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Environmental Protection Act 1990

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Original Print PDF

This is the original PDF of the as enacted version that was used to publish the official printed copy. It therefore does not include any changes made by correction slips issued after it was published. Correction slips if issued will be listed separately under 'Associated Documents' and will have been applied to the HTML version viewable via the content tab.

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Impact Assessments

There are no associated impact assessment for this legislation.

List of all changes (made to the revised version after 2002):

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Confers power

Section 2Section 3Section 4Section 6
Section 7Section 10Section 11Section 15
Section 20Section 22Section 29Section 30
Section 33Section 33ASection 34Section 34A
Section 34CSection 35Section 36Section 36A
Section 37Section 37ASection 39Section 40
Section 43Section 45Section 47ZASection 47ZB
Section 52Section 52ASection 54Section 57
Section 58Section 62Section 62ASection 63
Section 64Section 66Section 74Section 75
Section 76Section 78Section 78CSection 78E
Section 78GSection 78HSection 78LSection 78M
Section 78RSection 78TSection 78XSection 78Y
Section 78YCSection 79Section 80ZASection 82
Section 84Section 86Section 88Section 89
Section 90Section 94Section 96Section 97
Section 97ASection 106Section 107Section 108
Section 111Section 113Section 115Section 122
Section 123Section 128Section 130Section 131
Section 140Section 141Section 142Section 147
Section 149Section 150Section 151Section 152
Section 153Section 156Section 161Section 162
Section 164Schedule 1 paragraph 1Schedule 1 paragraph 2Schedule 1 paragraph 3
Schedule 1 paragraph 5Schedule 1 paragraph 6Schedule 1 paragraph 7Schedule 1 paragraph 8
Schedule 2 paragraph 17Schedule 2AA paragraph 2Schedule 2AA paragraph 5Schedule 2AA paragraph 6
Schedule 2AA paragraph 11Schedule 2AA paragraph 15Schedule 3 paragraph 1Schedule 3 paragraph 1A
Schedule 3 paragraph 4Schedule 5 paragraph 10Schedule 5 paragraph 11Schedule 8 paragraph 1
Schedule 8 paragraph 2Schedule 8 paragraph 4Schedule 8 paragraph 5Schedule 8 paragraph 6
Schedule 8 paragraph 7Schedule 9 paragraph 8Schedule 9 paragraph 10Schedule 9 paragraph 11
Schedule 10 paragraph 2Schedule 10 paragraph 7Schedule 11 paragraph 4Schedule 11 paragraph 10
Schedule 11 paragraph 14Schedule 12 paragraph 3Schedule 13 paragraph 4Schedule 13 paragraph 9
ScotlandSchedule 15 paragraph 3Schedule 15 paragraph 17Schedule 15 paragraph 26

Apply blanket amendments

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Sections that

These lists are based on information contained in latest available (revised) version as recorded by the editorial team. For legislation enacted before the basedate (1/1/2006 for Northern Ireland legislation and 1/2/1991 for all other revised legislation) this information may not be available.