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Energy (Oil and Gas) Profits Levy Act 20222022 c. 40UK Public General Acts
Supply and Appropriation (Main Estimates) Act 20222022 c. 39UK Public General Acts
Social Security (Additional Payments) Act 20222022 c. 38UK Public General Acts
Elections Act 20222022 c. 37UK Public General Acts
Nationality and Borders Act 20222022 c. 36UK Public General Acts
Judicial Review and Courts Act 20222022 c. 35UK Public General Acts
British Sign Language Act 20222022 c. 34UK Public General Acts
Pension Schemes (Conversion of Guaranteed Minimum Pensions) Act 20222022 c. 33UK Public General Acts
Police, Crime, Sentencing and Courts Act 20222022 c. 32UK Public General Acts
Climate Change Act (Northern Ireland) 20222022 c. 31Acts of the Northern Ireland Assembly
Health and Care Act 20222022 c. 31UK Public General Acts
Defamation Act (Northern Ireland) 20222022 c. 30Acts of the Northern Ireland Assembly
Building Safety Act 20222022 c. 30UK Public General Acts
General Teaching Council (Directions) Act (Northern Ireland) 20222022 c. 29Acts of the Northern Ireland Assembly
Taxis and Private Hire Vehicles (Disabled Persons) Act 20222022 c. 29UK Public General Acts
Support for Mortgage Interest etc (Security for Loans) Act (Northern Ireland) 20222022 c. 28Acts of the Northern Ireland Assembly
Marriage and Civil Partnership (Minimum Age) Act 20222022 c. 28UK Public General Acts
Domestic Abuse (Safe Leave) Act (Northern Ireland) 20222022 c. 27Acts of the Northern Ireland Assembly
Approved Premises (Substance Testing) Act 20222022 c. 27UK Public General Acts
Preservation of Documents (Historical Institutions) Act (Northern Ireland) 20222022 c. 26Acts of the Northern Ireland Assembly

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