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    The A27 Trunk Road (Crossbush Bypass) Order 19901990 No. 2299UK Statutory Instruments
    The Parliamentary Constituencies (Scotland) (Miscellaneous Changes) Order 19901990 No. 2298UK Statutory Instruments
    The Judicial Committee (General Appellate Jurisdiction) Rules (Amendment) Order 19901990 No. 2297UK Statutory Instruments
    The Prevention of Terrorism (Temporary Provisions) Act 1984 (Guernsey) (Revocation) Order 19901990 No. 2296UK Statutory Instruments
    The Patents Act 1977 (Isle of Man) (Variation)Order 19901990 No. 2295UK Statutory Instruments
    The Horses (Protective Headgear for Young Riders) (Northern Ireland) Order 19901990 No. 2294 (N.I. 16)Northern Ireland Orders in Council
    The Copyright, Designs and Patents Act 1988 (Isle of Man) (No. 2) Order 19901990 No. 2293UK Statutory Instruments
    The British Nationality (Hong Kong) (Selection Scheme) Order 19901990 No. 2292UK Statutory Instruments
    The Protection of Trading Interests Act 1980 (Hong Kong) Order 19901990 No. 2291UK Statutory Instruments
    The European Commission and Court of Human Rights (Immunities and Privileges) (Amendment) Order 19901990 No. 2290UK Statutory Instruments
    The Child Abduction and Custody (Parties to Conventions) (Amendment) Order 19901990 No. 2289UK Statutory Instruments
    The A47 Trunk Road (East Dereham to North Tuddenham Improvement) Order 19901990 No. 2287UK Statutory Instruments
    The Local Government Act 1988 (Defined Activities) (Competition) (Scotland) Amendment Regulations 19901990 No. 2286 (S. 196)UK Statutory Instruments
    The Local Government Act 1988 (Defined Activities)(Competition) (Wales) (No. 2) Regulations 19901990 No. 2280UK Statutory Instruments
    The Education (Grant-maintained Schools) (Finance) (Amendment) Regulations 19901990 No. 2279UK Statutory Instruments
    The Register of Occupational and Personal Pension Schemes Regulations 19901990 No. 2278UK Statutory Instruments
    The Occupational and Personal Pension Schemes (Levy) Regulations 19901990 No. 2277UK Statutory Instruments
    The Statutory Nuisance (Appeals) Regulations 19901990 No. 2276UK Statutory Instruments
    The Offshore Installations (Safety Zones) (No. 7) Order 19901990 No. 2275UK Statutory Instruments
    The Public Telecommunication System Designation (Southdown Cablevision Limited) Order 19901990 No. 2271UK Statutory Instruments

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