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Social Security Administration Act 1992

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  1. Introductory Text

  2. Part I Claims for and Payments and General Administration of Benefit

    1. Necessity of Claim

      1. 1.Entitlement to benefit dependent on claim

      2. 2.Retrospective effect of provisions making entitlement to benefit dependent on claim

    2. Widowhood benefits

      1. 3.Late claims for widowhood benefit where death is difficult to establish

      2. 4.Treatment of payments of benefit to certain widows

    3. Claims and payments regulations

      1. 5.Regulations about claims for and payments of benefit

    4. Community charge benefits etc.

      1. 6.Regulations about community charge benefits administration

      2. 7.Relationship between community charge benefits and other benefits

    5. Industrial injuries benefit

      1. 8.Notification of accidents, etc

      2. 9.Medical examination and treatment of claimants

      3. 10.Obligations of claimants

    6. Disability working allowance

      1. 11.Initial claims and repeat claims

    7. The social fund

      1. 12.Necessity of application for certain payments

    8. Child benefit

      1. 13.Necessity of application for child benefit

    9. Statutory sick pay

      1. 14.Duties of employees etc. in relation to statutory sick pay

    10. Statutory maternity pay

      1. 15.Duties of women etc. in relation to statutory maternity pay

    11. Emergency payments

      1. 16.Emergency payments by local authorities and other bodies

  3. Part II Adjudication

    1. Adjudication by the Secretary of State

      1. 17.Questions for the Secretary of State

      2. 18.Appeal on question of law

      3. 19.Review of decisions

    2. Adjudication by adjudication officers

      1. 20.Claims and questions to be submitted to adjudication officer

      2. 21.Decision of adjudication officer

    3. Appeals from adjudication officers - general

      1. 22.Appeal to social security appeal tribunal

      2. 23.Appeal from social security appeal tribunal to Commissioner

      3. 24.Appeal from Commissioners on point of law

    4. Reviews - general

      1. 25.Review of decisions

      2. 26.Procedure for reviews

      3. 27.Reviews under s. 25 - supplementary

      4. 28.Appeals following reviews or refusals to review

      5. 29.Review after claimant appeals

    5. Attendance allowance, disability living allowance and disability working allowance

      1. 30.Reviews of decisions of adjudication officers

      2. 31.Further reviews

      3. 32.Reviews of decisions as to attendance allowance, disability living allowance or disability working allowance - supplementary

      4. 33.Appeals following reviews

      5. 34.Appeal from social security appeal tribunals or disability appeal tribunals to Commissioners and appeals from Commissioners

      6. 35.Reviews of decisions on appeal

    6. Questions first arising on appeal

      1. 36.Questions first arising on appeal

    7. Reference of special questions

      1. 37.Reference of special questions

    8. Adjudication officers and the Chief Adjudication Officer

      1. 38.Adjudication officers

      2. 39.The Chief Adjudication Officer

    9. Social security appeal tribunals

      1. 40.Panels for appointment to social security appeal tribunals

      2. 41.Constitution of social security appeal tribunals

    10. Disability appeal tribunals

      1. 42.Panels for appointment to disability appeal tribunals

      2. 43.Constitution of disability appeal tribunals

    11. Adjudication in relation to industrial injuries and disablement benefit

      1. 44.Declaration that accident is an industrial accident

      2. 45.Disablement questions

      3. 46.Medical appeals and references

      4. 47.Review of medical decisions

      5. 48.Appeal etc. on question of law to Commissioner

    12. Adjudicating medical practitioners and medical appeal tribunals

      1. 49.Adjudicating medical practitioners

      2. 50.Constitution of medical appeal tribunals

    13. The President and full-time chairmen of tribunals

      1. 51.The President of social security appeal tribunals, medical appeal tribunals and disability appeal tribunals and regional chairmen and other full-time chairmen

    14. Social Security Commissioners

      1. 52.Appointment of Commissioners

    15. References by authorities

      1. 53.Power of adjudicating authorities to refer matters to experts

      2. 54.Claims relating to attendance allowance, disability living allowance and disability working allowance

      3. 55.Medical examination etc. in relation to appeals to disability appeal tribunals

    16. Determination of questions of special difficulty

      1. 56.Assessors

      2. 57.Tribunal of three Commissioners

    17. Regulations

      1. 58.Regulations as to determination of questions and matters arising out of, or pending, reviews and appeals

      2. 59.Procedure

      3. 60.Finality of decisions

      4. 61.Regulations about supplementary matters relating to determinations

    18. Industrial diseases

      1. 62.Adjudication as to industrial diseases

    19. Housing benefit and community charge benefits

      1. 63.Adjudication

    20. Social fund officers and inspectors and the social fund Commissioner

      1. 64.Social fund officers

      2. 65.The social fund Commissioner and inspectors

      3. 66.Reviews

    21. Christmas bonus

      1. 67.Determination of questions

    22. Restrictions on entitlement to benefit following erroneous decision

      1. 68.Restrictions on entitlement to benefit in certain cases of error

      2. 69.Determination of questions on review following erroneous decisions

    23. Correction of errors

      1. 70.Regulations as to correction of errors and setting aside of decisions

  4. Part III Overpayments and adjustments of Benefit

    1. Misrepresentation etc.

      1. 71.Overpayments - general

      2. 72.Special provision as to recovery of income support

    2. Adjustments of benefits

      1. 73.Overlapping benefits - general

      2. 74.Income support and other payments

    3. Housing benefit

      1. 75.Overpayments of housing benefit

    4. Community charge benefits

      1. 76.Excess benefits

      2. 77.Shortfall in benefits

    5. Social fund awards

      1. 78.Recovery of social fund awards

    6. Northern Ireland payments

      1. 79.Recovery of Northern Ireland payments

    7. Adjustment of child benefit

      1. 80.Child benefit - overlap with benefits under legislation of other member States

  5. Part IV Recovery from compensation payments

    1. 81.Interpretation of Part IV

    2. Recovery from damages etc. of sums equivalent to benefit

      1. 82.Recovery of sums equivalent to benefit from compensation payments in respect of accidents, injuries and diseases

    3. Payments, deductions and certificates

      1. 83.Time for making payment to Secretary of State

      2. 84.The certificate of total benefit

      3. 85.Exemption from deduction in cases involving small payments

      4. 86.Multiple compensation payments

      5. 87.Collaboration between compensators

      6. 88.Structured settlements

      7. 89.Insolvency

      8. 90.Protection of legal aid charges

      9. 91.Overpaid benefits

      10. 92.Death

      11. 93.Payments into court

    4. Administration and adjudication

      1. 94.Provision of information

      2. 95.Applications for certificates of total benefit

      3. 96.Liability of compensator unenforceable if certificate not issued within time limit

      4. 97.Review of certificates of total benefit

      5. 98.Appeals

      6. 99.Recovery in consequence of an appeal

      7. 100.Recovery of relevant payment in cases of default

    5. Miscellaneous

      1. 101.Persons in Northern Ireland

      2. 102.Foreign compensators: duties of intended recipient

      3. 103.Interest on damages: reductions in respect of relevant payments

      4. 104.The Crown

  6. Part V Income Support and the Duty to Maintain

    1. 105.Failure to maintain - general

    2. 106.Recovery of expenditure on benefit from person liable for maintenance

    3. 107.Recovery of expenditure on income support: additional amounts and transfer of orders

    4. 108.Reduction of expenditure on income support: certain maintenance orders to be enforceable by the Secretary of State

    5. 109.Diversion of arrested earnings to Secretary of State - Scotland

  7. Part VI Enforcement

    1. Inspection and offences

      1. 110.Appointment and powers of inspectors

      2. 111.Delay, obstruction etc. of inspector

      3. 112.False representations for obtaining benefit etc

      4. 113.Breach of regulations

      5. 114.Offences relating to contributions

      6. 115.Offences by bodies corporate

    2. Legal proceedings

      1. 116.Legal proceedings

      2. 117.Questions arising in proceedings

    3. Unpaid contributions etc.

      1. 118.Evidence of non-payment

      2. 119.Recovery of unpaid contributions on prosecution

      3. 120.Proof of previous offences

      4. 121.Unpaid contributions - supplementary

  8. Part VII Provision of Information

    1. Inland Revenue

      1. 122.Disclosure of information by Inland Revenue

    2. Persons employed or formerly employed in social security administration or adjudication

      1. 123.Unauthorised disclosure of information relating to particular persons

    3. The Registration Service

      1. 124.Provisions relating to age, death and marriage

      2. 125.Regulations as to notification of deaths

    4. Personal representatives - income support and supplementary benefit

      1. 126.Personal representatives to give information about the estate of a deceased person who was in receipt of income support or supplementary benefit

    5. Housing benefit

      1. 127.Information for purposes of housing benefit

    6. Community charge benefits

      1. 128.Information for purposes of community charge benefits

    7. Statutory sick pay and other benefits

      1. 129.Disclosure by Secretary of State for purpose of determination of period of entitlement to statutory sick pay

      2. 130.Duties of employers - statutory sick pay and claims for other benefits

    8. Statutory maternity pay and other benefits

      1. 131.Disclosure by Secretary of State for purpose of determination of period of entitlement to statutory maternity pay

      2. 132.Duties of employers - statutory maternity pay and claims for other benefits

    9. Maintenance proceedings

      1. 133.Furnishing of addresses for maintenance proceedings, etc

  9. Part VIII Arrangements for Housing Benefit and Community Charge Benefits and Related Subsidies

    1. Housing benefit

      1. 134.Arrangements for housing benefit

      2. 135.Housing benefit finance

      3. 136.Rent allowance subsidy and determinations of rent officers

      4. 137.Claims etc

    2. Community charge benefits

      1. 138.Nature of benefits

      2. 139.Arrangements for community charge benefits

      3. 140.Community charge benefit finance

  10. Part IX Alteration of Contributions Etc.

    1. 141.Annual review of contributions

    2. 142.Orders under s. 141 - supplementary

    3. 143.Power to alter contributions with a view to adjusting level of National Insurance Fund

    4. 144.Orders under s. 143 - supplementary

    5. 145.Power to alter primary and secondary contributions

    6. 146.Power to alter number of secondary earnings brackets

    7. 147.Orders under ss. 145 and 146 - supplementary

    8. 148.Revaluation of earnings factors

    9. 149.Statutory sick pay - power to alter limit for small employers' relief

  11. Part X Review and Alteration of Benefits

    1. 150.Annual up-rating of benefits

    2. 151.Up-rating - supplementary

    3. 152.Rectification of mistakes in orders under section 150

    4. 153.Annual review of child benefit

    5. 154.Social security benefits in respect of children

  12. Part XI Computation Of Benefits

    1. 155.Effect of alteration of rates of benefit under Parts II to V of Contributions and Benefits Act

    2. 156.Computation of Category A retirement pension with increase under s.52(3) of Contributions and Benefits Act

    3. 157.Effect of alteration of rates of child benefit

    4. 158.Treatment of excess benefit as paid on account of child benefit

    5. 159.Effect of alteration in the component rates of income support

    6. 160.Implementation of increases in income support due to attainment of particular ages

  13. Part XII Finance

    1. 161.National Insurance Fund

    2. 162.Destination of contributions

    3. 163.General financial arrangements

    4. 164.Destination of repayments etc

    5. 165.Adjustments between National Insurance Fund and Consolidated Fund

    6. 166.Financial review and report

    7. 167.The social fund

    8. 168.Allocations from social fund

    9. 169.Adjustments between social fund and other sources of finance

  14. Part XIII Advisory Bodies And Consultation

    1. The Social Security Advisory Committee and the Industrial Injuries Advisory Council

      1. 170.The Social Security Advisory Committee

      2. 171.The Industrial Injuries Advisory Council

      3. 172.Functions of Committee and Council in relation to regulations

      4. 173.Cases in which consultation is not required

      5. 174.Committee’s report on regulations and Secretary of State’s duties

    2. The Disability Living Allowance Advisory Board

      1. 175.Disability Living Allowance Advisory Board

    3. Housing benefit and community charge benefits.

      1. 176.Consultation with representative organisations

  15. Part XIV Social Security Systems Outside Great Britain

    1. Co-ordination

      1. 177.Co-ordination with Northern Ireland

    2. Reciprocity

      1. 178.Reciprocal arrangements with Northern Ireland - income-related benefits and child benefit

      2. 179.Reciprocal agreements with countries outside the United Kingdom

  16. Part XV Miscellaneous

    1. Travelling expenses

      1. 180.Payment of travelling expenses by Secretary of State

    2. Offences

      1. 181.Impersonation of officers

      2. 182.Illegal possession of documents.

    3. Industrial injuries and diseases

      1. 183.Research on industrial injuries, etc

      2. 184.Control of pneumoconiosis

    4. Workmen’s compensation etc.

      1. 185.Administration of workmen’s compensation etc

    5. Supplementary benefit etc.

      1. 186.Application of provisions of Act to supplementary benefit etc

    6. Miscellaneous

      1. 187.Certain benefit to be inalienable

      2. 188.Exemption from stamp duty

  17. Part XVI General

    1. Subordinate legislation

      1. 189.Regulations and orders - general

      2. 190.Parliamentary control of orders and regulations

    2. Supplementary

      1. 191.Interpretation - general

      2. 192.Short title, commencement and extent

    1. Schedule 1

      Claims for benefit made or treated as made before 1st October 1990.

    2. Schedule 2

      Commissioners, tribunals etc - supplementary provisions.

    3. Schedule 3

      Regulations as to procedure.

    4. Schedule 4

      Persons employed in social security administration or adjudication.

      1. Part I The specified persons.

      2. Part II Construction of references to government departments etc.

    5. Schedule 5

      Social Security Advisory Committee.

    6. Schedule 6

      Industrial Injuries Advisory Council.

    7. Schedule 7

      Regulations not requiring prior submission.

      1. Part I Social Security Advisory Committee.

      2. Part II Industrial Injuries Advisory Council.

    8. Schedule 8

      Constitution etc. of Joint Authority for Great Britain and Northern Ireland.

    9. Schedule 9

      Old Cases payments administration.

    10. Schedule 10

      Supplementary benefit etc..

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