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Air Traffic Management And Unmanned Aircraft Act 2021

Territorial extent and application

  1. The provisions in this Act extend to England and Wales, Scotland and Northern Ireland, except that section 12 (airport slot allocation) extends to England and Wales and Scotland only. Civil aviation (including airspace)/air transport are reserved matters under Schedule 3 to the Northern Ireland Act 1998 (but not aerodromes), Schedule 5 to the Scotland Act 1998, and Schedule 7A to the Government of Wales Act 2006. "Aerodromes" are a transferred matter in relation to Northern Ireland (see Schedule 3 to the Northern Ireland Act 1998), which is taken to include airport slot allocation. As a result, and because there are no slot coordinated airports there, section 12 has not been extended to Northern Ireland. The police powers the Act introduces to tackle the unlawful use of UA are ancillary to the overall strategy in relation to the regulation of UA. The regulation of UA relates to civil aviation and is reserved.

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