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Liability for War Damage (Miscellaneous Provisions) Act 19391939 c. 102UK Public General Acts
Local Government Staffs (War Service) Act (Northern Ireland) 19391939 Chapter 27Acts of the Northern Ireland Parliament
London Building Acts (Amendment) Act 19391939 c. xcviiUK Local Acts
Marriage Act 19391939 c. 33UK Public General Acts
Matrimonial Causes Act (Northern Ireland) 19391939 Chapter 13Acts of the Northern Ireland Parliament
National Loans Act 1939 (c.117)1939 c. 117UK Public General Acts
Official Secrets Act 19391939 c. 121UK Public General Acts
Patents, Designs, Copyright and Trade Marks (Emergency) Act1939 c. 107UK Public General Acts
Pensions (Navy, Army, Air Force and Mercantile Marine) Act 19391939 c. 83UK Public General Acts
Personal Injuries (Emergency Provisions) Act 19391939 c. 82UK Public General Acts
Police and Firemen (War Service) Act 1939 (repealed)1939 c. 103UK Public General Acts
Prevention of Damage by Rabbits Act 19391939 c. 43UK Public General Acts
Prize Act 19391939 c. 65UK Public General Acts
Prize Court Rules 19391939 No. 1466UK Statutory Rules and Orders
Promissory Oaths Order 19391939 No. 916UK Statutory Rules and Orders
Public Trustee (General Deposit Fund) Act 19391939 c. 51UK Public General Acts
Reorganisation of Offices (Scotland) Act 19391939 c. 20UK Public General Acts
Restriction of Advertisement (War Risks Insurance) Act 19391939 c. 120UK Public General Acts
Silicosis and Asbestosis (Medical Arrangements) Amendment Scheme 19391939 No. 705UK Statutory Rules and Orders
Trading with the Enemy (Custodian) Order 19391939 No. 1198UK Statutory Rules and Orders

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