The End-of-Life Vehicles Regulations 2003

  1. PART I General

    1. 1.Citation, commencement and extent

    2. 2.Interpretation

  2. PART II Application

    1. 3.Vehicles and End-of-Life Vehicles to which these Regulations apply

    2. 4.Existing Community legislation and relevant national legislation

    3. 5.Application to vehicles produced in small series

  3. PART III Design Requirements

    1. 6.Prohibition on heavy metals

    2. 7.Requirement for technical documentation

    3. 8.A producer shall ensure that he keeps the information necessary...

    4. 9.Compliance Notice

    5. 10.Offences

    6. 11.Penalties

    7. 12.Defence of due diligence

    8. 13.Liability of persons other than the principal offender

  4. PART IV Information requirements

    1. 14.Coding Standards

    2. 15.For the purposes of regulation 14, “material and component coding...

    3. 16.A producer shall at the request of the enforcement authority...

    4. 17.A producer shall ensure that he keeps the information necessary...

    5. 18.Dismantling Information

    6. 19.(1) A producer of components used in vehicles shall make...

    7. 20.Reporting and Information

    8. 21.Compliance Notice

    9. 22.A notice which is served under regulation 21 shall—

    10. 23.Offences

    11. 24.Penalties

    12. 25.Enforcement

    13. 26.(1) Subject to regulation 26(2) the enforcement authority shall not...

  5. PART V Certificate of destruction

    1. 27.Issue of the certificate of destruction

    2. 28.Prohibition of charges

    3. 29.Form and content of certificate of destruction

    4. 30.Enforcement

    5. 31.Offences

    6. 32.Penalties

    7. 33.Certificate of destruction issued in an EEA State or Gibraltar

    8. 34.Amendments to the Road Vehicles (Registration and Licensing) Regulations 2002

    9. 35.Restrictions on disclosure of information

    10. 36.Interpretation

  6. PART VI Delivery of end-of-life vehicles to treatment facilities

    1. 37.Application

    2. 38.Delivery of an end-of-life vehicle to a treatment facility

    3. 39.Subject to regulation 38(2), a producer who has put a...

    4. 40.Enforcement

    5. 41.(1) A producer shall furnish a certificate of compliance to...

    6. 42.Offences

    7. 43.Penalties

  7. PART VII Keeping and treatment of waste motor vehicles

    1. 44.Modification of conditions to existing site licences

    2. 45.Requirement for site licence in respect of activities formerly exempted

    3. 46.Conditions to be included in site licences

    4. 47.Recovery of depolluted waste motor vehicles as an exempt activity

    5. 48.Amendments to the Waste Management Licensing Regulations 1994

    6. 49.Charges

    7. 50.Interpretation


    1. 1

      Materials and Components Exempt from the Heavy Metals Restrictions

    2. 2

      Nomenclature of Material and Component Coding Standards for End-of-Life Vehicles

    3. 3

      Minimum Requirements for Certificate of Destruction

    4. 4

      Information in Certificate of Compliance

    5. 5

      Conditions to be Included in Site Licences