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Scottish Parliamentary Commissions and Commissioners etc. Act 2010

  • Nodiadau Esboniadol Tabl o’r Cynnwys

Please note:

All reference to 'Parts' and 'sections' are from the Scottish Parliamentary Commissions and Commissioners etc. Act 2010. For more information about understanding Explanatory Notes Rhagor o Adnoddau.

  1. Introduction

  2. Glossary of Statutes and Terms Used in the Notes

    1. Statutes

    2. Terms

  3. Background to the Act and Summary

    1. The Parliamentary corporation supported bodies

    2. The RSSB Committee inquiry

    3. Previous inquiries and reports

    4. Audit Scotland report 2006

    5. Finance Committee inquiry

    6. Crerar and Sinclair Reports

    7. The RSSB Committee’s recommendations

    8. Recommendations implemented by the Act

  4. Overview of the Structure of the Act

  5. Commentary on Sections

    1. Part 1

      The Commission for Ethical Standards in Public Life in Scotland: the Public Standards Commissioner for Scotland and the Public Appointments Commissioner for Scotland

      1. Section 1: Establishment, members and functions of the Commission for Ethical Standards in Public Life in Scotland

      2. Section 2: Functions of the Commissioners

      3. Section 3: Status of Commission and Commissioners

      4. Section 4: Independence of Commissioners

      5. Section 5: Protection of Commission from actions for defamation

      6. Section 6: Designation of Chief Commissioner

      7. Section 7: Appointment of acting Commissioner

      8. Section 8: Disqualification

      9. Section 9: Terms of office and remuneration

      10. Section 10: Pensions etc.

      11. Section 11: Subsequent appointments etc. of former Commissioner

      12. Section 12: General powers

      13. Section 13: Payment of witnesses’ expenses

      14. Section 14: Strategic plans

      15. Section 15: Procedure and validity of acts

      16. Section 16: Delegation

      17. Section 17: Staff

      18. Section 18: Advisers, assessors and other services

      19. Section 19: Accountable officer

      20. Section 20: Budget

      21. Section 21: Funding

      22. Section 22: Accounts and audit

      23. Section 23: Location of office

      24. Section 24: Sharing of premises, staff, services and other resources

      25. Section 25: Annual report

      26. Section 26: Commission and Commissioners to be subject to investigations by Scottish Public Services Ombudsman

      27. Section 27: Commission and Public Appointments Commissioner for Scotland to be subject to Freedom of Information (Scotland) Act

      28. Section 28: Interpretation of Part 1

    2. Part 2

      Amendments of Provisions Relating to Other Commissions and Officeholders

      1. Section 29: Standardising and other amendments

    3. Part 3


      1. Section 30: Interpretation

      2. Section 31: Short title, commencement, transfers and transitionals.

    4. Schedule 1

      Consequential Amendments of Enactments Referred to in Section 2(5)

      1. Part 1

        The Ethical Standards Act

      2. Part 2

        The Scottish Public Services Ombudsman Act 2002

      3. Part 3

        The Parliamentary Standards Act

      4. Part 4

        The Public Appointments Act

      5. Part 5

        The Public Services (Reform) Scotland Act

    5. Schedule 2 Amendments of the Ethical Standards Act

    6. Schedule 3

    7. Schedule 4 Amendments of the Freedom of Information (Scotland) Act 2002

    8. Schedule 5

    9. Schedule 6

    10. Schedule 7 Transfer of Staff, Property, Liabilities and Transitional Provisions

      1. Part 1

      2. Part 2

  6. Parliamentary History

  • Nodiadau Esboniadol Tabl o’r Cynnwys

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Nodiadau Esboniadol

Text created by the Scottish Government to explain what the Act sets out to achieve and to make the Act accessible to readers who are not legally qualified. Explanatory Notes were introduced in 1999 and accompany all Acts of the Scottish Parliament except those which result from Budget Bills.


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