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The Children (Northern Ireland) Order 1995

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Changes to legislation:

There are outstanding changes not yet made by the editorial team to The Children (Northern Ireland) Order 1995. Those changes will be listed when you open the content using the Table of Contents below. Any changes that have already been made by the team appear in the content and are referenced with annotations. Help about Changes to Legislation


Changes to Legislation

Revised legislation carried on this site may not be fully up to date. Changes and effects are recorded by our editorial team in lists which can be found in the ‘Changes to Legislation’ area. Where those effects have yet to be applied to the text of the legislation by the editorial team they are also listed alongside the affected provisions when you open the content using the Table of Contents below.

  1. Introductory Text


    1. 1.Title and commencement

    2. 2.Interpretation


    1. Child's welfare

      1. 3.Child's welfare to be paramount consideration

      2. 4.Reports on child's welfare

    2. Parental responsibility

      1. 5.Parental responsibility for children

      2. 6.Meaning of “parental responsibility”

      3. 7.Acquisition of parental responsibility


    1. General

      1. 8.Residence, contact and other orders with respect to children

      2. 9.Restrictions on making Article 8 orders

      3. 10.Power of court to make Article 8 orders

      4. 11.General principles and supplementary provisions

      5. 12.Residence orders and parental responsibility

      6. 12A.Residence and contact orders and domestic violence

      7. 13.Change of child's name or removal from jurisdiction

      8. 14.Enforcement of residence orders

    2. Financial relief

      1. 15.Orders for financial relief with respect to children

    3. Family assistance orders

      1. 16.Family assistance orders


    1. Children in need and their families

      1. 17.Interpretation

      2. 17A.Assessments and services for children who are carers

      3. 18.General duty of authority to provide social care for children in need, their families and others

      4. 18A.Assessments: carers of disabled children

      5. . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .

      6. 18C.Direct payments

      7. 18D.Information for carers

      8. 19.Day care for pre-school and other children

      9. 20.Review of provision for day care, child minding, etc.

      10. 21.Provision of accommodation for children: general

      11. 22.Powers of person with parental responsibility

      12. 23.Provision of accommodation for children in police protection

      13. 24.Recoupment of cost of providing services, etc.

    2. Children looked after by an authority

      1. 25.Interpretation

      2. 26.General duty of authority

      3. 27.Accommodation and maintenance for children

      4. 28.Regulations under Article 27

      5. 29.Promotion and maintenance of contact between child and family

      6. 30.Visits to or by children: expenses

      7. 31.Appointment of visitor for child who is not being visited

      8. 32.Power to guarantee apprenticeship deeds, etc.

      9. 33.Arrangements to assist children to live abroad

      10. 34.Death of children being looked after by an authority

      11. 34A.Preparation for ceasing to be looked after

      12. 34B.The responsible authority and relevant children

      13. 34C.Additional functions of the responsible authority in respect of relevant children

      14. 34D.Continuing functions in respect of former relevant children

      15. 34E.Personal advisers

      16. 34F.Pathway Plans

    3. Advice and assistance for certain children and young persons

      1. 35.Persons qualifying for advice and assistance

      2. 35A.Advice and assistance

      3. 35B.Employment, education and training

      4. 35C.Information

      5. 35D.Representations: Articles 34B to 35B

      6. Arts. 36, 37 rep. by 2002 c. 11 (NI)

    4. Contributions towards maintenance of children looked after by an authority

      1. 38.Interpretation

      2. 39.Liability to contribute

      3. 40.Agreed contributions

      4. 41.Contribution orders

      5. 42.Enforcement of contribution orders, etc.

      6. 43.Regulations

    5. Miscellaneous

      1. 44.Secure accommodation

      2. 45.Reviews and representations

      3. 46.Co-operation between authorities and other bodies

      4. 47.Consultation with the Education Authority

      5. 48.Miscellaneous


    1. Introductory

      1. 49.Interpretation

    2. General

      1. 50.Care orders and supervision orders

      2. 51.Timetable for proceedings

    3. Care orders

      1. 52.Effect of care order

      2. 53.Parental contact etc. with children in care

    4. Supervision orders

      1. 54.Supervision orders

    5. Education supervision orders

      1. 55.Education supervision orders

    6. Powers of court

      1. 56.Investigation into child's circumstances

      2. 57.Interim orders

      3. 57A.Power to include exclusion requirement in interim care order

      4. 58.Discharge and variation, etc., of care orders and supervision orders

      5. 59.Orders pending appeals in cases about care or supervision orders

    7. Guardians ad litem

      1. 60.Representation of child and of his interests in certain proceedings

      2. 61.Right of guardian ad litem to have access to records


    1. 62.Child assessment orders

    2. 63.Orders for emergency protection of children

    3. 63A.Power to include exclusion requirement in emergency protection order

    4. 64.Duration of emergency protection orders and other supplementary provisions

    5. 65.Removal and accommodation of children by police in cases of emergency

    6. 66.Authority's duty to investigate

    7. 67.Powers to assist in discovery of children who may be in need of emergency protection

    8. 68.Abduction of children in care, etc.

    9. 69.Recovery of abducted children, etc.

    10. 70.Refuges for children at risk

    11. 71.Rules of court and regulations


    1. 72.Provision of homes by an authority

    2. 73.Regulations


    1. Introductory

      1. 74.Interpretation

    2. Voluntary organisations

      1. 75.Provision of accommodation for children

      2. 76.Duties of voluntary organisations

      3. 77.Duties of an authority

    3. Voluntary homes

      1. 78.Persons disqualified from carrying on, or being employed in, voluntary homes

      2. 78A.Appeal against refusal of consent under Article 78

      3. Arts. 79‐88 rep. by 2003 NI 9

    4. Regulations

      1. 89.Regulations


    1. Introductory

      1. 90.Interpretation

      2. 91.“Children's home” further defined

    2. General

      1. 92.Duties of person carrying on private children's home

      2. 93.Duties of an authority

      3. 94.Persons disqualified from carrying on, or being employed in, private children's homes

      4. 94A.Appeal against refusal of consent under Article 94

    3. Registration

      1. Arts. 95‐104 rep. by 2003 NI 9

    4. Regulations

      1. 105.Regulations


    1. 106.Interpretation

    2. 107.Privately fostered children further defined

    3. 108.Welfare of privately fostered children

    4. 109.Persons disqualified from being private foster parents

    5. 110.Power to prohibit private fostering

    6. 111.Power to impose requirements

    7. 112.Regulations requiring notification of fostering, etc.

    8. 113.Appeals

    9. 114.Application of this Part to certain school children during holidays

    10. 115.Advertisements relating to fostering

    11. 116.Avoidance of insurances on lives of privately fostered children

    12. 117.Offences


    1. 118.Registration

    2. 119.Persons who act as child minders

    3. 120.Persons who provide day care for children under the age of twelve

    4. 121.Exemptions

    5. 122.Disqualified persons

    6. 123.Application for registration

    7. 124.Refusal of registration

    8. 125.Requirements to be complied with by child minders

    9. 126.Requirements to be complied with by persons providing day care for young children

    10. 127.Certificate of registration

    11. 128.Cancellation of registration

    12. 129.Protection of children in an emergency

    13. 130.Inspection

    14. 131.Appeals

    15. 132.Offences


    1. Introductory

      1. 133.Interpretation

      2. 134.Exemptions and saving

    2. General

      1. 135.General restrictions on the employment of children

      2. 136.Regulations with respect to the employment of children

    3. Performances

      1. 137.Restrictions on taking part in public performances, etc.

      2. 138.Granting of licences

      3. 139.Variation and revocation of licences

      4. 140.Requirement to keep and produce records

    4. Dangerous performances

      1. 141.Performances endangering life or limb

      2. 142.Training for performances of a dangerous nature

      3. 143.Licensing of training children over twelve for performances of a dangerous nature

    5. Supplementary

      1. 144.Notice of refusal of licence, etc.

      2. 145.Appeal against refusal of licence, etc.

      3. 146.Powers of entry

      4. 147.Offences

      5. 148.Defences


    1. 149.Inspection of children's homes, etc., by Department

    2. 150.Powers of persons authorised by Department

    3. 151.Power to exempt children's homes, etc., from inspection

    4. Art. 152 rep. by 2005 c. 12

    5. 153.Child care training

    6. 154.Research and information


    1. 155.Parents not being married to , or civil partners of, each other to have no effect in law on relationships

    2. 156.Application of principle to certain existing statutory provisions

    3. 157.Property rights

    4. 158.Repeal of Illegitimate Children (Affiliation Orders) Act (Northern Ireland) 1924


    1. 159.Appointment by court

    2. 160.Appointment by parent or guardian

    3. 161.Revocation of appointment by parent or guardian

    4. 162.Disclaimer of appointment by parent or guardian

    5. 163.Termination by court


    1. 164.Jurisdiction

    2. 165.Rules of court

    3. 166.Appeals

    4. 167.Attendance of child and his parents, etc., at hearing under Part V or VI

    5. 168.Power to clear court while child is giving evidence in certain proceedings

    6. 169.Evidence given by, or with respect to, children

    7. 170.Privacy for children involved in certain proceedings

    8. 171.Self-incrimination

    9. 172.Legal aid, advice and assistance

    10. 173.Restrictions on use of wardship jurisdiction


    1. Children accommodated in certain establishments

      1. 174.Children accommodated in hospitals

      2. 175.Children accommodated in certain homes and in private hospitals

      3. 176.Children accommodated in schools

      4. 177.Children not accommodated in schools

    2. Search warrants

      1. 178.Police assistance in exercise of powers of search and inspection

    3. Effect and duration of orders, etc.

      1. 179.Effect and duration of orders, etc.

      2. 180.The Isle of Man and the Channel Islands

    4. Miscellaneous

      1. 181.Annual report

      2. 181A.Delegation of functions by Lord Chief Justice

      3. 182.Temporary exercise of functions of authorities by Department

      4. 183.Regulations and orders

      5. 184.Transitional provisions and savings

      6. Article 185— Amendments and Repeals


    1. SCHEDULE 1


      1. Interpretation

        1. 1.(1) In this Schedule “child” includes, in any case where...

      2. Orders for financial relief against parents

        1. 2.(1) On an application made by a parent or guardian...

      3. Orders for financial relief for persons over 18

        1. 3.(1) If, on an application by a person who has...

      4. Duration of orders for financial relief

        1. 4.(1) The term to be specified in an order for...

      5. Matters to which court is to have regard in making orders for financial relief

        1. 5.(1) In deciding whether to exercise its powers under paragraph...

      6. Provisions relating to lump sums

        1. 6.(1) Without prejudice to the generality of paragraph 2, an...

      7. Variation, etc., of orders for periodical payments

        1. 7.(1) In exercising its powers under paragraph 2 or 3...

      8. Variation of orders for periodical payments etc. made by court of summary jurisdiction

        1. 8.(1) Subject to sub-paragraphs (7) and (8), the power of...

      9. Variation of orders for secured periodical payments after death of parent

        1. 9.(1) Where the parent liable to make payments under a...

      10. Financial relief under other statutory provisions

        1. 10.(1) This paragraph applies where a residence order is made...

      11. Interim orders

        1. 11.(1) Where an application is made under paragraph 2 or...

      12. Alteration of maintenance agreements

        1. 12.(1) In this paragraph and in paragraph 13 “maintenance agreement”...

        2. 13.(1) Where a maintenance agreement provides for the continuation, after...

      13. Notice of change of address

        1. 14.(1) Any person for the time being under an obligation...

      14. Direction for settlement of instrument by conveyancing counsel

        1. 15.Where the High Court or a county court decides to...

      15. Jurisdiction ...

        1. 16.(1) The court has jurisdiction in relation to an application...

      16. Contribution by an authority to child's maintenance

        1. 17.(1) Where a child lives, or is to live, with...

    2. SCHEDULE 2


      1. Identification of children in need

        1. 1.Every authority shall take reasonable steps to identify the extent...

      2. Provision of information

        1. 2.(1) Every authority shall publish information— (a) about services provided...

      3. Children's services plans

        1. 2A.(1) Every Board shall, on or before 31st March 1999—...

      4. Maintenance of register of disabled children

        1. 3.(1) Every authority shall open and maintain a register of...

      5. Assessment of children's needs

        1. 4.Where it appears to an authority that a child within...

      6. Prevention of neglect and abuse

        1. 5.(1) Every authority shall take reasonable steps, through the provision...

      7. Provision of accommodation for another person to protect child

        1. 6.(1) Where— (a) it appears to an authority that a...

      8. Services for disabled children

        1. 7.Every authority shall provide services designed— (a) to minimise the...

      9. Steps to reduce need for care proceedings, etc.

        1. 8.Every authority shall take reasonable steps designed—

      10. Provision for children living with their families

        1. 9.Every authority shall make such provision as the authority considers...

      11. Family centres

        1. 10.(1) Every authority shall provide such family centres as the...

      12. Maintenance of the family home

        1. 11.Every authority shall take such steps as are reasonably practicable,...

      13. Duty to consider racial groups to which children in need belong

        1. 12.Every authority shall, in making any arrangements—

    3. SCHEDULE 3


      1. Meaning of “responsible person”

        1. 1.In this Schedule, “the responsible person”, in relation to a...

      2. Power of supervisor to give directions to supervised child

        1. 2.(1) A supervision order may require the supervised child to...

      3. Imposition of obligations on responsible person

        1. 3.(1) With the consent of any responsible person, a supervision...

      4. Psychiatric and medical examinations

        1. 4.(1) A supervision order may require the supervised child—

      5. Psychiatric and medical treatment

        1. 5.(1) Where a court which proposes to make or vary...

      6. Life of supervision order

        1. 6.(1) Subject to sub-paragraph (2) and Article 179 (effect and...

      7. Information to be given to supervisor, etc.

        1. 7.(1) A supervision order may require the supervised child—

      8. Selection of supervisor

        1. 8.A supervision order shall not designate an authority as the...

      9. Effect of supervision order on earlier orders

        1. 9.The making of a supervision order with respect to any...

      10. Regulations

        1. 10.The Department may make regulations with respect to the exercise...

    4. SCHEDULE 4


      1. Interpretation

        1. 1.In this Schedule— “1986 Order” means the Education and Libraries...

      2. Effect of orders

        1. 2.(1) Where an education supervision order is in force with...

        2. 3.(1) Where an education supervision order is in force with...

      3. Effect where child also subject to other orders

        1. 4.(1) This paragraph applies where— (a) an education supervision order;...

      4. Duration of orders

        1. 5.(1) An education supervision order shall have effect for a...

      5. Information to be given to supervisor, etc.

        1. 6.(1) An education supervision order may require the child—

      6. Discharge of orders

        1. 7.(1) The court may discharge any education supervision order on...

      7. Offences

        1. 8.(1) If a parent of a child with respect to...

      8. Persistent failure of child to comply with directions

        1. 9.(1) Where a child with respect to whom an education...

    5. SCHEDULE 5


      1. Interpretation

        1. 1.For the purposes of this Schedule, a person fosters a...

      2. The usual fostering limit

        1. 2.Subject to what follows, a person shall not foster more...

      3. Siblings

        1. 3.A person may exceed the usual fostering limit if the...

      4. Exemption by an authority

        1. 4.(1) A person may exceed the usual fostering limit if...

      5. Effects of exceeding fostering limit

        1. 5.(1) A person shall cease to be treated for the...

      6. Complaints, etc.

        1. 6.(1) Every authority shall establish a procedure for considering any...

    6. SCHEDULE 6


      1. Succession on intestacy

        1. 1.(1) In Part II of the Administration of Estates Act...

      2. Dispositions of property

        1. 2.(1) In the following dispositions, namely— (a) dispositions inter vivos...

      3. No special protection for trustees and personal representatives

        1. 3.Article 6 of the Family Law Reform (Northern Ireland) Order...

      4. Entitlement to grant of probate, etc.

        1. 4.(1) For the purpose of determining the person or persons...

    7. SCHEDULE 7


      1. Commencement of proceedings

        1. 1.(1) The Lord Chancellor may, after consultation with the Lord...

      2. Transfer of proceedings

        1. 2.(1) The Lord Chancellor may, after consultation with the Lord...

      3. Emergency protection orders

        1. 3.In such circumstances as the Lord Chancellor may, after consultation...

      4. General

        1. 4.(1) For the purposes of this Schedule—

    8. SCHEDULE 8


        1. Pending proceedings, etc.

          1. 1.(1) Subject to sub-paragraphs (2) and (5), nothing in any...

          2. 2.Where, immediately before the commencement of Part V, there was...


        1. Cessation of declarations of unfitness, etc.

          1. 3.Where, immediately before the commencement of Parts II and III,...

        2. Orders to which paragraphs 5 to 10 apply

          1. 4.(1) In paragraphs 5 to 10 “an existing order” means...

        3. Parental responsibility of parents

          1. 5.(1) Where— (a) a child's father and mother were married...

        4. Persons who are not parents but who have custody or care and control

          1. 6.(1) Where a person who is not the parent or...

        5. Persons who have care and control

          1. 7.(1) Sub-paragraphs (2) to (6) apply where a person has...

        6. Persons who have access

          1. 8.(1) Sub-paragraphs (2) to (4) apply where a person has...

        7. Enforcement of certain existing orders

          1. 9.(1) Sub-paragraph (2) applies in relation to any existing order...

        8. Discharge of existing orders

          1. 10.(1) The making of a residence order or care order...


        1. Children in compulsory care

          1. 11.(1) Sub-paragraph (2) applies where, immediately before the commencement of...

          2. 12.(1) This sub-paragraph applies to a child who has been...

        2. Cessation of wardship where child is in care

          1. 13.(1) Where a child who is a ward of court...

        3. Children placed with parent, etc., while in compulsory care

          1. 14.(1) This paragraph applies where a child is deemed by...

        4. Children in voluntary care

          1. 15.(1) This paragraph applies where, immediately before the commencement of...

        5. Boarded out children

          1. 16.(1) Where, immediately before the commencement of Part IV, a...

        6. Children in care to qualify for advice and assistance

          1. 17.Any reference in Part IV to a person qualifying for...

        7. Emigration of children in care

          1. 18.Where the Head of the Department is considering whether to...

        8. Contributions for maintenance of children in care

          1. 19.(1) Where, immediately before the commencement of Part IV, there...

        9. Supervision orders

          Orders under the 1968 Act

          1. 20.(1) This paragraph applies to any supervision order made under...

          2. 21.(1) This paragraph applies to any supervision order made under...

        10. Other supervision orders

          1. 22.(1) This paragraph applies to any order for the supervision...

        11. Place of safety orders

          1. 23.(1) This paragraph applies to— (a) any order or warrant...

        12. Voluntary homes

          1. 24.(1) This paragraph applies to a voluntary home which is...

        13. Foster children

          1. 25.(1) This paragraph applies where— (a) immediately before the commencement...

        14. Child minders

          1. 26.(1) Sub-paragraph (2) applies where, immediately before the commencement of...

        15. Guardians

        16. Existing guardians to be guardians under this Order

          1. 27.(1) Any appointment of a person as guardian for a...

        17. Appointment of guardian not yet in effect

          1. 28.Any appointment of a person to be a guardian of...

        18. Children accommodated in certain establishments

          1. 29.In calculating, for the purposes of Article 174(1)(a) or (2)(a)...

        19. Training school orders

          1. 30.(1) This paragraph applies where, immediately before the commencement of...

        20. Miscellaneous

          Marriage consents

          1. 31.(1) In the circumstances mentioned in sub-paragraph (2), section 1...

        21. Affiliation orders, etc.

          1. 32.(1) This paragraph applies to the following orders—

        22. Property rights where parents not married to each other

          1. 33.(1) In this paragraph “the 1977 Order” means the Family...

        23. Attendance of child before court

          1. 34.Section 170 of the Children and Young Persons Act (Northern...

        24. Saving for certain amendments of 1968 Act

          1. 36.Notwithstanding the repeal by this Order of Part I of...

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