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The Solicitors' Incorporated Practices Order 1991

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ChapterShort titleExtent
1809 c. 126Sale of Offices ActSection 6
1837 c. 37Chartered Companies actSection 27
1845 c. 18Land Clauses Consolidation ActSection 134
1847 c. 69House of Commons Costs Taxation ActThe whole Act
1849 c. 78House of Lords Costs Taxation ActThe whole Act except Section 2
1862 c. 53Land Registry ActSection 15
Section 131
1865 c. 27Parliamentary Costs ActSection 3
1867 c. 48Sale of Land by Auction ActSection 3
1874 c. 81Great Seal (Offices) ActSection 5
1879 c. 17House of Commons Costs Taxation ActSection 1
1891 c. 8Tithe ActSection 5(2)
1906 c. 55Public Trustee ActThe whole Act
1914 c. 47Deeds of Arrangement ActSection 15(1)
1922 c. 16Law of Property ActThe whole Act
1925 c. 18Settled Land ActThe whole Act
1925 c. 19Trustee ActSection 23(1) & (3)(a),(b) & (c) Section 59
1925 c. 20Law of Property ActThe whole Act except Section 75
1925 c. 21Land Registration ActSection 144(1)(iii)
1925 c. 24Universities and College Estates ActSection 26(viii)
1928 c. 43Agricultural Credits ActSchedule para. 7
1931 c. 33Architects (Registration) ActSection 7(5)
1933 c. 1Benefices (Purchase of Rights of Patronage) MeasureSection 3(xiii)
1943 c. 25Settled Land and Trustee Acts (Court’s General Powers) ActSection 1(5)
1947 c. 2Church Commissioners MeasureSection 6(2)(d)
1947 c. 44Crown Proceedings ActThe whole Act
1953 c. 23Accommodation Agencies ActSection 1(3)
1957 c. 52Geneva Conventions ActSection 3(3),& (5)
1958 c. 52Costs of Leases ActSection 1
1959 c. 49Chevening Estate ActSchedule para. 36
1960 c. 58Charities ActSection 26(1),(2) & (3)
1962 c. 37Building Societies ActSection 34(4)
1964 c. 26Licensing ActSection 28(3)
1964 –Faculty Jurisdiction MeasureSection 1(3)
1965 c. 36Gas ActSection 5(9)
1967 c. 80Criminal Justice ActThe whole Act
1969 c. 59Law of Property ActThe whole Act
1970 c. 9Taxes Management ActSection 20B(3) Section 50(5)
1970 c. 31Administration of Justice Act Schedule 3 para. 7(2)
1971 c. 27Powers of Attorney ActSection 3(1)(b)
1973 c. 41Fair Trading ActSchedule 4 para. 1
1947 c. 39Consumer Credit ActSection 146(2) & (4)
1975 c. 14Social Security ActSection 152
1975 c. 65Sex Discrimination ActSection 75(2)(c) & (d)
1976 c. 30Fatal Accidents ActSection 2(4)
1976 c. 74Race Relations ActSection 66(2)(c) & (d)
1977 –Incumbents (Variation of Benefices) MeasureSection 15(2)
1977 c. 37Patents ActSection 103 Section 114(5)
1979 c. 2Customs and Excise Management ActSchedule 3 paras. 4(1) & (2) & 9(b)
1979 c. 55Justices of the Peace ActSection 51
1980 c. 43Magistrates' Courts ActSection 12(2)
1983 – Pastoral Measure (No. 1)Schedule 2 para. 11
1984 c. 12Telecommunications ActSection 52(3)(c) & (d)
1984 c. 28County Courts ActThe whole Act except Sections 9,10,13(1) & 13(2), 60(1), 61,75(7) & 147
1984 c. 39Video Recordings ActSection 19(5)(a)(b) & (c)
1984 c. 60Police and Criminal Evidence ActSection 40(13) Section 42(7)
1985 c. 6Companies ActSection 434(4)
1985 c. 68Housing ActSection 170(4)(c) & (d)
1986 c. 45Insolvency ActThe whole Act except Section 413 and Schedule 7
1986 c. 53Building Societies ActSection 55(6)(a) Section 57(1) Section 67(1) & (7) Section 69(3)(a) & (17)
1986 c. 60Financial Services ActThe whole Act except Section 45 Section 180 & Schedule 6
1988 c. 1Income and Corporation Taxes ActThe whole Act except Sections 201 & 684
1988 c. 34Legal Aid ActThe whole Act
1988 c. 42Employment Act Section 20(3)(a) & (b)
1988 c. 48Copyright, Designs and Patents ActSection 276(7)(b) Section 288(4)
1988 c. 50Housing ActSection 82(3)(c) & (d) Section 107(3)(c) & (d)
1988 c. 53Road Traffic Offenders ActSection 24(4)(a)
1989 c. 26Finance ActSchedule 5(3)(c)
1989 c. 41Children ActThe whole Act except Section 41(8)


S.I. 1898/496Light Railways (Costs) RulesScale No. 3
S.I. 1899/141Benefices RulesThe whole instrument except Schedule 2 Form 50
S.I. 1904/256Rules with Respect to Applications under The Railways (Electrical Power) Act 1903Rule 6
S.I. 1912/348Public Trustee RulesThe whole instrument except Rule 30
S.I. 1925/779Statutory Form of Conditions of SaleThe whole instrument
S.I. 1925/795Deeds of Arrangement RulesThe whole instrument
S.I. 1925/857Renewable Leasehold RegulationsRegulation 2(1)(b)
S.I. 1925/1093Land Registration RulesThe whole instrument except Rules 38, 189 & 300 and the Schedule
S.I. 1925/1128Filing of Leases RulesThe whole instrument except the Schedule
S.I. 1926/448Workmen’s Compensation RulesThe whole instrument except Rule 35
S.I. 1926/461Supreme Courts Documents (Production) RulesAppendix No. 1
S.I. 1927/196Ministry of Transport (Light Railways Procedure) RulesThe whole instrument
S. I. 1939/1466Prize Court RulesThe whole instrument exceptOrder XII, Rule 6, Order XV, Rule 18, Order XIX, Rule 1 Appendix A
S.I. 1951/153Trading With The Enemy (Custodian) (No. 5) OrderArticle 4(c)
S.I. 1951/1401Reserve and Auxiliary Forces (Protection of Civil Interests) RulesRule 17(3) Appendix Form 3
S.I. 1954/796Non-Contentious Probate RulesRule 2(2) Rule 3(1) & (2)
S.I. 1954/796Non-Contentious Probate RulesRule 4(3)(b) Rule 5(4) Rule 44(3) Rule 59(1)
1S.I. 956/552Rules of the Supreme Court (Non-Contentious Probate Costs) Rule 1(2),(5) & (7)(a) & (b)
S.I. 1959/640Foreign Compensation CommissionRule 31
(Egyptian Claims) Rules Rule 33(2)
S.I. 1959/1301Geneva Conventions Act (Colonial Territories) Order in CouncilSchedule 2 para. 3(2),(3),(5a)
S.I. 1960/543Election Petition RulesThe whole instrument except Rule 5 and the Schedule
S.I. 1964/388Prison RulesRule 37A
S.I. 1964/1755Ecclesiastical Jurisdiction (Discipline) RulesThe whole instrument except Rule 50
S.I. 1965/251Ecclesiastical Jurisdiction (Faculty Appeals)Rules Rule 11(3)
S.I. 1965/1101Industrial Tribunals (England and Wales)Schedule 1
RegulationsSchedule 2
S.I. 1965/1500County Courts Funds RulesRule 8(4)
S.I. 1965/1506Performing Right Tribunal RulesRule 26(4)
S.I. 1965/1687Transport Tribunal RulesThe whole instrument except Rule 27 & Schedule 1
S.I. 1965/1776Rules of the Supreme Court (Revision)The whole instrument except Order 75 Rule 16, Order 81 Rule 3(2)(b) & Order 106 Rule 7(a) & (e)
S.I. 1966/1471Commons Registration (General) RegulationsRegulation 32 paras. (2) & (3)
S.I. 1967/1002Faculty Jurisdiction RulesThe whole instrument except Rule 11A
S.I. 1967/1310Industrial and Provident Societies RegulationsRegulation 4
S.I. 1967/1879Leasehold Reform (Enfranchisement and Extension) Regulations Schedule Part I para. (2),8(b),9(2) & 12 Schedule Part II, para 4(2) + 7
S.I. 1969/842Foreign Compensation Commission (USSR) Rules Approval InstrumentThe whole instrument except Rule 37(1)(a),(d) & (2)
S.I. 1969/1347Air Navigation (Investigation of Combined Military and Civil Air Accidents) RegulationsRegulation 13(3)
S.I. 1969/1843Commons Registration (New Land) RegulationsRegulation 2(6)
S.I. 1970/376National Insurance (Industrial Injuries) (Colliery Workers Supplementary Scheme) Amendment and Consolidation OrderSchedule 1, Article 12(6)
S.I. 1970/1696Restriction on Agreements (Estate Agents) OrderArticle 2(1)
S.I. 1971/1991Magistrates' Courts (Blood Tests) RulesThe whole instrument except the Schedule
S.I. 1971/2084Indictments (Procedure) RulesRule 7
S.I. 1972/219Foreign Compensation Commission (Egypt)Rule 35
Rules Approval InstrumentRule 37(2)
S.I. 1972/1139Solicitors' Remuneration OrderThe whole instrument
S.I. 1973/1958Isles of Scilly (Sale of Intoxicating Liquour) OrderArticle 15(1)
S.I. 1974/85Misuse of Drugs Tribunal (England and Wales) RulesRule 18(1) & (2)
S.I. 1974/455National Health Service (Service Committees and Tribunal) RegulationsRegulation 50(2)
S.I. 1974/1286Land Changes RulesRule 13(2)
S.I. 1974/1837Legal Officers Fees OrderSchedule
S.I. 1975/299Lands Tribunal RulesThe whole instrument except Rule 44
S.I. 1975/1803Supreme Court Funds RulesRule 43(1)
S.I. 1975/1993Sex Discrimination (Formal Investigation) RegulationsRegulation 3(d)
S.I. 1975/2048Sex Discrimination (Questions and Replies) OrderArticle 6(d)
S.I. 1976/1646Foreign Compensation Commission (Roumania) Rules Approval InstrumentThe whole instrument except Rule 37(1)(d) & Rule 37(3)
S.I. 1976/1897Restrictive Practices Court RulesRule 7
S.I. 1976/1899Restrictive Practices Court (Resale Prices) RulesRule 6(c) Rule 12
S.I. 1977/344Matrimonial Causes RulesThe whole instrument except Rules 69, 113 & 115 & Appendix 1
S.I. 1977/577Police (Withdrawn, Anonymous, etc, Complaints) RegulationsRegulation 3(1) Schedule para. 4(b)(ii)
S.I. 1977/841Race Relations (Formal Investigations) RegulationsRegulation 3(d)
S.I. 1977/842Race Relations (Questions and Replies) OrderArticle 6(d)
S.I. 1978/20Pharmaceutical Society (Statutory Committee) Order of CouncilAppendix Regulation 17 Appendix Regulation 19
S.I. 1978/951Vacation of Benefices (Legal Aid) RulesRule 2(2)
S.I. 1978/1910European Communities (Services of Lawyers) OrderArticle 5 Article 6(c)
S.I. 1979/236Control, of Off-Street Parking Outside Greater London (Appeals Procedure) (England and Wales) RegulationsSchedule 1 para. 2
S.I. 1979/399Matrimonial Causes (Costs) RulesThe whole instrument except Rules 10 & 13
S.I. 1979/521[European Parliamentary] Election Petition RulesThe whole instrument except Rule 5 and the Schedule
S.I. 1979/937Industrial and Provident Societies (Credit Unions) RegulationsRegulation 13
S.I. 1979/1456Imprisonment and Detention (Army) RulesRule 2
S.I. 1979/1644National Health Service (Vocational Training) RegulationsRegulation 12(b)
S.I. 1980/821Supreme Court Fees OrderThe whole instrument
S.I. 1981/552Magistrates' Courts RulesThe whole instrument except Rule 4, Rule 7, Rule 25, Rule 33, & Rule 107
S.I. 1981/1123County Courts Jurisdiction OrderArticle 2
S.I. 1981/1687County Court RulesThe whole instrument except Order 10, Rule 2 Order 14, Rule 10(4) Order 14, Rule 11(5) Order 29, Order 35 Order 38, Rule 1 Order 38, Rule 8 Order 38, Rule 19A Order 38, Rule 25 Order 49, Rule 17 Order 49, Rule 18
S.I. 1982/1109Crown Court RulesSchedule 4
S.I. 1982/1110Foreign Compensation Commission (Czechoslovakia) Rules Approval InstrumentRule 35 Rule 37(2)
S.I. 1982/1706County Court Fees OrderSchedule I
S.I. 1983/569Detention Centre RulesThe whole instrument
S.I. 1983/570Youth Custody Centre RulesThe whole instrument
S.I. 1983/585Licensed Dealers (Conduct of Business) RulesRule 9(1)(c)
S.I.1983/587Dealers in Securities (Licensing) RegulationsSchedule 1 Part I para. 1(a)
S.I. 1983/942Mental Health Review Tribunal RulesRule 12(3)(a)
S.I. 1984/176Goods Vehicles (Operators' Licences, Qualifications and Fees) RegulationsRegulation 18(b)
S.I. 1984/2035Court of Protection RulesRule 13(4)(b) Rule 20 Rule 30(2) Rule 47(2)(a) Rule 48(2)
S.I. 1985/520Police (Complaints) (General) RegulationsRegulation 11(1)
S.I. 1985/1807Register of County Court Judgements RegulationsRegulation 5(5)
S.I. 1985/1846Crown Prosecution Service (Transfer of Staff) RegulationsSchedule 1
S.I. 1986/127Court of Protection (Enduring Powers of Attorney) Rules.The whole instrument except Schedule 1
S.I. 1986/262Control of Off-Street Parking In Greater London (Appeals Procedure) RegulationsSchedule 1 para. 2
S.I. 1986/264Control of Off-Street Parking (Appeals Procedure)(England and Wales Metropolitan Districts) RegulationsSchedule 1 para. 2
S.I. 1986/1046Occupationsl Pension Schemes (Disclosure of Information) RegulationsSchedule 5 para. 3
S.I. 1986/1335Costs In Criminal Cases (General) RegulationsRegulation 6(3)(a)
S.I. 1986/1399Land Registration Fee OrderThe whole instrument
S.I. 1986/1925Insolvency RulesThe whole instrument except Rules 4.12, 4.215, 6.12, 6.175, 6.235, 7.53, 7.54, 7.57 & 9.4 & Schedule 4
S.I. 1986/1953Air Navigation (Investigation of Air Accidents involving Civil and Military Aircraft or Installations) RegulationsRegulation 12(3)
S.I. 1987/143Foreign Compensation Commission (USSR) Rules Approval InstrumentRule 26
S.I. 1987/516Stamp Duty (Exempt Instruments) RegulationsRegulation 3(c)(i) & (ii)
S.I. 1987/821Court Funds RulesThe whole instrument
S.I. 1987/851Police RegulationsRegulation 53(10)(b)
S.I. 1987/1496Insurance Brokers Registration Council (Indemnity Insurance and Grants Scheme) Rules Approvals OrderThe whole instrument except the Schedule Part II
S.I. 1987/2024Non-Contentious Probate RulesThe whole instrument except and Rules 20, 22, 38 & 46 & Schedule 1
S.I. 1988/153Foreign Compensation Commission (People’s Republic of China) Rules Approval InstrumentRule 26
S.I. 1988/629Land Registration (Official Searches) RulesRule 8(1)
S.I. 1988/665Land Registration Fee OrderArticle 3(2), Article 4
S.I. 1988/913Magistrates' Courts (Children and Young Persons) RulesThe whole instrument
S.I. 1988/1695Criminal Justice Act 1987 (Dismissal of Transferred Charges) RulesRule 6(2)
S.I. 1988/1699Criminal Justice Act 1987 (Preparatory Hearings) RulesRule 9(2)
S.I. 1988/1700Criminal Justice Act 1987 (Preparatory Hearings) (Interlocutory Appeals)RulesRule 11(2)
S.I. 1988/1980Patronage (Appeals) RulesThe whole instrument except Rule 23 & the Appendix
S.I. 1989/19Criminal Appeal (Reviews of Sentencing) RulesRule 5(1)(e)
S.I. 1989/28Financial Services Act 1986 (Single Property Schemes) (Exemption) RegulationsRegulation 3(2)(b) Regulation 5(b)
S.I. 1989/339Civil Legal Aid (General) RegulationsThe whole instrument
S.I. 1989/340Legal Advice and Assistance RegulationsThe whole instrument
S.I.1989/341Legal Advice and Assistance (Duty Solicitor) (Remuneration) RegulationsThe whole instrument
S.I. 1989/342Legal Advice and Assistance at Police Stations Remuneration) RegulationsThe whole instrument
S.I. 1989/343Legal Aid in Criminal and Care Proceedings(Costs) RegulationsThe whole instrument except Regulation 6(4) & Schedule 1 Part I
S.I. 1989/344Legal Aid in Criminal and Care Proceedings (General) RegulationsThe whole instrument
S.I. 1989/550Legal Advice and Assistance (Scope) RegulationsThe whole instrument
S.I. 1989/1597Magistrates' Courts (Extradition) RulesRule 4(4)
S.I. 1990/172Land Registration Fee OrderArticle 3(2), Article 4(2)
S.I. 1990/3011Common Land (Rectification of Registers) RegulationsSchedule 1
S.I. 1990/314Land Registration RulesThe whole instrument

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