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These advanced features are only available on searches for revised legislation e.g. Acts. Secondary legislation will not be included in search results.

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 Help about Title searching
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 Help about Year Range searching
 Help about Number and Series searching
 Help about Legislation Type searching


Enter a full title or part of a title to find results based on title. The search will show results that match on any part of the title. For example ‘Data’ will match ‘Data Protection Act’ and ‘The Data Retention Regulations’. To exclude a term, use the minus operator before the term you wish to exclude. For example searching ‘Data -protection’ would return ‘The Data Retention Regulations’ but not the ‘Data Protection Act’. Use double quotes for an exact match on a phrase e.g “Data Protection” would return ‘The Data Protection Act’ but not ‘The Protection of Vulnerable Groups (Data Handling) Regulations’. Alternatively, leave blank if you do not wish to specify a title match.



Select whether you would like to search across legislation for a particular year or range of years. This is not a required field and can be left empty if you do not wish to narrow your search by year.



Use this field to specify the number of the legislation if you know it. This field is not mandatory. Please note that a point in time or geographic extent search is only possible on the legislation that we revise (primary legislation). For example, an SI number will not be a valid search.



Use the drop down to specify the type of legislation for the search. Please note that point in time and geographic extent search is only possible on legislation that we revise so only primary legislation types are listed.



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