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National Insurance Act 1965


This is the original version (as it was originally enacted).

  1. Introductory Text

  2. Part I Insured Persons and Contributions

    1. Insured persons

      1. 1.Description and classification of insured persons

    2. Contributions

      1. 2.Source of funds

      2. 3.Flat-rate contributions by insured persons and employers

      3. 4.Graduated contributions by employed persons and employers

      4. 5.Automatic increases in contributions

      5. 6.Variation of rates of flat-rate contributions to stabilise employment

      6. 7.Exchequer supplements

    3. Supplementary provisions with respect to contributions

      1. 8.Payment, number and class of contributions

      2. 9.Contributions by persons under age of sixteen

      3. 10.Exception from liability for, and crediting of, contributions

      4. 11.Contributions of employed persons and employers

      5. 12.Recovery by employer of insured person's flat-rate contributions

      6. 13.Payment of contributions by Minister

      7. 14.General provisions as to payment and collection of contributions, etc.

      8. 15.Power to combine payment and collection of contributions with that of income tax

      9. 16.Persons to be treated as employers

  3. Part II Benefit

    1. Preliminary

      1. 17.Descriptions of benefit

      2. 18.Appropriate classes and yearly average of contributions

    2. Unemployment benefit and sickness benefit

      1. 19.Unemployment or sickness benefit

      2. 20.Determination of days for which unemployment or sickness benefit is payable

      3. 21.Exhaustion of and requalification for benefit

      4. 22.Disqualifications and special conditions

    3. Maternity benefit

      1. 23.Maternity grant

      2. 24.Maternity allowance

      3. 25.Supplementary provisions as to maternity benefit, etc.

    4. Widow's benefit

      1. 26.Widow's allowance

      2. 27.Widowed mother's allowance

      3. 28.Widow's pension

    5. Guardian's allowance

      1. 29.Guardian's allowance

    6. Retirement pensions

      1. 30.Retirement pension by virtue of own insurance

      2. 31.Increase of pension under s. 30 for contributions after pensionable age

      3. 32.Retirement pension by virtue of husband's insurance

      4. 33.Special provisions as to retirement pensions for women

      5. 34.Increase in woman's retirement pension in certain cases

      6. 35.Re-entry into regular employment after retirement

    7. Graduated retirement benefit

      1. 36.Graduated retirement benefit

      2. 37.Special provisions as to graduated retirement benefit for widows

    8. Child's special allowance

      1. 38.Child's special allowance

    9. Death grant

      1. 39.Death grant

    10. Benefit in respect of children

      1. 40.Increase of benefit for children

      2. 41.Additional provisions with respect to increase of benefit for children

      3. 42.Limitations on payment of benefit in respect of children

    11. Benefit in respect of adult dependants

      1. 43.Increase of benefit for adult dependants

    12. Additional rights to benefit

      1. 44.Power to alter earnings rules

      2. 45.Partial satisfaction of contribution conditions

      3. 46.Supplementary schemes

      4. 47.Amendment or consolidation of supplementary schemes

    13. Miscellaneous provisions as to benefit

      1. 48.Claims and notices

      2. 49.Disqualification for or suspension of benefit

      3. 50.Overlapping benefits, etc.

      4. 51.Disqualifications, etc., to be disregarded for certain purposes

      5. 52.Administration of benefit

      6. 53.Benefit to be inalienable

    14. Supplementary

      1. 54.Proceedings by employees for benefit lost by employer's default

      2. 55.Provisions as to maintenance

  4. Part III Non-participating Employments

    1. Determination of nature of employment

      1. 56.Non-participating employments

      2. 57.Equivalent pension benefits, etc.

    2. Payments in lieu of contributions

      1. 58.Payments in lieu of contributions in certain circumstances

      2. 59.Further provisions as to payments in lieu of contributions

      3. 60.Employer's rights against insured person in respect of payment in lieu of contributions

      4. 61.Recovery of payments in lieu of contributions in event of bankruptcy, etc.

    3. Statutory superannuation schemes

      1. 62.Special provisions for certain statutory superannuation schemes

    4. Additional powers to make regulations

      1. 63.Regulations for purposes of Part III

  5. Part IV Determination of Claims and Questions

    1. Determination of certain questions by Minister

      1. 64.Certain questions to be determined by Minister

      2. 65.Appeals from Minister's decisions

      3. 66.Review of Minister's decisions

    2. Determination of certain matters by insurance officers, local tribunals or Commissioner

      1. 67.Certain questions to be determined by insurance officers, local tribunal or Commissioner

      2. 68.Submission of claims and questions to insurance officers

      3. 69.Appeals from insurance officer to local tribunal

      4. 70.Appeals from local tribunal to National Insurance Commissioner

      5. 71.Reference of special questions

      6. 72.Review of decisions of insurance officer, local tribunal or Commissioner

    3. Regulations as to determination of questions

      1. 73.Regulations for determination of questions

      2. 74.Determination of questions under Part III

    4. Supplementary provisions as to determination of claims and questions

      1. 75.Supplementary provisions

      2. 76.Determination of certain questions as to child or family

    5. Provisions as to local tribunals, Commissioner, etc.

      1. 77.Constitution of local tribunals

      2. 78.National Insurance Commissioner and deputy Commissioners

      3. 79.Pension benefits of Commissioner and deputy Commissioners

      4. 80.Remuneration and expenses of Commissioner and other persons

      5. 81.Recovery of benefit wrongly paid, interim payments of benefit, and arrears

      6. 82.Saving for Tribunals and Inquiries Act 1958

  6. Part V Finance, Administration and Legal Proceedings

    1. Finance

      1. 83.National Insurance Fund

      2. 84.National Insurance (Reserve) Fund

      3. 85.Expenses of Minister and other government departments

      4. 86.Reports by Government Actuary

      5. 87.Quinquennial reviews of rates of benefits

    2. Administration

      1. 88.National Insurance Advisory Committee

      2. 89.Local advisory committees

      3. 90.Inspectors

      4. 91.Information as to, and proof of, age, marriage or death

      5. 92.Exemption from stamp duty

    3. Legal proceedings

      1. 93.General provisions as to offences and penalties

      2. 94.General provisions as to prosecutions

      3. 95.Recovery of contributions on prosecutions under Act

      4. 96.Civil proceedings to recover sums due to National Insurance Fund

      5. 97.Certain decisions to be conclusive for purposes of proceedings under Act

  7. Part VI Miscellaneous and General

    1. Application to special classes of persons

      1. 98.Crown service

      2. 99.Members of forces

      3. 100.Mariners and airmen

      4. 101.Persons employed in connection with exploitation or exploration of continental shelf

      5. 102.Married women

      6. 103.Insured persons outside Great Britain

    2. Corresponding systems outside Great Britain

      1. 104.Arrangements with Northern Ireland for unified system

      2. 105.Reciprocal agreements with countries outside United Kingdom

    3. Orders in Council, orders and regulations

      1. 106.Orders and regulations-general

      2. 107.Parliamentary control of orders and regulations

      3. 108.Consideration of regulations by Advisory Committee

      4. 109.Extension of powers to make regulations, etc.

    4. Miscellaneous

      1. 110.Modification of certain schemes

      2. 111.Disclosure of information by Revenue officers

      3. 112.Furnishing of addresses for maintenance proceedings, etc.

      4. 113.Treatment of certain marriages

    5. General

      1. 114.Interpretation

      2. 115.Transitory provisions

      3. 116.Revocation of certain regulations

      4. 117.General savings, etc.

      5. 118.Short title, extent and commencement

    1. Schedule 1

      Rates of Flat-Rate Contributions

      1. Part I

        1. Employed Persons

      2. Part II

        1. Employers

      3. Part III

        1. Self-Employed Persons

      4. Part IV

        1. Non-Employed Persons

    2. Schedule 2

      Contribution Conditions

      1. Unemployment benefit and sickness benefit

        1. 1.The contribution conditions for unemployment benefit or for sickness benefit...

      2. Maternity grant

        1. 2.(1) The contribution conditions for a maternity grant are—

      3. Maternity allowance

        1. 3.(1) The contribution conditions for a maternity allowance are that—...

      4. Widow's benefit, retirement pension and child's special allowance

        1. 4.(1) The contribution conditions for widow's benefit, a retirement pension...

      5. Death grant

        1. 5.(1) The contribution conditions for death grant are that—

    3. Schedule 3

      Rates of Periodical Benefits and of Increases for Dependants

      1. 1.In paragraphs 1(c)(i) and 1(d)(i) of this Schedule "the relevant...

      2. 2.In paragraph 2 of this Schedule, column 6 shall have...

    4. Schedule 4

      Amounts of Grants

    5. Schedule 5

      Statutory Superannuation Schemes for which Special Provision is made

    6. Schedule 6

      Scale of Superannuation Allowances of Commissioner and Deputy Commissioners

    7. Schedule 7

      Set-off of Overpayments

      1. 1.(1) Where a person has received on account of benefit...

      2. 2.Regulations may provide for treating benefit paid to one person...

      3. 3.In this Schedule, the expression " benefit" means benefit either...

    8. Schedule 8

      Constitution etc. of National Insurance Advisory Committee

      1. 1.The National Insurance Advisory Committee (in this Schedule referred to...

      2. 2.The chairman and other members shall hold office for a...

      3. 3.Of the said members, other than the chairman, there shall...

      4. 4.If a member becomes, in the opinion of the Minister,...

      5. 5.The Minister shall appoint a secretary to the Committee, and...

      6. 6.The expenses of the Committee to such an amount as...

      7. 7.There may be paid as part of the expenses of...

      8. 8.The Committee may act notwithstanding any vacancy among the members...

      9. 9.The Committee may make rules for regulating the procedure (including...

    9. Schedule 9

      Documents Exempt from Stamp Duty

      1. 1.Draft or order or receipt given in respect of benefit...

      2. 2.Letter or power of attorney granted by any person as...

      3. 3.Agreement, bond or other security made or given for the...

      4. 4.Appointment or revocation of appointment of an agent, appointment of...

      5. 5.Receipt given in respect of a refund or return of...

    10. Schedule 10

      Constitution, etc., of Joint Authority

      1. 1.The Joint Authority shall be a body corporate by the...

      2. 2.Either member of the Joint Authority shall be entitled, subject...

      3. 3.The Documentary Evidence Act 1868 shall apply to the Joint...

    11. Schedule 11

      Transitory Provisions

      1. Special savings

        1. 1.(1) Where this Schedule provides that any provision shall be...

      2. Widow's pension

        1. 2.(1) Notwithstanding that neither the conditions specified in subsection (2)...

        2. 3.In the case of a widow whose husband or, if...

        3. 4.(1) Section 18(3) of the Act of 1946 (by virtue...

      3. Women's retirement pensions

        1. 5.(1) If in the case of any woman—

        2. 6.Section 33(3) of this Act shall not apply to a...

      4. Increase of retirement pension for contributions after pensionable age

        1. 7.In relation to contributions for contribution weeks commencing before 3rd...

        2. 8.(1) Section 34(1) and (2) of this Act shall not...

        3. 9.The following provisions (which relate to the treatment of contributions...

      5. Death grant

        1. 10.A death grant shall not be payable in respect of...

      6. Overlapping benefits

        1. 11.(1) Regulations may provide for adjusting sickness benefit payable to...

      7. Non-participating employments

        1. 12.In determining whether a person's service in any employment in...

        2. 13.As respects service before 8th April 1963, section 56(3) of...

        3. 14.As respects service before 6th January 1964, section 57(1) of...

      8. Payments in lieu of contributions

        1. 15.For the purposes of section 58 of this Act—

        2. 16.If a payment is made as required by section 58...

      9. Pre-1948 contributors and beneficiaries

        1. 17.(1) In relation to— (a) persons (in this paragraph and...

      10. Insured persons over school leaving age on 5th July 1948

        1. 18.(1) In relation to insured persons who—

      11. Miscellaneous special savings

        1. 19.The following provisions shall be specially saved, that is to...

      12. General provision as to past events

        1. 20.Any question whether a person became or ceased to be...

    12. Schedule 12

      Regulations Revoked

      1. 1.In the National Insurance (Claims and Payments) Regulations 1948 (S.I....

      2. 2.In the National Insurance (Determination of Claims and Questions) Regulations...

      3. 3.In the National Insurance and Industrial Injuries (Collection of Contributions)...

      4. 4.In the National Insurance (General Benefit) Regulations 1948 (S.I. 1948...

      5. 5.In the National Insurance (Contributions) Regulations 1948 (S.I. 1948 No....

      6. 6.The National Insurance (Determination of Claims and Questions) Amendment Regulations...

      7. 7.In the National Insurance (Maternity Benefit and Miscellaneous Provisions) Regulations...

      8. 8.The National Insurance (Determination of Claims and Questions) Amendment Regulations...

      9. 9.In the National Insurance (Claims and Payments) Amendment Regulations 1957...

      10. 10.In the National Insurance (Claims and Payments) Amendment (No. 2)...

      11. 11.In the National Insurance (Determination of Claims and Questions) Amendment...

      12. 12.In the National Insurance (Contributions) Amendment Regulations 1959 (S.I. 1959...

      13. 13.In the National Insurance (Determination of Claims and Questions) Amendment...

      14. 14.In the National Insurance (Determination of Claims and Questions) Amendment...

      15. 15.In the Family Allowances (Determination of Claims and Questions) Regulations...

      16. 16.In the National Insurance (Graduated Contributions and Non-participating Employments—Miscellaneous Provisions)...

      17. 17.In the National Insurance (Graduated Retirement Benefit and Consequential Provisions)...

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