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    The Land Drainage Improvement Works (Assessment of Environmental Effects) (Amendment) Regulations 19951995 No. 2195UK Statutory Instruments
    The Alness Salmon Fishery District Designation Order 19951995 No. 2194 (S. 155)UK Statutory Instruments
    The Conon Salmon Fishery District Designation Order 19951995 No. 2193 (S. 154)UK Statutory Instruments
    The Social Security (Unemployment, Sickness and Invalidity Benefit) Amendment Regulations 19951995 No. 2192UK Statutory Instruments
    The A650 Trunk Road (Crossflatts Roundabout To Keighley Road Roundabout) (Detrunking) Order 19951995 No. 2182UK Statutory Instruments
    The Goods Vehicles (Licensing of Operators) Act 1995(Commencement and Transitional Provisions) Order 19951995 No. 2181 (C. 44)UK Statutory Instruments
    The M4 Motorway (Severn Bridge) (Speed Limit) Regulations 19951995 No. 2168UK Statutory Instruments
    The Registered Designs (Fees) Rules 19951995 No. 2165UK Statutory Instruments
    The Patents (Fees) Rules 19951995 No. 2164UK Statutory Instruments
    The Social Security (Attendance and Disability Living Allowances) Amendment Regulations 19951995 No. 2162UK Statutory Instruments
    The Environmental Protection Act 1990 (Commencement No. 17) Order 19951995 No. 2152 (C. 43)UK Statutory Instruments
    The Distraint by Collectors (Fees, Costs and Charges) (Amendment) Regulations 19951995 No. 2151UK Statutory Instruments
    The Warwickshire Ambulance Service National Health Service Trust (Transfer of Trust Property) Order 19951995 No. 2150UK Statutory Instruments
    The Greater Manchester Ambulance Service National Health Service Trust (Transfer of Trust Property) Order 19951995 No. 2149UK Statutory Instruments
    The Wild Game Meat (Hygiene and Inspection) Regulations 19951995 No. 2148UK Statutory Instruments
    The Medicines (Administration of Radioactive Substances) Amendment Regulations 19951995 No. 2147UK Statutory Instruments
    The Dolgellau to South of Birkenhead Trunk Road (A494) (Improvement at Nantclwyd Bridge) Order 19951995 No. 2146UK Statutory Instruments
    The Swansea Bay Mussel Fishery Order 19951995 No. 2145UK Statutory Instruments
    The Civil Aviation (Canadian Navigation Services) (Amendment) Regulations 19951995 No. 2144UK Statutory Instruments
    The Great Central (Nottingham) Railway Order 19951995 No. 2143UK Statutory Instruments

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