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Ecumenical Relations Measure 20182018 No. 6Church Measures
Budget (Scotland) Act 20182018 asp 6Acts of the Scottish Parliament
Northern Ireland (Regional Rates and Energy) Act 20182018 c. 6UK Public General Acts
Public Health (Minimum Price for Alcohol) (Wales) Act 20182018 anaw 5Acts of the National Assembly for Wales
Deddf Iechyd y Cyhoedd (Isafbris am Alcohol) (Cymru) 2018
Legislative Reform Measure 20182018 No. 5Church Measures
Space Industry Act 20182018 c. 5UK Public General Acts
Domestic Abuse (Scotland) Act 20182018 asp 5Acts of the Scottish Parliament
Regulation of Registered Social Landlords (Wales) Act 20182018 anaw 4Acts of the National Assembly for Wales
Deddf Rheoleiddio Landlordiaid Cymdeithasol Cofrestredig (Cymru) 2018
Mission and Pastoral etc. (Amendment) Measure 20182018 No. 4Church Measures
Supply and Appropriation (Anticipation and Adjustments) Act 20182018 c. 4UK Public General Acts
Gender Representation on Public Boards (Scotland) Act 20182018 asp 4Acts of the Scottish Parliament
University of London Act 20182018 c. iiiUK Local Acts
Law Derived from the European Union (Wales) Act 20182018 anaw 3Acts of the National Assembly for Wales
Deddf Cyfraith sy’n Deillio o’r Undeb Ewropeaidd (Cymru) 2018
Ecclesiastical Jurisdiction and Care of Churches Measure 20182018 No. 3Church Measures
Finance Act 20182018 c. 3UK Public General Acts
Wild Animals in Travelling Circuses (Scotland) Act 20182018 asp 3Acts of the Scottish Parliament
Middle Level Act 20182018 c. iiUK Local Acts
Pensions (Pre-consolidation) Measure 20182018 No. 2Church Measures
Armed Forces (Flexible Working) Act 20182018 c. 2UK Public General Acts
Additional Learning Needs and Education Tribunal (Wales) Act 20182018 anaw 2Acts of the National Assembly for Wales
Deddf Anghenion Dysgu Ychwanegol a’r Tribiwnlys Addysg (Cymru) 2018

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