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Social Security (Miscellaneous Provisions) (Northern Ireland) Order 19771977 No. 610 (N.I. 11)Northern Ireland Orders in Council
The Appropriation (Northern Ireland) Order 19721972 No. 671 (N.I. 2)Northern Ireland Orders in Council
The Provision of Milk and Meals (Amendment) Regulations 19791979 No. 695UK Statutory Instruments
The Police (Amendment) Regulations 19791979 No. 694UK Statutory Instruments
The Poultry Meat (Hygiene) (Amendment) Regulations 19791979 No. 693UK Statutory Instruments
The National Health Service (Charges for Drugs and Appliances) Amendment Regulations 19791979 No. 681UK Statutory Instruments
The Superannuation (Children's Pensions) (Earnings Limit) Order 19791979 No. 680UK Statutory Instruments
The Southern Water Authority (Ringwould Borehole) Order 19791979 No. 679UK Statutory Instruments
The National Health Service (Dental and Optical Charges) Amendment Regulations 19791979 No. 677UK Statutory Instruments
The Social Security (Earnings Factor) Regulations 19791979 No. 676UK Statutory Instruments
Act of Sederunt (Rules of Court Amendment No. 3) (International Oil Pollution Compensation Fund) 19791979 No. 670 (S. 60)UK Statutory Instruments
The Superannuation (Judicial Offices) (Amendment) Rules 19791979 No. 668UK Statutory Instruments
The Consumer Credit (Notice of Variation of Agreements) (Amendment No. 2) Regulations 19791979 No. 667UK Statutory Instruments
The Consumer Credit (Notice of Variation of Agreements) (Amendment) Regulations 19791979 No. 661UK Statutory Instruments
The Food (Prohibition of Repricing) (Amendment) Order 19791979 No. 660UK Statutory Instruments
The Tribunals and Inquiries (Vaccine Damage Tribunals) Order 19791979 No. 659UK Statutory Instruments
The Value Added Tax (General) Order 19791979 No. 657UK Statutory Instruments
The Scottish Local Elections Amendment Rules 19791979 No. 656 (S. 58)UK Statutory Instruments
The Customs Duty (Personal Reliefs) (No. 1) Order 1975 (Amendment) Order 19791979 No. 655UK Statutory Instruments
The Road Transport (International Passenger Services) (Amendment) Regulations 19791979 No. 654UK Statutory Instruments

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