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Council Directive 2013/59/EuratomShow full title

Council Directive 2013/59/Euratom of 5 December 2013 laying down basic safety standards for protection against the dangers arising from exposure to ionising radiation, and repealing Directives 89/618/Euratom, 90/641/Euratom, 96/29/Euratom, 97/43/Euratom and 2003/122/Euratom

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  1. Introductory Text


    1. Article 1.Subject matter

    2. Article 2.Scope

    3. Article 3.Exclusion from the scope


    1. Article 4.Definitions


    1. Article 5.General principles of radiation protection

    2. SECTION 1 Tools for optimisation

      1. Article 6.Dose constraints for occupational, public, and medical exposure

      2. Article 7.Reference levels

    3. SECTION 2 Dose limitation

      1. Article 8.Age limit for exposed workers

      2. Article 9.Dose limits for occupational exposure

      3. Article 10.Protection of pregnant and breastfeeding workers

      4. Article 11.Dose limits for apprentices and students

      5. Article 12.Dose limits for public exposure

      6. Article 13.Estimation of the effective and equivalent dose


    1. Article 14.General responsibilities for the education, training and provision of information

    2. Article 15.Training of exposed workers and information provided to them

    3. Article 16.Information and training of workers potentially exposed to orphan sources

    4. Article 17.Prior information and training for emergency workers

    5. Article 18.Education, information and training in the field of medical exposure


    1. SECTION 1 Justification and prohibition of practices

      1. Article 19.Justification of practices

      2. Article 20.Practices involving consumer products

      3. Article 21.Prohibition of practices

      4. Article 22.Practices involving the deliberate exposure of humans for non-medical imaging purposes

    2. SECTION 2 Regulatory control

      1. Article 23.Identification of practices involving naturally-occurring radioactive material

      2. Article 24.Graded approach to regulatory control

      3. Article 25.Notification

      4. Article 26.Exemption from notification

      5. Article 27.Registration or licensing

      6. Article 28.Licensing

      7. Article 29.Authorisation procedure

      8. Article 30.Release from regulatory control


    1. Article 31.Responsibilities

    2. Article 32.Operational protection of exposed workers

    3. Article 33.Operational protection of apprentices and students

    4. Article 34.Consultations with a radiation protection expert

    5. Article 35.Arrangements in workplaces

    6. Article 36.Classification of workplaces

    7. Article 37.Controlled areas

    8. Article 38.Supervised areas

    9. Article 39.Radiological surveillance of the workplace

    10. Article 40.Categorisation of exposed workers

    11. Article 41.Individual monitoring

    12. Article 42.Dose assessment in the case of accidental exposure

    13. Article 43.Recording and reporting of results

    14. Article 44.Access to the results of individual monitoring

    15. Article 45.Medical surveillance of exposed workers

    16. Article 46.Medical classification

    17. Article 47.Prohibition to employ or classify unfit workers

    18. Article 48.Medical records

    19. Article 49.Special medical surveillance

    20. Article 50.Appeals

    21. Article 51.Protection of outside workers

    22. Article 52.Specially authorised exposures

    23. Article 53.Emergency occupational exposure

    24. Article 54.Radon in workplaces


    1. Article 55.Justification

    2. Article 56.Optimisation

    3. Article 57.Responsibilities

    4. Article 58.Procedures

    5. Article 59.Training and recognition

    6. Article 60.Equipment

    7. Article 61.Special practices

    8. Article 62.Special protection during pregnancy and breastfeeding

    9. Article 63.Accidental and unintended exposures

    10. Article 64.Estimates of population doses


    1. SECTION 1 Protection of members of the public and long-term health protection in normal circumstances

      1. Article 65.Operational protection of members of the public

      2. Article 66.Estimation of doses to the members of the public

      3. Article 67.Monitoring of radioactive discharges

      4. Article 68.Tasks for the undertaking

    2. SECTION 2 Emergency exposure situations

      1. Article 69.Emergency response

      2. Article 70.Information to the members of the public likely to be affected in the event of an emergency

      3. Article 71.Information to the members of the public actually affected in the event of an emergency

    3. SECTION 3 Existing exposure situation

      1. Article 72.Environmental monitoring programme

      2. Article 73.Contaminated areas

      3. Article 74.Indoor exposure to radon

      4. Article 75.Gamma radiation from building materials


    1. SECTION 1 Institutional infrastructure

      1. Article 76.Competent authority

      2. Article 77.Transparency

      3. Article 78.Information on equipment

      4. Article 79.Recognition of services and experts

      5. Article 80.Occupational health services

      6. Article 81.Dosimetry services

      7. Article 82.Radiation protection expert

      8. Article 83.Medical physics expert

      9. Article 84.Radiation protection officer

    2. SECTION 2 Control of radioactive sources

      1. Article 85.General requirements for unsealed sources

      2. Article 86.General requirements for sealed sources

      3. Article 87.Requirements for control of high-activity sealed sources

      4. Article 88.Specific requirements for licensing of high-activity sealed sources

      5. Article 89.Record keeping by the undertaking

      6. Article 90.Record keeping by the competent authority

      7. Article 91.Control of high-activity sealed sources

    3. SECTION 3 Orphan sources

      1. Article 92.Detection of orphan sources

      2. Article 93.Metal contamination

      3. Article 94.Recovery, management, control and disposal of orphan sources

      4. Article 95.Financial security for orphan sources

    4. SECTION 4 Significant events

      1. Article 96.Notification and recording of significant events

    5. SECTION 5 Emergency exposure situations

      1. Article 97.Emergency management system

      2. Article 98.Emergency preparedness

      3. Article 99.International cooperation

    6. SECTION 6 Existing exposure situations

      1. Article 100.Programmes on existing exposure situations

      2. Article 101.Establishment of strategies

      3. Article 102.Implementation of strategies

      4. Article 103.Radon action plan

    7. SECTION 7 System of enforcement

      1. Article 104.Inspections

      2. Article 105.Enforcement


    1. Article 106.Transposition

    2. Article 107.Repeal

    3. Article 108.Entry into force

    4. Article 109.Addressees

    1. ANNEX I

      Reference levels for public exposure as referred to in Articles 7 and 101

      1. 1. Without prejudice to reference levels set for equivalent doses, reference...

      2. 2. In specific situations, a reference level below ranges referred to...

      3. 3. For the transition from an emergency exposure situation to an...

      4. 4. The reference levels set shall take account of the features...

    2. ANNEX II

      Radiation and tissue weighting factors as referred to in points (25) and (33) of Article 4

    3. ANNEX III

      Activity values defining high-activity sealed sources as referred to in point (41) of Article 4

      1. For radionuclides not listed in the table below, the relevant...

      2. The activity given is that of the alpha-emitting radionuclide Radionuclide...

    4. ANNEX IV

      Justification of new classes or types of practices involving consumer products as referred to in Article 20

      1. A. Any undertaking intending to manufacture or import into a Member...

      2. B. The competent authority shall examine that information and in particular...

    5. ANNEX V

      Indicative list of practices involving non-medical imaging exposure as referred to in Article 22

      1. Practices using medical radiological equipment:

      2. Radiological health assessment for employment purposes; Radiological health assessment for...

      3. Practices not using medical radiological equipment:

      4. Use of ionising radiation for detection of concealed objects on...

    6. ANNEX VI

      List of industrial sectors involving naturally-occurring radioactive material as referred to in Article 23

      1. When applying Article 23 the following list of industrial sectors...

      2. Extraction of rare earths from monazite Production of thorium compounds...

    7. ANNEX VII

      Exemption and clearance criteria as referred to in Articles 24, 26 and 30

      1. 1. Exemption

      2. 2. Exemption and clearance levels

        1. (a) The total activity values (in Bq) for exemption apply to...

        2. (b) The exempt activity concentration values (in kBq kg-1) for the...

        3. (c) The concentration values in Table A, Part 1, or in...

        4. (d) For mixtures of artificial radionuclides, the weighted sum of nuclide-specific...

        5. (e) The values in Table A, Part 2, may not be...

      3. 3. General exemption and clearance criteria

        1. (a) The general criteria for the exemption of practices from notification...

        2. (b) Practices involving small amounts of radioactive substances or low activity...

        3. (c) Practices involving amounts of radioactive substances or activity concentrations below...

        4. (d) In the case of moderate amounts of material, as specified...

        5. (e) For the purpose of exemption from notification or for the...

        6. TABLE A Activity concentration values for exemption or clearance of materials which...

          1. TABLE A PART 1 Artificial radionuclides

          2. TABLE A PART 2 Naturally occurring radionuclides

        7. TABLE B Total activity values for exemption (column 3) and exemption values...


      Definition and use of the activity concentration index for the gamma radiation emitted by building materials as referred to in Article 75

      1. For the purposes of Article 75(2), for identified types of...

      2. The activity concentration index I is given by the following...

      3. I = C Ra226 ∕ 300 Bq/kg + C Th232...

      4. where CRa226, CTh232 and CK40 are the activity concentrations in...

      5. The index relates to the gamma radiation dose, in excess...

    9. ANNEX IX

      Indicative list of information for licence applications as referred to in Article 29

      1. Responsibilities and organisational arrangements for protection and safety. Staff competences,...

    10. ANNEX X

      Data system for individual radiological monitoring as referred to in Articles 43, 44 and 51


        1. 1. Any data system of the Member States for individual radiological...

        2. 2. The competent authorities of the Member States shall take the...

        3. A. Data to be included in the data system for individual...

          1. 3. Data on the worker's identity shall include the worker's:

          2. 4. Data on the undertaking shall include the name, address and...

          3. 5. Data on the employment of the worker shall include:

          4. 6. The results of the individual monitoring of the exposed worker...

        4. B. Data on outside workers to be supplied via the data...

          1. 1. Before the start of any activity, the employer of the...

          2. 2. The following data shall be recorded or have been recorded...

        5. C. Provisions concerning the individual radiological monitoring document

          1. 1. Member States may decide to issue an individual radiological monitoring...

          2. 2. The document shall be non-transferable.

          3. 3. Member States shall take the measures necessary to prevent a...

          4. 4. In addition to the information required in Part A and...

    11. ANNEX XI

      Emergency management systems and emergency response plans as referred to in Articles 69, 97 and 98

      1. A. Elements to be included in an emergency management system

        1. 1. Assessment of potential emergency exposure situations and associated public and...

        2. 2. Clear allocation of the responsibilities of persons and organisations having...

        3. 3. Establishment of emergency response plans at appropriate levels and related...

        4. 4. Reliable communications and efficient and effective arrangements for cooperation and...

        5. 5. Health protection of emergency workers;

        6. 6. Arrangements for the provision of prior information and training for...

        7. 7. Arrangements for individual monitoring or assessment of individual doses of...

        8. 8. Public information arrangements;

        9. 9. Involvement of stakeholders;

        10. 10. Transition from an emergency exposure situation to an existing exposure...

      2. B. Elements to be included in an emergency response plan

    12. ANNEX XII

      Information to members of the public about health protection measures to be applied and steps to be taken in the event of an emergency as referred to in Articles 70 and 71

      1. A. Prior information to the members of the public likely to...

        1. 1. Basic facts about radioactivity and its effects on human beings...

        2. 2. The various types of emergency covered and their consequences for...

        3. 3. Emergency measures envisaged to alert, protect and assist the public...

        4. 4. Appropriate information on action to be taken by the public...

      2. B. Information to be provided to the affected members of the...

        1. 1. On the basis of the emergency response plan previously drawn...

        2. 2. If the emergency is preceded by a pre-alarm phase, the...

        3. 3. This information and advice shall be supplemented, if time permits,...

    13. ANNEX XIII

      Indicative list of types of building materials considered with regard to their emitted gamma radiation as referred to in Article 75

      1. 1. Natural materials

      2. 2. Materials incorporating residues from industries processing naturally-occurring radioactive material, such...

    14. ANNEX XIV

      Information to be provided in the records for high-activity sealed sources (HASS) as referred to in Article 89

    15. ANNEX XV

      Requirements for undertakings responsible for a high-activity sealed source as referred to in Article 91

      1. Each undertaking responsible for a high-activity sealed source shall:

      2. ensure that suitable tests, such as leak tests based on...

    16. ANNEX XVI

      Identification and marking of high-activity sealed sources as referred to in Article 91

      1. 1. The manufacturer or supplier ensures that:

      2. 2. The manufacturer provides a photograph of each manufactured source design...

      3. 3. The undertaking ensures that each high-activity sealed source is accompanied...

    17. ANNEX XVII

      Indicative list of types of existing exposure situations as referred to in Article 100

      1. Exposure due to contamination of areas by residual radioactive material...


      List of items to be considered in preparing the national action plan to address long-term risks from radon exposures as referred to in Articles 54, 74 and 103

      1. Strategy for conducting surveys of indoor radon concentrations or soil...

    19. ANNEX XIX

      Correlation table referred to in Article 107

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