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    Act of Sederunt (Fees of Messengers-at-Arms) (No. 2) 1988'1988 No. 2166 (S. 209)UK Statutory Instruments
    Act of Sederunt (Fees of Sheriff Officers) (No.2) 19881988 No. 2167 (S. 210)UK Statutory Instruments
    The (A43) Oxford—Market Deeping Trunk Road (Blisworth and Milton Malsor Bypass and Slip Roads to Rothersthorpe Service Area) Order 19881988 No. 2125UK Statutory Instruments
    The (A43) Oxford—Market Deeping Trunk Road(Blisworth and Milton Malsor Bypass and Slip Roadsto Rothersthorpe Service Area) Detrunking Order 19881988 No. 2126UK Statutory Instruments
    The Accommodation of Children (Charge and Control)Regulations 19881988 No. 2183UK Statutory Instruments
    The Agricultural Levies (Export Control) Regulations 19881988 No. 2135UK Statutory Instruments
    The Air Navigation (Dangerous Goods) (Second Amendment) Regulations 19881988 No. 2133UK Statutory Instruments
    The Assured Tenancies (Forms) (Scotland) Regulations 19881988 No. 2109 (S. 207)UK Statutory Instruments
    The Assured Tenancies and Agricultural Occupancies (Rent Information) Order 19881988 No. 2199UK Statutory Instruments
    The Birmingham—Great Yarmouth Trunk Road (A47) (Eye Bypass) Order 19881988 No. 2115UK Statutory Instruments
    The Boarding-out of Children (Foster Placement) Regulations 19881988 No. 2184UK Statutory Instruments
    The Building (Procedure) (Scotland) Amendment Regulations 19881988 No. 2194 (S. 216)UK Statutory Instruments
    The Butter (EEC Special Sale) (Revocation) Regulations 19881988 No. 2110UK Statutory Instruments
    The Children and Young Persons (Amendment) Act 1986 (Commencement No. 2) Order 19881988 No. 2188 (c. c82)UK Statutory Instruments
    The Civil Aviation (Joint Financing) Regulations 19881988 No. 2151UK Statutory Instruments
    The Civil Aviation (Route Charges for Navigation Services) (Fifth Amendment) Regulations 19881988 No. 2130UK Statutory Instruments
    The Civil Courts (Amendment) Order 19881988 No. 2165UK Statutory Instruments
    The Cleveland and Durham (County Boundaries) Order 19881988 No. 2180UK Statutory Instruments
    The Cod (Specified Sea Area) (Prohibition of Fishing) Order 19881988 No. 2196UK Statutory Instruments
    The Cosmetic Products (Safety) (Amendment No.2) Regulations 19881988 No. 2121UK Statutory Instruments

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