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Merchant Shipping Act 1894


This is the original version (as it was originally enacted).

  1. Introductory Text

  2. Part I Registry

    1. Qualification for owning British Ships

      1. 1.Qualification for owning British ship

    2. Obligation to register British Ships

      1. 2.Obligation to register British ships

      2. 3.Exemptions from registry

    3. Procedure for Registration

      1. 4.Registrars of British ships

      2. 5.Register book

      3. 6.Survey and measurement of ship

      4. 7.Marking of ship

      5. 8.Application for registry

      6. 9.Declaration of ownership on registry

      7. 10.Evidence on first registry

      8. 11.Entry of particulars in register book

      9. 12.Documents to be retained by registrar

      10. 13.Port of registry

    4. Certificate of Registry

      1. 14.Certificate of registry

      2. 15.Custody of certificate

      3. 16.Penalty for use of improper certificate

      4. 17.Power to grant new certificate

      5. 18.Provision for loss of certificate

      6. 19.Endorsement of change of master on certificate

      7. 20.Endorsement of change of ownership on certificate

      8. 21.Delivery up of certificate of ship lost or ceasing to be British owned

      9. 22.Provisional certificate for ships becoming British-owned abroad

      10. 23.Temporary passes in lieu of certificates of registry

    5. Transfers and Transmissions

      1. 24.Transfer of ships or shares

      2. 25.Declaration of transfer

      3. 26.Registry of transfer

      4. 27.Transmission of property in ship on death, bankruptcy, marriage, &c

      5. 28.Order for sale on transmission to unqualified person

      6. 29.Transfer of ship or sale by order of court

      7. 30.Power of court to prohibit transfer

    6. Mortgages

      1. 31.Mortgage of ship or share

      2. 32.Entry of discharge of mortgage

      3. 33.Priority of mortgages

      4. 34.Mortgagee not treated as owner

      5. 35.Mortgagee to have power of sale

      6. 36.Mortgage not affected by bankruptcy

      7. 37.Transfer of mortgages

      8. 38.Transmission of interest in mortgage by death, bankruptcy, marriage, &c

    7. Certificates of Mortgage and Sale

      1. 39.Powers of mortgage and sale may be conferred by certificate

      2. 40.Requisites for certificates of mortgage and sale

      3. 41.Restrictions on certificates of mortgage and sale

      4. 42.Contents of certificates of mortgage and sale

      5. 43.Rules as to certificates of mortgage

      6. 44.Rules as to certificates of sale

      7. 45.Power of Commissioners of Customs in case of loss of certificate of mortgage or sale

      8. 46.Revocation of certificates of mortgage and sale

    8. Name of Ship

      1. 47.Rules as to name of ship

    9. Registry of Alterations, Registry anew, and Transfer of Registry

      1. 48.Registry of alterations

      2. 49.Regulations for registry of alteration

      3. 50.Provisional certificate and endorsement where ship is to be registered anew

      4. 51.Registry anew on change of ownership

      5. 52.Procedure for registry anew

      6. 53.Transfer of registry

      7. 54.Restrictions on re-registration of abandoned ships

    10. Incapacitated Persons

      1. 55.Provision for cases of infancy or other incapacity

    11. Trusts and Equitable Rights

      1. 56.Notice of trusts not received

      2. 57.Equities not excluded by Act

    12. Liability of Beneficial Owner

      1. 58.Liability of owners

    13. Managing Owner

      1. 59.Ship's managing owner or manager to be registered

    14. Declarations, Inspection of Register, and Fees

      1. 60.Power of registrar to dispense with declarations and other evidence

      2. 61.Mode of making declarations

      3. 62.Application of fees

    15. Returns, Evidence, and Forms

      1. 63.Returns to be made by registrars

      2. 64.Evidence of register book, certificate of registry, and other documents

      3. 65.Forms of documents, and instructions as to registry

    16. Forgery and false Declarations

      1. 66.Forgery of documents

      2. 67.False declarations

    17. National Character and Flag

      1. 68.National character of ship to be declared before clearance

      2. 69.Penalty for unduly assuming British character

      3. 70.Penalty for concealment of British or assumption of foreign character

      4. 71.Penalty for acquiring ownership if unqualified

      5. 72.Liabilities of ships not recognised as British

      6. 73.National colours for ships, and penalty on carrying improper colours

      7. 74.Penalty on ship not showing colours

      8. 75.Saving for Admiralty

    18. Forfeiture of Ship

      1. 76.Proceedings on forfeiture of ship

    19. Measurement of Ship and Tonnage

      1. 77.Rules for ascertaining register tonnage

      2. 78.Allowance for engine-room space in steamships

      3. 79.Deductions for ascertaining tonnage

      4. 80.Provisions as to deductions in case of certain steamships

      5. 81.Measurement of ships with double bottoms for water ballast

      6. 82.Tonnage once ascertained to be the tonnage of ship

      7. 83.Fees for measurement

      8. 84.Tonnage of ships of foreign countries adopting tonnage regulations

      9. 85.Space occupied by deck cargo to be liable to dues

      10. 86.Surveyors and regulations for measurement of ships

      11. 87.Levy of tonnage rates under Local Acts on the registered tonnage

    20. Ports of Registry in Place under Foreign Jurisdiction Act

      1. 88.Foreign ports of registry

    21. Registry in Colonies

      1. 89.Powers of governors in colonies

      2. 90.Terminable certificates of registry for small ships in colonies

    22. Application of Part I

      1. 91.Application of Part I

  3. Part II Masters and Seamen

    1. Certificates of Competency

      1. 92.Certificates of competency to be held by officers of ships

      2. 93.Grades of certificates of competency

      3. 94.Examinations for certificates of competency

      4. 95.Examinations by Board of Trade in certain cases

      5. 96.Engineers certificates of competency

      6. 97.Fees on examination

      7. 98.Grant of certificates on passing examination

      8. 99.Certificates of service for naval officers

      9. 100.Form and record of certificate

      10. 101.Loss of certificate

      11. 102.Colonial certificates of competency

      12. 103.Production of certificates of competency to superintendent

      13. 104.Forgery, &c. of certificate of competency

    2. Apprenticeship to the Sea Service

      1. 105.Assistance given by superintendents as to apprenticeship

      2. 106.Apprenticeships of paupers in Great Britain and Ireland

      3. 107.Attestation of pauper apprenticeship

      4. 108.Special provisions as to apprenticeship to the sea service

      5. 109.Production of indentures to superintendent before voyage in foreign-going ship

    3. Licences to supply Seamen

      1. 110.Licence for supply of seamen

      2. 111.Penalty for engaging seamen without licence

      3. 112.Penalty for receiving remuneration from seamen for engagement

    4. Engagement of Seamen

      1. 113.Agreements with crew

      2. 114.Form, period, and conditions of agreements with crew

      3. 115.Special provisions as to agreements with crew of foreign-going ships

      4. 116.Special provisions as to agreements with crew of home trade ships

      5. 117.Changes in crew of foreign-going ship to be reported

      6. 118.Certificate as to agreements with crew of foreign-going ships

      7. 119.Certificate as to agreements with crew of home trade ships

      8. 120.Copy of agreement to be made accessible to crew

      9. 121.Forgery, &c. of agreements with crew

      10. 122.Alterations in agreements with crew

      11. 123.Seamen not to be bound to produce agreement

      12. 124.Engagement of seamen in colonial and foreign ports

    5. Agreements with Lascars

      1. 125.Agreements with lascars. Saving for 4 Geo.4 c.80 ss.25, 26, &c

    6. Rating of Seamen

      1. 126.Rating of seamen

    7. Discharge of Seamen

      1. 127.Discharge before superintendent

      2. 128.Certificate of discharge and return of certificate to officer on discharge

      3. 129.Reports of seaman's character

      4. 130.False or forged certificate of discharge or report of character

    8. Payment of Wages

      1. 131.Payment of wages before superintendent

      2. 132.Master to deliver account of wages

      3. 133.Deductions from wages of seamen

      4. 134.Time of payment of wages for foreign-going ships

      5. 135.Time of payment of wages for home trade ships

      6. 136.Settlement of wages

      7. 137.Decision of questions by superintendents

      8. 138.Power of superintendent to require production of ship's papers

      9. 139.Rule as to payment of British seamen in foreign money

    9. Advance and Allotment of Wages

      1. 140.Advance notes restricted

      2. 141.Regulations as to allotment notes

      3. 142.Allotments through savings banks

      4. 143.Right of suing on allotment notes

      5. 144.Time for payment of allotment note

    10. Seamen's Money Orders and Savings Banks

      1. 145.Remittance of seamen's wages, &c. by seamen's money orders

      2. 146.Power to pay when order is lost

      3. 147.Penalty for issuing money orders with fraudulent intent

      4. 148.Power for Board of Trade to establish savings banks

      5. 149.National Debt Commissioners to receive deposits, &c

      6. 150.Application of deposits of deceased depositor

      7. 151.Expenses of savings banks

      8. 152.Accounts and copy of regulations to be laid before Parliament

      9. 153.Public officers to be exempt from legal proceedings, except in case of wilful default

      10. 154.Forgery of documents, &c. for purpose of obtaining money in seamen's savings bank

    11. Rights of Seamen in respect of Wages

      1. 155.Right to wages, &c. when to begin

      2. 156.Right to recover wages, and salvage not to be forfeited

      3. 157.Wages not to depend on freight

      4. 158.Wages on termination of service by wreck or illness

      5. 159.Wages not to accrue during refusal to work or imprisonment

      6. 160.Forfeiture of wages, &c. of seaman when illness caused by his own default

      7. 161.Costs of procuring punishment may be deducted from wages

      8. 162.Compensation to seamen improperly discharged

      9. 163.Restriction on sale of, and charge upon, wages

    12. Mode of recovering Wages

      1. 164.Summary proceedings for wages

      2. 165.Restrictions on suits for wages

      3. 166.Wages not recoverable abroad in certain cases

      4. 167.Remedies of master for wages, disbursements, &c

    13. Power of Courts to rescind Contracts

      1. 168.Power of court to rescind contract between owner or master and seaman or apprentice

    14. Property of deceased Seamen

      1. 169.Property of seamen who die during voyage

      2. 170.Dealing with and account of property of seamen who die during voyage

      3. 171.Penalty for non-compliance with provisions as to property of deceased seamen

      4. 172.Property of deceased seamen left abroad but not on board ship

      5. 173.Dealing with property of deceased seamen by officers abroad

      6. 174.Recovery of wages, &c. of seamen lost with their ship

      7. 175.Property of seamen dying at home

      8. 176.Payment over of property of deceased seamen by Board of Trade

      9. 177.Dealing with deceased seaman's property when he leaves a will

      10. 178.Claims by creditors

      11. 179.Dealing with unclaimed property of deceased seaman

      12. 180.Forgery of documents, &c. for purpose of obtaining property of deceased seamen

      13. 181.Property of seamen discharged from Royal Navy

    15. Reimbursement of Relief to Seamen's Families

      1. 182.Relief to seamen's families to be chargeable on a certain proportion of their wages

      2. 183.Notice to owner, and enforcement of charge

    16. Destitute Seamen

      1. 184.Penalty on masters of ships leaving certain seamen in distress in the United Kingdom

      2. 185.Relief of destitute lascars

    17. Leaving Seamen Abroad

      1. 186.Discharge of seamen in foreign countries

      2. 187.Penalty for forcing seamen on shore or leaving them behind

      3. 188.Seamen not to be discharged or left abroad unless sanction or certificate obtained

      4. 189.Accounts and payment of wages in case of seamen left abroad

    18. Distressed Seamen

      1. 190.Regulations as to relief and maintenance of distressed seamen

      2. 191.Provisions for maintenance and relief of distressed seamen

      3. 192.Masters of ships compelled to take distressed seamen

      4. 193.Recovery of expenses of relief of distressed seamen

      5. 194.Payment of expenses out of Mercantile Marine Fund

    19. Volunteering into the Navy

      1. 195.Seamen allowed to leave their ships in order to enter the Navy

      2. 196.Money and effects of seamen volunteering into Navy

      3. 197.Wages of seamen received into Navy

    20. Provisions, Health, and Accommodation

      1. 198.Complaints as to provisions or water

      2. 199.Allowance for short or bad provisions

      3. 200.Regulations respecting medicines, anti-scorbutics, &c

      4. 201.Weights and measures on board

      5. 202.Inspection of medicines, medical stores, and anti-scorbutics

      6. 203.Medical inspection of seamen

      7. 204.Appointment of medical inspector

      8. 205.Appointment of medical inspector, and regulations as to supply of anti-scorbutics in colonies

      9. 206.Inspection of provisions and water for crew of certain ships

      10. 207.Expenses of medical attendance in case of illness

      11. 208.Recovery of expenses from owner

      12. 209.Certain ships to carry medical practitioners

      13. 210.Accommodation for seamen

    21. Facilities for making Complaint

      1. 211.Facilities for making complaint

    22. Protection of Seamen from Imposition

      1. 212.Assignment or sale of salvage invalid

      2. 213.No debt exceeding 5s. recoverable till end of voyage

      3. 214.Seamen's lodging-houses

      4. 215.Penalty for overcharges by lodging-house keepers

      5. 216.Penalty for detaining seamen's effects

      6. 217.Penalty for solicitations by lodging-house keepers

      7. 218.Penalty for being on board ship without permission before seamen leave

      8. 219.Application of provisions of previous section to foreign ships

    23. Provisions as to Discipline

      1. 220.Misconduct endangering life or ship

      2. 221.Desertion and absence without leave

      3. 222.Conveyance of deserter on board ship

      4. 223.Provisions as to arrest and imprisonment applying out of the United Kingdom

      5. 224.Power of court to order offender to be taken on board ship

      6. 225.General offences against discipline

      7. 226.Summary remedies not to affect other remedies

      8. 227.Penalty for false statement as to last ship or name

      9. 228.Entry of offences in official log

      10. 229.Entries and certificates of desertion abroad

      11. 230.Register of deserters

      12. 231.Facilities for proving desertion in proceedings for forfeiture of wages

      13. 232.Application of forfeitures

      14. 233.Decision of questions of forfeiture and deductions in suits for wages

      15. 234.Ascertainment of amount of forfeiture out of wages

      16. 235.Deduction from wages, and payments to superintendents, &c of fines

      17. 236.Penalty for enticing to desert and harbouring deserters

      18. 237.Penalty on stowaways, and discipline of stowaways and seamen carried under compulsion

      19. 238.Deserters from foreign ships

    24. Official Logs

      1. 239.Official logs to be kept and to be evidence

      2. 240.Entries required in official log-book

      3. 241.Offences in respect of official logs

      4. 242.Delivery of official logs to superintendent of mercantile marine office

      5. 243.Official logs to be gent home in case of transfer of ship, and in case of loss

    25. Local Marine Boards

      1. 244.Continuance and constitution of local marine board

      2. 245.Control of Board of Trade over local marine boards

    26. Mercantile Marine Offices

      1. 246.Establishment and control of mercantile marine offices

      2. 247.Business of mercantile marine office

      3. 248.Embezzlement by officers of local marine boards

      4. 249.Power to dispense with transaction of certain matters at mercantile marine offices

      5. 250.Prohibition on taking fees at mercantile marine office

    27. Registration of and Returns respecting Seamen

      1. 251.Establishment of register office

      2. 252.Register of seamen

      3. 253.Lists of the crew

      4. 254.Return of births and deaths in British ships

      5. 255.Return in case of transfer or loss of ship

      6. 256.Transmission of documents to registrar by superintendents and other officers

      7. 257.Deposit of documents at foreign ports and in colonies

      8. 258.Documents to be handed over to successor on change of master

    28. Sites for Sailors Homes

      1. 259.Corporations, &c. may grant sites for sailors homes

    29. Application of Part II

      1. 260.Application of Part II to ships registered in the United Kingdom

      2. 261.Application of Part II to ships registered elsewhere than in the United Kingdom

      3. 262.Partial application of Part II to ships of lighthouse authorities and pleasure yachts

      4. 263.Partial application of Part II to fishing boats

      5. 264.Application of Part II to colony by colonial legislatures

      6. 265.Conflict of laws

      7. 266.Unregistered ship deemed to be registered in United Kingdom for certain purposes


    1. 1.Definitions

    2. Definition of Passenger Steamer and Passenger

      1. 267.Definition of "passenger" and "passenger steamer"

    3. Definition of Emigrant Ship, &c

      1. 268."Emigrant ship" &c. to which Part applies

      2. 269.Scale for determining length of voyages

      3. 270.Definition of colonial voyage

      4. 2.Passenger Steamers

    4. Survey of Passenger Steamers

      1. 271.Annual survey of passenger steamers

      2. 272.Mode of survey and declaration of survey

      3. 273.Transmission of declaration

      4. 274.Issue of passenger steamer's certificate

      5. 275.Appeal to court of survey

      6. 276.Transmission of certificate

      7. 277.Fees for certificate

      8. 278.Duration of certificates

      9. 279.Cancellation of certificate

      10. 280.Delivery up of certificate

      11. 281.Posting up of certificate

      12. 282.Penalty for forgery of certificate or declaration

      13. 283.Penalty for carrying passengers in excess

      14. 284.Colonial certificates for passenger steamers

    5. General Equipment of Passenger Steamers

      1. 285.Equipment of passenger steamers with compasses, hose, deck shelters, and safety appliances

      2. 286.Prohibition of increasing weight on safety valve

    6. Keeping Order in Passenger Steamers

      1. 287.Offences in connexion with passenger steamers

      2. 288.Power to exclude drunken passengers on home trade passenger steamers

      3. 3.Emigrant Ships

    7. Survey of Emigrant Ships

      1. 289.Preliminary survey of emigrant ship

    8. Equipments

      1. 290.Equipment with compasses, chronometers, fire engine, anchors, &c

    9. Number of, and Accommodation for, Passengers

      1. 291.Regulations as to carrying of passengers generally

      2. 292.Limit of number of steerage passengers to be carried on emigrant ships

      3. 293.Regulations as to accommodation of steerage passengers

      4. 294.Stowage of goods

    10. Provisions, Water, and Medical Stores

      1. 295.Supply of provisions and water

      2. 296.Mode of carrying water

      3. 297.Provision for touching at intermediate ports to take in water

      4. 298.Issue of water or provisions during voyage

      5. 299.Power of Board of Trade to exempt ships

      6. 300.Medical stores

    11. Dangerous Goods, and Carriage of Cattle

      1. 301.Regulations as to carnage of dangerous goods, and of horses and cattle

      2. 302.Carriage of military stores

    12. Medical Officer, Staff, and Crew

      1. 303.Medical practitioners

      2. 304.Steerage passengers stewards, cooks, and interpreters

      3. 305.Crew of emigrant ship

    13. Medical Inspection

      1. 306.Medical inspection of steerage passengers and crew

      2. 307.Re-landing of persons for medical reasons

      3. 308.Return of passage money to persons re-landed for medical reasons

    14. Master's Bond

      1. 309.Bond to be given by master of emigrant ship

      2. 310.Evidence of bond

    15. Passengers Lists

      1. 311.Passengers lists

      2. 312.Lists of passengers embarked after clearance

      3. 313.Attempt to gain passage without payment

    16. Certificate for Clearance

      1. 314.Certificate for clearance

      2. 315.Facilities to be given for the inspection of ships

      3. 316.Ships putting back to replenish provisions, &c

      4. 317.Emigrant ships putting back to be reported to emigration officer

      5. 318.Appeal to Court of Survey

      6. 319.Forfeiture of ship proceeding to sea without certificate for clearance

    17. Passengers Contracts

      1. 320.Contract tickets for passengers

      2. 321.Summary remedy for breach of contract

      3. 322.Penalty for failure to produce contract ticket

      4. 323.Penalty for altering, or inducing anyone to part with, contract ticket

    18. Regulations as to Steerage Passengers

      1. 324.Sanitary and other regulations by Order in Council

      2. 325.Discipline on board

      3. 326.Sale of spirits prohibited on emigrant ships

    19. Maintenance after Arrival

      1. 327.Maintenance of steerage passengers after arrival

    20. Detention and Wrongful Landing of Passengers

      1. 328.Return of passage money and compensation to passengers when passage not provided according to contract

      2. 329.Subsistence in case of detention

      3. 330.Penalty for landing steerage passengers at wrong place

    21. Provisions in case of Wreck

      1. 331.Provisions in case of an emigrant ship being wrecked or damaged in or near British Islands

      2. 332.Expenses of rescue and conveyance of wrecked passengers

      3. 333.Forwarding of passengers by governors or consuls

      4. 334.Recovery of expenses incurred in conveying wrecked passengers and forwarding passengers

      5. 335.Validity of insurance of passage money

    22. Voyages to the United Kingdom

      1. 336.List of steerage passengers brought to the British Islands

      2. 337.Number of steerage passengers on ships bringing passengers to British Islands

      3. 338.Provisions and water in ships carrying steerage passengers to British Islands

    23. Registration of Births and Deaths

      1. 339.Application to foreign ships carrying passengers of provisions respecting registration of births and deaths

    24. Saving of Right of Action

      1. 340.Saving for right of action on contract for passage

    25. Passage Brokers

      1. 341.Passage broker

      2. 342.Passage brokers to enter into bond and obtain licence

      3. 343.Granting of licences to passage brokers

      4. 344.Forfeiture of licence

      5. 345.Passage brokers agents

      6. 346.List of agents and runners to be exhibited by brokers, and sent to emigration officers

    26. Emigrant Runners

      1. 347.Emigrant runner

      2. 348.Emigrant runner's licence

      3. 349.Renewal of badge

      4. 350.Penalties on persons acting without licence or badge, using badge not lawfully issued, or employing unlicensed person

      5. 351.Penalties on emigrant runners for certain acts of misconduct

      6. 352.Emigrant runners commission and fees

    27. Frauds in procuring Emigration

      1. 353.Frauds in procuring passages

      2. 354.Penalties for fraud in connexion with assisting emigration

    28. Emigration Officers

      1. 355.Emigration officers and assistants

    29. Legal Proceedings

      1. 356.Recovery of fines

      2. 357.Recovery of passage and subsistence money, compensation, and damages

      3. 358.Protection of persons executing Act

    30. Supplemental

      1. 359.Owner responsible for default in absence of agreement

      2. 360.Forms and fees

      3. 361.Posting of abstracts of Part III in emigrant ships

      4. 362.Byelaws by harbour authority

      5. 363.Exemption from survey of foreign passenger steamer or emigrant ship in certain cases

    31. Application of Part III as regards Emigrant Ships

      1. 364.Application to certain voyages

      2. 365.Limited application of Part III of Act to colonial voyages

      3. 366.Modification of provisions of Part III in their application to British possessions

      4. 367.Power of governors of colonies as to numbers of steerage passengers

      5. 368.Power for legislature of India to apply Part III

  5. Part IV Fishing Boats

    1. Application of Part IV, &c

      1. 369.Application of Part IV

      2. 370.Definitions: "Fishing boat"; "Second hand"; "Voyage"

      3. 371.Ascertainment of tonnage of fishing boat

      4. 372.Extent of Part IV

    2. Fishing Boats Register

      1. 373.Registry of British fishing boat

      2. 374.Effect of registry of fishing boat

      3. 375.Rules as to boats and life-buoys of fishing boats

    3. Discipline

      1. 376.Offences by seamen and apprentices

      2. 377.Civil right unaffected by criminal provisions

      3. 378.Application of forfeitures

      4. 379.Deserters and others may be sent back to their boats

      5. 380.Apprehension of seamen guilty of certain offences

      6. 381.Dealing with seaman who refuses to proceed to sea, &c

      7. 382.Notice by seaman that he intends to absent himself

      8. 383.Calculation of wages

      9. 384.Facilities for proving desertion so far as concerns forfeiture of wages

    4. Provisions as to Deaths, Injuries, Ill-treatment, Punishments, and Casualties in Fishing Boats

      1. 385.Record and report of death, injury, ill-treatment, punishment, casualties, &c

      2. 386.Inquiry as to death, injury, ill-treatment, punishment, &c

    5. Settlement of Disputes

      1. 387.Decision of disputes by superintendent

    6. Provisions for ascertaining Profits of Fishing Boats

      1. 388.Accounts to be rendered by owners

    7. Agreements for Fishing Vessels in Scotland

      1. 389.Agreements for fishing vessels in Scotland

    8. Fees and Control of Superintendents

      1. 390.Fees payable on engagements and discharges

      2. 391.Control of Board of Trade

    9. Apprenticeship and Agreements with Boys

      1. 392.Restriction on apprenticeships and agreements in the case of young boys

      2. 393.Boys to be properly apprenticed or have proper agreements

      3. 394.Assistance by superintendents

      4. 395.Apprenticeships and agreements with boys to be made before superintendent

      5. 396.Enforcement by superintendents of indentures or agreements

      6. 397.Powers of superintendent under indenture or agreement

      7. 398.Prohibition on taking money for apprenticeships and boys agreements

    10. Engagement of Seamen

      1. 399.Agreements with crew

      2. 400.Form, period, and condition of agreement

      3. 401.Mode of entering into agreements

      4. 402.Agreements by owner or for service in two or more fishing boats

      5. 403.Fishing boats running agreements

      6. 404.Endorsement of engagements and discharge on running agreements

      7. 405.Report of crew

      8. 406.Statement of change of crew in case of running agreements

      9. 407.Alterations, &c. in agreements to be attested

      10. 408.Offences as to agreements with the crew

    11. Payment of Wages and Discharge of Seamen

      1. 409.Account of wages

      2. 410.Certificate of discharge

      3. 411.Compensation to seamen improperly discharged

      4. 412.Provision as to discharge, &c. to apply in the case of any sort of agreement

    12. Certificates of Skippers and Second Hands

      1. 413.Skippers and second hands to hold certificate of competency

      2. 414.Granting of certificate of competency

      3. 415.Certificate of service

      4. 416.Registers of certificated skippers and second hands

    13. Conveyance of Fish from Trawlers

      1. 417.Board of Trade regulations as to conveyance of fish from trawlers

  6. Part V Safety

    1. Prevention of Collisions

      1. 418.Collision regulations

      2. 419.Observance of collision regulations

      3. 420.Inspection as to lights and fog signals

      4. 421.Saving for local rules of navigation in harbours, &c

      5. 422.Duty of vessel to assist the other in case of collision

      6. 423.Collisions to be entered in official log

      7. 424.Application of collision regulations to foreign ships

    2. Report of Accidents and Loss of Ship

      1. 425.Report to Board of Trade of accidents to steamships

      2. 426.Notice of loss of British ship to be given to the Board of Trade

    3. Life-saving Appliances

      1. 427.Rules as to life-saving appliances

      2. 428.Duties of owners and masters as to carrying life-saving appliances

      3. 429.Appointment of consultative committee for framing rules

      4. 430.Penalty for breach of rules

      5. 431.Survey of ship with respect to life-saving appliances

    4. General Equipment

      1. 432.Adjustment of compasses and provision of hose

      2. 433.Placing undue weight on safety valve

    5. Signals of Distress

      1. 434.Signals of distress

      2. 435.Provision of signals of distress, inextinguishable lights, and life-buoys

    6. Draught of Water and Load-Line

      1. 436.Ship's draught of water to be recorded

      2. 437.Marking of deck-lines

      3. 438.Marking of load-line

      4. 439.Ships with submerged load-lines deemed unsafe

      5. 440.Time, &c. for marking of load-line in case of foreign-going vessels

      6. 441.Time, &c. for marking of load-line in case of coasting vessels

      7. 442.Penalty for offences in relation to marking of load-line

      8. 443.Regulations as to load-line

      9. 444.Provision as to colonial ships with respect to load-lines

      10. 445.Provision as to foreign ships with respect to load-lines

    7. Dangerous Goods

      1. 446.Restrictions on carnage of dangerous goods

      2. 447.Penalty for misdescription of dangerous goods

      3. 448.Power to deal with goods suspected of being dangerous

      4. 449.Forfeiture of dangerous goods improperly sent or carried

      5. 450.Saving for other enactments relating to dangerous goods

    8. Loading of Timber

      1. 451.Loading of timber

    9. Carriage of Grain

      1. 452.Obligation to take precautions to prevent grain cargo from shifting

      2. 453.Precautions against shitting of grain cargo laden in port in Mediterranean or Black Sea, or on coast of North America

      3. 454.Notice by master of kind and quantity of grain cargo

      4. 455.Power of Board of Trade for enforcing provisions as to carriage of grain

      5. 456.Definition of grain, &c

    10. Unseaworthy Ships

      1. 457.Sending unseaworthy ship to sea a misdemeanor

      2. 458.Obligation of shipowner to crew with respect to use of reasonable efforts to secure seaworthiness

      3. 459.Power to detain unsafe ships, and procedure for detention

      4. 460.Liability for costs and damages

      5. 461.Power to require from complainant security for costs

      6. 462.Application to foreign ships of provisions as to detention

      7. 463.Survey of ships alleged by seamen to be unseaworthy

  7. Part VI Special Shipping Inquiries and Courts

    1. Inquiries and Investigations as to Shipping Casualties

      1. 464.Shipping casualties

      2. 465.Preliminary inquiry into shipping casualties

      3. 466.Formal investigation of shipping casualties

      4. 467.List of assessors

      5. 468.Inquiry in case of loss of life from fishing vessel's boat

    2. Power as to Certificates of Officers, &c

      1. 469.Power of Board of Trade as to certificate

      2. 470.Power of court of investigation or inquiry as to certificates

      3. 471.Inquiry into conduct of certificated officer

      4. 472.Removal of master by Admiralty Court

      5. 473.Delivery of certificate cancelled or suspended

      6. 474.Power of Board of Trade to restore certificate

    3. Re-hearing of Investigations and Inquiries

      1. 475.Re-hearing of inquiries and investigations

    4. Supplemental Provisions as to Investigations and Inquiries

      1. 476.Investigations before stipendiary magistrate

      2. 477.Power to appoint wreck commissioners

      3. 478.Authority for colonial court to make inquiries into shipping casualties and conduct of officers

      4. 479.Rules as to investigations and inquiries

    5. Naval Courts on the High Seas and Abroad

      1. 480.Cases in which naval courts may be summoned

      2. 481.Constitution of naval courts

      3. 482.Functions of naval courts

      4. 483.Powers of naval courts

      5. 484.Report of proceedings of naval courts

      6. 485.Penalty for preventing complaint or obstructing investigation

      7. 486.Application of provisions as to naval courts

    6. Courts of Survey

      1. 487.Constitution of court of survey

      2. 488.Power and procedure of court of survey

      3. 489.Rules for procedure of court of survey, &c

    7. Scientific Referees

      1. 490.Reference in difficult cases to scientific persons

    8. Payments to Officers of Courts

      1. 491.Payments to officers of courts

  8. Part VII Delivery of Goods

    1. Delivery of Goods and Lien for Freight

      1. 492.Definitions under Part VII

      2. 493.Power of shipowner to enter and land goods on default by owner of goods

      3. 494.Lien for freight on landing goods

      4. 495.Discharge of lien

      5. 496.Provisions as to deposits by owners of goods

      6. 497.Sale of goods by warehouseman

      7. 498.Application of proceeds of sale

      8. 499.Warehouseman's rent and expenses

      9. 500.Warehousemen's protection

      10. 501.Saving for powers under local Acts

  9. Part VIII Liability of Shipowners

    1. 502.Limitation of shipowner's liability in certain cases of loss of, or damage to, goods

    2. 503.Limitation of owner's liability in certain cases of loss of life, injury, or damage

    3. 504.Power of courts to consolidate claims against owners, &c

    4. 505.Part owners to account in respect of damages

    5. 506.Insurances of certain risks not invalid

    6. 507.Proof of passengers on board ship

    7. 508.Liability in certain cases not affected

    8. 509.Extent of Part VIII

  10. Part IX Wreck and Salvage

    1. Vessels in Distress

      1. 510.Definition of "wreck" and "salvage"

      2. 511.Duty of receiver where vessel in distress

      3. 512.Powers of the receiver in case of vessels in distress

      4. 513.Power to pass over adjoining lands

      5. 514.Power of receiver to suppress plunder and disorder by force

      6. 515.Liability for damage in case of a vessel plundered

      7. 516.Exercise of powers of receiver in his absence

      8. 517.Examination in respect of ships in distress

    2. Dealing with Wreck

      1. 518.Provision as to wreck found in the United Kingdom

      2. 519.Penalty for taking wreck at time of casualty

      3. 520.Notice of wreck to be given by receiver

      4. 521.Claim of owners to wreck

      5. 522.Immediate sale of wreck by receiver in certain cases

    3. Unclaimed Wreck

      1. 523.Right of Crown to unclaimed wreck

      2. 524.Notice of unclaimed wreck to be given to persons entitled

      3. 525.Disposal of unclaimed wreck

      4. 526.Disputed title to unclaimed wreck

      5. 527.Delivery of unclaimed wreck by receivers not to prejudice title

      6. 528.Power to Board of Trade to purchase rights to wreck

      7. 529.Admiral not to interfere with wreck

    4. Removal of Wrecks

      1. 530.Removal of wreck by harbour or conservancy authority

      2. 531.Power of lighthouse authority to remove wreck

      3. 532.Powers of removal to extend to tackle, cargo, &c

      4. 533.Power for Board of Trade to determine certain questions between authorities

      5. 534.Powers to be cumulative

    5. Offences in respect of Wreck

      1. 535.Taking wreck to foreign port

      2. 536.Interfering with wrecked vessel or wreck

      3. 537.Summary procedure for concealment of wreck

    6. Marine Store Dealers

      1. 538.Marine store dealer to have his name and trade painted on his shop

      2. 539.Marine store dealer to keep proper books

      3. 540.Marine store dealer not to purchase from person under sixteen

      4. 541.Marine store dealer not to cut up cable, &c

      5. 542.Permit to be advertised before dealer proceeds to act thereon

    7. Marking of Anchors

      1. 543.Marking of anchors

    8. Salvage

      1. 544.Salvage payable for saving life

      2. 545.Salvage of life from foreign vessels

      3. 546.Salvage of cargo or wreck

    9. Procedure in Salvage

      1. 547.Determination of salvage disputes

      2. 548.Determination of disputes as to salvage summarily

      3. 549.Appeal in case of salvage disputes

      4. 550.As to arbitrators in Ireland

      5. 551.Valuation of property by receiver

      6. 552.Detention of property liable for salvage by a receiver

      7. 553.Sale of detained property by receiver

      8. 554.Agreement as to salvage

      9. 555.Apportionment of salvage under 200l. by receiver

      10. 556.Apportionment of salvage by Admiralty courts

    10. Salvage by Her Majesty's Ships

      1. 557.Salvage by Her Majesty's ships

      2. 558.Salvage by Her Majesty's ships abroad

      3. 559.Provisions as to bond to be executed

      4. 560.Execution of bond

      5. 561.Enforcement of bond

      6. 562.Saving for other salvage rights

      7. 563.Exemption from stamp duty

      8. 564.Punishment for forgery and false representations

    11. Jurisdiction of High Court in Salvage

      1. 565.Jurisdiction of High Court in salvage

    12. Appointment of Receivers of Wreck

      1. 566.Appointment of receivers of wreck

    13. Fees of Receivers of Wreck

      1. 567.Receivers fees

      2. 568.Remuneration for services by coastguard

    14. Duties on Wreck

      1. 569.Provisions as to duties, &c. on wrecked goods

    15. Supplemental

      1. 570.Powers of sheriff in Scotland

      2. 571.Saving for Cinque ports

  11. Part X Pilotage

    1. Preliminary

      1. 572.Application of Part X

      2. 573.Pilotage authority

      3. 574.Continuance of existing pilotage authorities

    2. Powers of Board of Trade as to Pilotage Districts and Authorities

      1. 575.Constitution of new pilotage authorities

      2. 576.Transfer of pilotage jurisdiction

      3. 577.Direct representation of pilots, &c. on pilotage authority

      4. 578.Exemption from compulsory pilotage

      5. 579.Power of Board of Trade to give facilities with respect to licences, rates, &c

      6. 580.Making and confirming provisional orders

    3. Byelaws by Pilotage Authorities

      1. 581.Power of pilotage authorities as to exemptions from compulsory pilotage

      2. 582.Power of pilotage authorities to make byelaws

      3. 583.Confirmation of byelaws

      4. 584.Appeal against byelaws or regulations not made under this Act

    4. Returns by Pilotage Authorities

      1. 585.Returns by pilotage authorities to Board of Trade

    5. Licensing of Pilots

      1. 586.Registration of pilot licences

      2. 587.Copies of pilotage provisions to be furnished to pilot

      3. 588.Licensed pilot to produce licence to employer

      4. 589.Production and return of licence to pilotage authority

      5. 590.Penalty on fraudulent use of licence

    6. Recovery of Pilotage Dues and other Rights of Pilots

      1. 591.Recovery of pilotage dues

      2. 592.Receiving or offering improper rates of pilotage

      3. 593.Pilotage rate for leading ships

      4. 594.Allowance to licensed pilot taken out of his district

      5. 595.Penalty on making a false declaration to pilot as to draught of ship

      6. 596.Occasions on which unqualified pilots may act

      7. 597.Power of qualified to supersede unqualified pilot

      8. 598.Penalties as to employment of unqualified pilot

    7. Pilotage Certificates for Masters and Mates

      1. 599.Grant of pilotage certificates to masters and mates

      2. 600.Appeal by master or mate to Board of Trade

      3. 601.Withdrawal of certificate

      4. 602.Fees for pilotage certificates

    8. Compulsory Pilotage

      1. 603.Compulsory pilotage

      2. 604.Home trade passenger ships to carry pilots

      3. 605.Exemption from compulsory pilotage

    9. Offences, and suspension and dismissal, of Pilots

      1. 606.Offences of pilots

      2. 607.Penalty on pilot endangering ship, life, or limb

      3. 608.Penalty on pilot obtaining charge of a ship by misrepresentation

      4. 609.Powers of pilotage committee to suspend or dismiss pilot

      5. 610.Appeals from suspension or dismissal

    10. Pilot Boats and Pilot Signals

      1. 611.Approval of pilot boats

      2. 612.Characteristics of pilot boats

      3. 613.Display of pilot flag, when pilot is on board vessel

      4. 614.Penalty on ordinary boat displaying pilot flag

      5. 615.Signals to be displayed by ships requiring a pilot

    11. Trinity House

      1. 616.Power of Trinity House to alter regulations

    12. Sub-Commissioners (Trinity House)

      1. 617.Power of Trinity House to appoint sub-commissioners

    13. Licensing of Pilots by Trinity House

      1. 618.Licensing of pilots by Trinity House within certain limits

      2. 619.Regulations as to pilots licences

      3. 620.Pilot's liability limited

      4. 621.Power to revoke and suspend licences

    14. Compulsory Pilotage (Trinity House)

      1. 622.Compulsory pilotage districts of Trinity House

      2. 623.Constant supply of pilots at Dungeness

      3. 624.Ships from London coining past Dungeness to take the first pilot

      4. 625.Exemption from compulsory pilotage

    15. Rates of Pilotage (Trinity House)

      1. 626.Rates of pilotage

      2. 627.Pilotage dues for foreign ships for port of London

      3. 628.Receipt and application of pilotage dues payable by foreign ships

      4. 629.Settlement of difference as to draught of ship

    16. Pilot Fund (Trinity House)

      1. 630.Payments to be made to the pilot fund

      2. 631.Application of fund

      3. 632.Appointment of sub-commissioners by Trinity Houses of Hull and Newcastle

    17. Saving for Liability of Owners and Masters

      1. 633.Limitation of liability of owner or masters where pilotage is compulsory

  12. Part XI Lighthouses

    1. General Management

      1. 634.Management of lighthouses, buoys, and beacons

      2. 635.Returns and information to Board of Trade

      3. 636.Power of Board of Trade to inspect on complaint made

      4. 637.Inspection by Trinity House

    2. Construction of Lighthouses, &c

      1. 638.General powers of lighthouse authorities

      2. 639.Powers as to land

      3. 640.Restrictions on exercise of lighthouse powers by Commissioners

      4. 641.Power of Trinity House to direct lighthouse works to be done

      5. 642.Additions to lighthouses

    3. Light Dues

      1. 643.Continuance of light dues

      2. 644.Dues for new lighthouses

      3. 645.Revision of light dues by Order in Council

      4. 646.Regulation of light dues by lighthouse authorities

      5. 647.Publication of light dues and regulations

      6. 648.Application and collection of light dues

      7. 649.Recovery of light dues

      8. 650.Distress on ship for light dues

      9. 651.Receipt for light dues

    4. Local Lighthouses

      1. 652.Inspection of local lighthouses

      2. 653.Control of local lighthouse authorities by general lighthouse authorities

      3. 654.Surrender of local lighthouses

      4. 655.Light dues for local lights

      5. 656.Application of local light dues

      6. 657.Reduction of local light dues

    5. Expenses of General Lighthouse Authorities

      1. 658.Payment of lighthouse expenses out of Mercantile Marine Fund

      2. 659.Establishments of general lighthouse authorities

      3. 660.Estimates or accounts of expenses sent to Board of Trade

      4. 661.Advances by Treasury for lighthouse expenses

      5. 662.Mortgage of Mercantile Marine Fund for lighthouse expenditure

      6. 663.Advances by Public Works Loan Commissioners

      7. 664.Accounts of general lighthouse authorities

      8. 665.Power to grant pensions

    6. Offences in connexion with Lighthouses, &c

      1. 666.Injury to lighthouses, &c

      2. 667.Prevention of false lights

    7. Commissioners of Northern Lighthouses

      1. 668.Incorporation of Commissioners of Northern Lights

    8. Provision as to Channel Islands

      1. 669.Restriction on exercise of powers in Channel Islands

    9. Lighthouses, &c. in Colonies

      1. 670.Dues for colonial lighthouses, &c

      2. 671.Collection and recovery of colonial light dues

      3. 672.Payment of colonial light dues to Paymaster-General

      4. 673.Application of colonial light dues

      5. 674.Advances for construction and repair of colonial lighthouses, &c

      6. 675.Accounts of colonial light dues

  13. Part XII Mercantile Marine Fund

    1. 676.Sums payable to the Mercantile Marine Fund

    2. 677.Application of Mercantile Marine Fund

    3. 678.Subsidy from Parliament to Mercantile Marine Fund

    4. 679.Accounts and audit

  14. Part XIII Legal Proceedings

    1. Prosecution of Offences

      1. 680.Prosecution of offences

      2. 681.Application of Summary Jurisdiction Acts in certain cases

      3. 682.Appeal on summary conviction

      4. 683.Limitation of time for summary proceedings

    2. Jurisdiction

      1. 684.Provision as to jurisdiction in case of offences

      2. 685.Jurisdiction over ships lying off the coasts

      3. 686.Jurisdiction in case of offences on board ship

      4. 687.Offences committed by British seamen at foreign ports to be within Admiralty jurisdiction

    3. Damage occasioned by Foreign Ship

      1. 688.Power to arrest foreign ship that has occasioned damage

    4. Provisions in case of Offences Abroad

      1. 689.Conveyance of offenders and witnesses to United Kingdom or British possession

      2. 690.Inquiry into cause of death on board ship

      3. 691.Depositions to be received in evidence when witness cannot be produced

    5. Detention of Ship and Distress on Ship

      1. 692.Enforcing detention of ship

      2. 693.Sums ordered to be paid leviable by distress on ship

    6. Evidence, Service of Documents, owl Declarations

      1. 694.Proof of attestation not required

      2. 695.Admissibility of documents in evidence

      3. 696.Service of documents

      4. 697.Proof, &c. of exemption

      5. 698.Declarations

    7. Application of Penalties and Costs of Prosecutions

      1. 699.Application of penalties

      2. 700.Expenses of prosecution of misdemeanor

      3. 701.Payment of costs of prosecution of offences committed in Admiralty jurisdiction

    8. Procedure in Scotland

      1. 702.Offences punishable as misdemeanors

      2. 703.Summary proceedings

      3. 704.Form of complaint

      4. 705.Warrants on summary proceedings

      5. 706.Backing arrestments

      6. 707.Form of decree for payment of money

      7. 708.Sentence and penalties in default of defender's appearance

      8. 709.Orders not to be quashed for want of form and to be final

      9. 710.General rules, so far as applicable, to extend to penalties and proceedings in Scotland

    9. Prosecution of Offences in Colonies

      1. 711.Prosecution of offences in British possession

    10. Application of Part XIII

      1. 712.Application of Part XIII

  15. Part XIV Supplemental

    1. General Control of Board of Trade

      1. 713.Superintendence of merchant shipping by Board of Trade

      2. 714.Returns as to merchant shipping to Board of Trade

      3. 715.Production of log-books, &c. by superintendents

      4. 716.Application of fees, fines, &c

      5. 717.Legal proceedings

    2. Expenses of Commissioners of Customs

      1. 718.Expenses incurred by Commissioners of Customs

    3. Documents and Forms

      1. 719.Proof of documents

      2. 720.Power of Board of Trade to prescribe forms

      3. 721.Exemption from stamp duty

      4. 722.Offences as to use of forms

    4. Powers for enforcing Compliance with Act

      1. 723.Powers for seeing that Act is complied with

    5. Surveyors of Ships

      1. 724.Appointment of surveyors

      2. 725.Power of surveyor for purpose of survey of ships

      3. 726.Returns by surveyors to Board of Trade

      4. 727.Appointment of surveyors in colonies

    6. Board of Trade Inspectors

      1. 728.Appointment of inspectors to report on accidents, &c

      2. 729.Powers of inspectors

      3. 730.Penalty for obstructing inspectors in the execution of their duty

    7. Exemption from Rates and Harbour Dues

      1. 731.Exemption from rates

      2. 732.Exemption from harbour dues

    8. Private Signals

      1. 733.Registration of private code of signals

    9. Application of Act to Foreign Ships by Order in Council

      1. 734.Application by Order in Council of provisions of Merchant Shipping Acts to foreign ships

    10. Powers of Colonial Legislature

      1. 735.Power of colonial legislatures to alter provisions of Act

      2. 736.Regulation of coasting trade by colonial legislature

    11. Provision for Foreign Places where Her Majesty has Jurisdiction

      1. 737.Provision for foreign places where her Majesty has jurisdiction

    12. Orders in Council

      1. 738.Provision as to Orders in Council

    13. Transmission and Publication of Documents

      1. 739.Notices, &c. to be in writing and provision as to sending by post

      2. 740.Publication in London Gazette

    14. Exemption of Her Majesty's Ships

      1. 741.Exemption of Her Majesty's ships

    15. Definitions and Provisions as to Application of Act

      1. 742.Definitions

      2. 743.Application of Act to ships propelled by electricity, &c

      3. 744.Application of Act to certain fishing vessels

    16. Repeal and Savings

      1. 745.Repeal

      2. 746.Savings

    17. Short Title and Commencement

      1. 747.Short title

      2. 748.Commencement


      1. Part I [The Forms in this Part of the Schedule owe subject to alteration from time to time by the Commissioners of Customs, with the consent of the Board of Trade.]

      2. Part II

        1. Documents of which the forms are to be prescribed by the Commissioners of Customs and sanctioned by the Board of Trade


      1. Measurement of Tonnage

        Rule I

        1. 2.Then the hold being first sufficiently cleared to admit of...

        2. 3.Having thus ascertained the transverse area at each point of...

        3. 4.If the ship had a third deck, commonly called a...

        4. 5.If there be a break, a poop, or any other...

      2. Rule II

        1. 1.Measure the length on the uppermost deck' from the outside...

        2. 2.If there be a break, a poop, or other closed-in...

      3. Rule III

        1. i.Measure the mean depth of the space from its crown...

      4. Rule IV


      Table of Maximum Fees to be paid for the Measurement of Merchant Ships


      Table of Maximum Fees to be paid by Applicants for Examination


      Regulations to be observed with respect to Anti-Scorbutics

      1. Furnishing of Anti-Scorbutics

        1. 1.The anti-scorbutics to be furnished shall be lime or lemon...

        2. 2., No lime or lemon juice shall be deemed fit...

        3. 3.Lime or lemon juice shall not be so obtained or...

        4. 4.If the lime or lemon juice is deposited in a...

        5. 5.The lime or lemon juice with which a ship is...

      2. Serving out of Anti-Scorbutics

        1. 6.The lime or lemon juice shall be served outwith sugar...

        2. 7.The anti-scorbutics shall be served out to the crew so...

        3. 8.The lime or lemon juice and sugar shall be served...

        4. 9.The other anti-scorbutics, if any, provided in pursuance of an...


      Regulations to be observed with respect to Accommodation on board Ships

      1. 1.Every place in a ship occupied by seamen or apprentices,...

      2. 2.A place so occupied and appropriated as aforesaid shall not...

      3. 3.Every place so occupied and appropriated as aforesaid shall, whenever...

      4. 4.No deduction from tonnage as aforesaid shall be authorised unless...

      5. 5.Upon any complaint concerning any place so occupied and appropriated...

      6. Maximum Fees for Inspection

        1. 6.The fee far each visit to the ship shall not...

        2. 7.The aggregate amount of the fees for any such inspection...

        3. 8.When the accommodation is inspected at the same time with...


      Constitution of Local Marine Boards

      1. Elections

        1. 1.A local marine board shall consist of the following members;...

        2. 2.The election shall be held on the twenty-fifth day of...

        3. 3.Upon the conclusion of that month and the constitution of...

        4. 4.A casual vacancy happening in the intervals between the general...

        5. 5.The mayor or provost shall fix the place and mode...

        6. 6.The Board of Trade may decide any question raised concerning...

      2. Registry and Votes of Electors

        1. 7.Owners of foreign-going ships and of home trade passenger ships...

        2. 8.The qualification of electors shall be ascertained as follows :—...

        3. 9.The chief officer of customs in the port shall, with...

        4. 10.The mayor or provost of the port, or such of...

        5. 11.The revisors shall, between the eighth and fifteenth days of...

        6. 12.The revisors shall give three clear days notice of the...

        7. 13.The revisors shall make the revision by inserting in the...

        8. 14.The decision of the revisors with respect to every such...

        9. 15.The revisors shall, immediately after the revision, sign their names...

        10. 16.The list so revised shall be the register of voters...

        11. 17.The revised list, when so signed, shall be delivered to...

        12. 18.The chief officer shall, if required, for the assistance of...

        13. 19.The revisors shall certify the expanses properly incurred by the...

        14. 20.Every person whose name appears on the revised list and...

      3. Qualification of Members

        1. 21.Every male person who is, according to the revised list,...

      4. Application to Corporations

        1. 22.A corporation owning a ship shall be entitled to he...


      1. Particulars to be registered by Master of a Ship concerning a Birth at Sea

      2. Particulars to be registered by Master of a Ship concerning a Death at Sea


      1. Part I

        1. Maximum Fees to be paid for Passenger Steamer's Certificate

      2. Part II

        1. Maximum Fees for Survey of Emigrant Ships


      1. Regulations as to number of Persons carried on Emigrant Ships

        1. 1.An emigrant ship shall not carry under the poop or...

        2. 2.An emigrant ship shall not carry on the lower passenger...

        3. 3., Provided, that if the height between the lower passenger...

        4. 4.An emigrant ship, whatever be her superficial space of decks,...

        5. 5.In the measurement of the passenger decks, poop, round house...


      Regulations as to the Accommodation fob Steerage Passengers

      1. Construction of Passenger Decks

        1. 1.The beams supporting the passenger decks shall form part of...

        2. 2.The passenger decks shall be at least, one inch and...

        3. 3.The height between that part of any deck on which...

      2. Berths

        1. 4.There shall not be more than two tiers of berths...

        2. 5.The berths shall be securely constructed and of dimensions not...

        3. 6.No part of any berth shall be placed within nine...

        4. 7.All male steerage passengers of the age of fourteen years...

        5. 8.Not more than one steerage passenger, except in the case...

        6. 9.Berths occupied by steerage passengers during the voyage shall not...

      3. Hospitals

        1. 10.Sufficient space shall be set apart in every emigrant ship...

        2. 11.The space set apart for a hospital shall be under...

        3. 12.The space so set apart shall contain not less than...

      4. Privies

        1. 13.Every emigrant ship shall be provided to the satisfaction of...

        2. 14.All such privies and waterclosets shall be firmly constructed and...

        3. 15.The master of the ship shall alone be liable to...

      5. Light and Ventilation

        1. 16.Every emigrant ship shall be supplied with such provision for...

        2. 17.The steerage passengers shall have the free and unimpeded use...


      Water and Provisions

      1. Water

      2. Provisions

      3. Substitutions

      4. Regulations as to Lime Juice

      5. Regulations as to Messes and Issue of Provisions

        1. 1.Steerage passengers may be divided into messes, but a mess...

        2. 2.Members of the same family, whereof one at least is...

        3. 3.Water and provisions according to the above scales shall be...

        4. 4.The first of the issues shall be made before two...

        5. 5.Such provisions as require to be cooked shall be issued...


      1. Conditions for Carriage of Horses and Cattle in Emigrant Ships

        1. 1.The animals shall not be carried below any deck on...

        2. 2.Clear space on the spar or weather deck shall be...

        3. 3.No greater number of steerage passengers shall be carried than...

        4. 4.In emigrant ships of less than five hundred tons registered...

        5. 5.Proper arrangements shall be made, to the satisfaction of the...

        6. 6.Not more than six dogs, and no pigs or male...


      Forms under Part III (Passenger and Emigrant Ships)


      Number and Dimensions of Boats for Fishing Boats entered in the Fishing Boat Register


      1. Maximum Fees for Inspection of Lights and Fog Signals


      Life Saving Appliances

      1. Constitution of the Committee

        1. 1.Three shipowners selected by the Council of the Chamber of...

        2. 2.One shipowner selected by the Shipowners Associations of Glasgow and...

        3. 3.Two shipbuilders selected by the Council of the Institution of...

        4. 4.Three persons practically acquainted with the navigation of vessels selected...

        5. 5.Three persons being or having been able-bodied seamen selected by...

        6. 6.Two persons selected conjointly by the Committee of Lloyd's, the...


      1. Precautions as to Grain Cargo

        1. 1.There shall not be carried between the decks, or, if...

        2. 2.Where grain (except such as maybe carried in properly constructed...

        3. 3.Where grain is carried in the hold or between the...

        4. 4.In loading the grain shall be properly stowed, trimmed, and...


      1. Part I Statements in the Case of Salvage by Her Majesty's Ships

        1. 1.Particulars to be stated both by the salvor and by...

        2. 2.Additional particulars to be stated by the salvor:—

        3. 3.Additional particulars to be stated by the said master or...

      2. Part II Salvage Bond


      Maximum Fees and Remuneration of Receivers


      Maximum Rates of Pilotage to be Demanded and Received by qualified Pilots for piloting Ships within the under-mentioned Limits



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