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Adelphi Estate Act 19911991 c. viUK Local Acts
Birmingham City Council Act 1991 (c. xvii)1991 c. xviiUK Local Acts
Brighton Marine Palace and Pier 1991 (c. xv)1991 c. xvUK Local Acts
City of Edinburgh District Council Order Confirmation Act 19911991 c. xixUK Local Acts
Commercial and Private Bank Act 1991 (c. xxii)1991 c. xxiiUK Local Acts
Greater Manchester (Light Rapid Transit System) Act 1991 (c. xvi)1991 c. xviUK Local Acts
Heathrow Express Railway (No. 2) Act 1991 (c. ix)1991 c. ixUK Local Acts
Heathrow Express Railway Act 1991 (c. vii)1991 c. viiUK Local Acts
Highland Regional Council (Harbours) Order Confirmation Act 1991 (c. xii)1991 c. xiiUK Local Acts
Killingholme Generating Stations (Ancillary Powers) Act 19911991 c. viiiUK Local Acts
Llanelli Borough Council (Dafen Estuary) Act 19911991 c. xiUK Local Acts
London Docklands Railway Act 1991 (c. xxiii)1991 c. xxiiiUK Local Acts
London Local Authorities Act 1991 (c. xiii)1991 c. xiiiUK Local Acts
London Underground (Safety Measures) Act 19911991 c. xviiiUK Local Acts
London Underground (Victoria) Act 19911991 c. xUK Local Acts
Midland Metro (Penalty Fares) Act 19911991 c. iiUK Local Acts
North Yorkshire County Council Act 19911991 c. xivUK Local Acts
Shard Bridge Act 1991 (c. v)1991 c. vUK Local Acts
Smith Kline & French Laboratories, Australia, and Menley & James, Australia, Act 19911991 c. iUK Local Acts
Standard Life Assurance Company Act 1991 (c.iii)1991 c. iiiUK Local Acts

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