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    The Public Record Office (Fees) Regulations 19861986 No. 697UK Statutory Instruments
    The Matrimonial Causes Fees (Amendment) Order 19861986 No. 696 (L. 4)UK Statutory Instruments
    Act of Sederunt (Rules of Court Amendment No. 3) (Companies and Insolvency) 19861986 No. 694 (S. 68)UK Statutory Instruments
    Act of Sederunt (Disqualification of Directors etc.) 19861986 No. 692 (S. 69)UK Statutory Instruments
    The Trade Marks (Fees) Rules 19861986 No. 691UK Statutory Instruments
    The British Railways Board (Central Wales Railway) Light Railway (Amendment) Order 19861986 No. 690UK Statutory Instruments
    The Legal Aid (Scotland) (Fees in Civil Proceedings) Amendment Regulations 19861986 No. 681 (S. 66)UK Statutory Instruments
    The Merchant Shipping (Fishing Vessels) (Radios) (Fees) Regulations 19861986 No. 680UK Statutory Instruments
    The Housing Support Grant (Scotland) Variation (No. 2) Order 19861986 No. 678 (S. 65)UK Statutory Instruments
    The Legal Aid (Scotland) (Fees in Criminal Proceedings) Amendment Regulations 19861986 No. 674 (S. 64)UK Statutory Instruments
    The Legal Advice and Assistance (Scotland) Amendment (No. 2) Regulations 19861986 No. 673 (S. 63)UK Statutory Instruments
    The Local Authority Grants (Termination) (Scotland) Order 19861986 No. 672 (S. 62)UK Statutory Instruments
    The Ionising Radiations (Fees for Approvals) Regulations 19861986 No. 669UK Statutory Instruments
    The Goods Vehicles (Operators' Licences, Qualifications and Fees) (Amendment) Regulations 19861986 No. 666UK Statutory Instruments
    The Professions Supplementary to Medicine (Registration Rules) (Amendment) Order of Council 19861986 No. 660UK Statutory Instruments
    The North-Eastern Sea Fisheries District Order 19861986 No. 647UK Statutory Instruments
    The Legal Advice and Assistance (Financial Conditions) Regulations 19861986 No. 643UK Statutory Instruments
    The Builders' Skips (Markings) (Scotland) Regulations 19861986 No. 642 (S. 61)UK Statutory Instruments
    Act of Sederunt (Valuation Appeal Rules Amendment) 19861986 No. 641 (S. 60)UK Statutory Instruments
    The Representation of the People Act 1985 (Commencement No. 2) Order 19861986 No. 639 (C. 18)UK Statutory Instruments

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