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Antisocial Behaviour etc. (Scotland) Act 2004

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  1. Introductory Text

  2. Part 1 Antisocial behaviour strategies

    1. 1.Antisocial behaviour strategies

    2. 2.Reports and information

    3. 3.Scottish Ministers' power to apply sections 1 and 2 to registered social landlords

  3. Part 2 Antisocial behaviour orders

    1. Antisocial behaviour orders

      1. 4.Antisocial behaviour orders

      2. 5.Antisocial behaviour orders: variation and revocation

      3. 6.Appeals: effect on competence of application under section 5

    2. Interim antisocial behaviour orders

      1. 7.Interim antisocial behaviour orders

    3. Notification of orders

      1. 8.Notification of making etc. of orders and interim orders

    4. Breach of orders

      1. 9.Breach of orders

      2. 10.Breach of orders: prohibition on detention of children

      3. 11.Breach of orders: arrest without warrant

    5. Orders in respect of children

      1. 12.Sheriff’s power to refer case to children’s hearing

      2. 13.Sheriff’s power to make parenting order

    6. Provision of information and records

      1. 14.Provision of information to local authorities

      2. 15.Records of orders

    7. Guidance and research

      1. 16.Guidance in relation to antisocial behaviour orders

      2. 17.Arrangement of study into operation of Part

    8. Interpretation

      1. 18.Interpretation of Part 2

  4. Part 3 Dispersal of groups

    1. Authorisations and powers

      1. 19.Authorisations

      2. 20.Authorisations: supplementary

      3. 21.Powers exercisable in pursuance of authorisations

      4. 22.Powers under section 21: supplementary

    2. Guidance and research

      1. 23.Guidance in relation to dispersal of groups

      2. 24.Operation of Part: arrangement of study

    3. Interpretation

      1. 25.Interpretation of Part 3

  5. Part 4 Closure of premises

    1. Closure notices

      1. 26.Authorisation of closure notice

      2. 27.Service etc.

    2. Closure orders

      1. 28.Application to sheriff

      2. 29.Closure orders

      3. 30.Application: determination

      4. 31.Enforcement

      5. 32.Extension

      6. 33.Revocation

      7. 34.Access to other premises

      8. 35.Reimbursement of expenditure

      9. 36.Appeals

    3. General

      1. 37.Offences

      2. 38.Offences under section 37: arrest without warrant

      3. 39.Guidance in relation to closure of premises

    4. Interpretation

      1. 40.Interpretation of Part 4

      2. 40A.Exploitation offences

  6. Part 5 Noise nuisance

    1. Summary procedure for dealing with noise from certain places

      1. 41.Application of noise control provisions to local authority areas

      2. 42.Revocation or variation of resolution under section 41

    2. Noise control provisions

      1. 43.Investigation of excessive noise from certain places

      2. 44.Warning notices

      3. 45.Offence where noise exceeds permitted level after service of notice

      4. 46.Fixed penalty notices

      5. 47.Powers of entry and seizure of equipment used to make noise unlawfully

    3. The permitted level

      1. 48.Permitted level of noise

    4. Miscellaneous

      1. 49.Approval of measuring devices

      2. 50.Power to provide funds to local authorities

      3. 51.Fixed penalty notices: supplementary

      4. 52.Guidance in relation to this Part

    5. Interpretation

      1. 53.Meaning of “relevant place” and “relevant property”

      2. 54.Interpretation of Part 5

  7. Part 6 The environment

    1. Controlled waste and litter

      1. 55.Contraventions of section 33(1)(a) and (c) of 1990 Act: fixed penalty notices

      2. 56.Litter: power of constables to issue fixed penalty notices

      3. 57.Directions in respect of duty under section 89 of 1990 Act

    2. Graffiti

      1. 58.Power of local authority to serve notice about graffiti

      2. 59.Power to modify meaning of “relevant surface”

      3. 60.Graffiti removal notice: content and service

      4. 61.Non-compliance with graffiti removal notice

      5. 62.Guidance to local authorities about graffiti removal functions

      6. 63.Appeal against graffiti removal notice

      7. 64.Appeal against notice under section 61(4)

      8. 65.Graffiti removal notice: exemptions from liability

    3. Penalties for environmental offences

      1. 66.Increase in penalties for certain environmental offences

    4. Interpretation

      1. 67.Interpretation of Part 6

  8. Part 7 Housing: antisocial behaviour notices

    1. Antisocial behaviour notices

      1. 68.Antisocial behaviour notices

      2. 69.Review of antisocial behaviour notices

      3. 70.Internal procedure on review

    2. Failure to comply with notice: sanctions

      1. 71.Failure to comply with notice: order as to rental income

      2. 72.Appeals against orders under section 71

      3. 73.Orders under section 71: revocation and suspension

      4. 74.Failure to comply with notice: management control order

      5. 75.Management control order: notification

      6. 76.Management control order: revocation

      7. 77.Management control order: notification of revocation

      8. 78.Failure to comply with notice: action by authority at landlord’s expense

      9. 79.Failure to comply with notice: offence

    3. Regulations

      1. 80.Regulations about advice and assistance: Part 7

    4. Interpretation

      1. 81.Interpretation of Part 7

  9. Part 8 Housing: registration of certain landlords

    1. Registration

      1. 82.Registers

      2. 83.Application for registration

      3. 84.Registration

      4. 85.Section 84: considerations

      5. 85A.Fit and proper person: criminal record certificate

      6. 86.Notification of registration or refusal to register

      7. 87.Duty of registered person to provide information to local authority

      8. 87A.Duty of local authority to note decisions of the First-tier Tribunal for Scotland Housing and Property Chamber

      9. 88.Registered person: appointment of agent

      10. 88A.Access to register

      11. 89.Removal from register

      12. 90.Notification of removal from register: registered person

      13. 91.Notification of removal from register: other persons

      14. 92.Appeal against refusal to register or removal from register

      15. 92ZA.Duty to note refusals and removals

      16. 92A.The Letting Code

      17. 92B.Duty of certain persons to include landlord registration number in advertisements

    2. Enforcement

      1. 93.Offences

      2. 93A.Disqualification orders etc.

      3. 94.Circumstances in which no rent to be payable

      4. 95.Notices under section 94: revocation

      5. 96.Notification of revocation of notice

      6. 97.Appeals

    3. Information

      1. 97A.Power to obtain information

      2. 97B.Power to obtain information: service of requirement

    4. Grants

      1. 98.Grants to local authorities

    5. Regulations

      1. 99.Regulations about advice and assistance: Part 8

    6. Guidance

      1. 99A.Guidance

    7. Amendment of Housing (Scotland) Act 1988

      1. 100.Amendment of Housing (Scotland) Act 1988

    8. Interpretation

      1. 101.Interpretation of Part 8

  10. Part 9 Parenting orders

    1. Applications

      1. 102.Applications

    2. Parenting orders

      1. 103.Parenting orders

    3. Matters following making of order

      1. 104.Notification of making of order

      2. 105.Review of order

      3. 106.Appeals

      4. 107.Failure to comply with order

    4. General requirements

      1. 108.Procedural requirements

      2. 109.General considerations relating to making, varying and revoking order

      3. 110.Account to be taken of religion, work and education

    5. Miscellaneous

      1. 111.Restriction on reporting proceedings relating to parenting orders

      2. 112.Conduct of proceedings by reporters

      3. 113.Initial investigations by Principal Reporter

      4. 114.Power of court to direct Principal Reporter to consider application for parenting order

      5. 115.Guidance about parenting orders

      6. 116.Power of hearing to direct Principal Reporter to consider application for parenting order

    6. Interpretation

      1. 117.Interpretation of Part 9

  11. Part 10 Further criminal measures

    1. Antisocial behaviour orders

      1. 118.Antisocial behaviour orders

      2. 119.Records of antisocial behaviour orders made in criminal courts

    2. Community reparation orders

      1. 120.Community reparation orders

    3. Restriction of liberty orders

      1. 121.Restriction of liberty orders

    4. Sale of spray paint to children

      1. 122.Offence of selling spray paint to child

      2. 123.Requirement to display warning statement

      3. 124.Offences under sections 122 and 123: enforcement

      4. 125.Offences under sections 122 and 123: powers of entry, inspection and seizure

    5. Seizure of vehicles

      1. 126.Vehicles used in manner causing alarm, distress or annoyance

      2. 127.Retention etc. of vehicles seized under section 126

  12. Part 11 Fixed penalties

    1. Offences to which this Part applies

      1. 128.Fixed penalty offences

    2. Fixed penalty notices and penalties

      1. 129.Fixed penalty notices

      2. 130.Amount of fixed penalty and form of fixed penalty notice

      3. 131.Effect of fixed penalty notice

      4. 132.Payment of fixed penalty

    3. Revocation of fixed penalty notices

      1. 133.Revocation of fixed penalty notices

    4. Interpretation

      1. 134.Interpretation of Part 11

  13. Part 12 Children’s hearings

    1. Supervision requirements

      1. 135.Supervision requirements: conditions restricting movement

      2. 136.Supervision requirements: duties of local authorities

    2. Failure to provide education for excluded pupils

      1. 137.Failure to provide education for excluded pupils: reference

  14. Part 13 Miscellaneous and general

    1. Miscellaneous

      1. 138.Privacy of certain proceedings

      2. 139.Disclosure and sharing of information

      3. 140.Equal opportunities

    2. General

      1. 141.Orders and regulations

      2. 142.Directions

      3. 143.Interpretation: “antisocial behaviour” and other expressions

      4. 144.Minor and consequential amendments and repeals

      5. 145.Short title and commencement

    1. SCHEDULE 1

      Powers in relation to equipment seized under section 47

      1. 1.In this schedule— (a) “noise offence” means, in relation to...

      2. 2.(1) Any seized equipment may be retained—

      3. 3.(1) Where a person is convicted of a noise offence...

      4. 4.(1) Where any equipment has been forfeited under paragraph 3,...

      5. 5.Return etc. of seized equipment

      6. 6.(1) Where in the case of any seized equipment no...

    2. SCHEDULE 2

      Penalties for certain environmental offences

      1. Part 1 Acts

        1. 1.(1) The Sewerage (Scotland) Act 1968 shall be amended as...

        2. 2.(1) The Control of Pollution Act 1974 shall be amended...

        3. 3.Section 75 of the Water (Scotland) Act 1980 (penalty for...

        4. 4.(1) The 1990 Act shall be amended as follows.

        5. 5.In paragraph 25(2)(a)(ii) of Schedule 1 to the Pollution Prevention...

        6. 6.In paragraph 20(2)(a)(ii) of schedule 2 to the Water Environment...

      2. Part 2 Subordinate legislation

        1. 7.In paragraph (2)(a) of regulation 30 of the Pollution Prevention...

        2. 8.In paragraph (2)(a) of regulation 19 of the Landfill (Scotland)...

    3. SCHEDULE 3

      Management control orders

      1. 1.(1) Paragraphs 2 to 6 apply while an order is...

      2. 2.The order shall not affect the rights or liabilities of...

      3. 3.(1) The local authority shall pay to such relevant person...

      4. 4.If during the management period— (a) rent payable; or

      5. 5.The local authority may authorise any person to do in...

      6. 6.(1) Where— (a) the house to which an order relates...

    4. SCHEDULE 4

      Minor and consequential amendments

      1. 1.In section 27 of the Social Work (Scotland) Act 1968...

      2. 2.In subsection (2C)(c) of section 31 of the Housing (Scotland)...

      3. 3.After section 81(3) of the Environmental Protection Act 1990 (power...

      4. 4.(1) The Children (Scotland) Act 1995 shall be amended as...

      5. 5.(1) The Criminal Procedure (Scotland) Act 1995 shall be amended...

      6. 6.(1) The Housing (Scotland) Act 2001 shall be amended as...

    5. SCHEDULE 5


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