK Statutory Instruments
    The Demoted Tenancies (Review of Decisions)(England) Regulations 20042004 No. 1679UK Statutory Instruments
    The Medicines (Standard Provisions for Licences and Certificates) Amendment Regulations 20042004 No. 1678UK Statutory Instruments
    The Individual Savings Account (Amendment) Regulations 20042004 No. 1677UK Statutory Instruments
    The Personal Equity Plan (Amendment) Regulations 20042004 No. 1676UK Statutory Instruments
    The Value Added Tax (Amendment) (No. 3) Regulations 20042004 No. 1675UK Statutory Instruments
    The Government Stock (Consequential and Transitional Provision) (No. 2) Order 20042004 No. 1662UK Statutory Instruments
    The Passenger Car (Fuel Consumption and CO2 Emissions Information) (Amendment) Regulations 20042004 No. 1661UK Statutory Instruments
    The Iraq (United Nations Sanctions) Order 2000 (Amendment) Regulations 20042004 No. 1660UK Statutory Instruments
    The National Health Service (Optical Charges and Payments) (Amendment) (Wales) Regulations 20042004 No. 1659 (W. 171)Wales Statutory Instruments
    Rheoliadau'r Gwasanaeth Iechyd Gwladol (Ffioedd a Thaliadau Optegol) (Diwygio) (Cymru) 2004
    The Education (Grants For Disabled Postgraduate Students) (Amendment) Regulations 20042004 No. 1658UK Statutory Instruments
    The Amalgamation of the West of Ouse, Gaywood, Magdalen, Marshland Smeeth and Fen, and Wingland Internal Drainage Districts Order 20042004 No. 1657UK Statutory Instruments
    The Environmental Assessment of Plans and Programmes (Wales) Regulations 20042004 No. 1656 (W. 170)Wales Statutory Instruments
    Rheoliadau Asesiadau Amgylcheddol o Gynlluniau a Rhaglenni (Cymru) 2004
    The Back to Work Bonus (Amendment) Regulations 20042004 No. 1655UK Statutory Instruments
    The Nursing and Midwifery Council (Fees) Rules Order of Council 20042004 No. 1654UK Statutory Instruments

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