Appointed day

2.  3 April 2017 is the appointed day for the coming into force of the following provisions of the Act—

(a)Part 2 (which comprises sections 65 to 66 and relates to the overview and interpretation of Parts 3 to 8);

(b)insofar as it is not already in force, Part 3 (which comprises sections 67 to 78 and relates to Social Care Wales) and Schedule 2(1);

(c)Part 4 (which comprises sections 79 to 111 and relates to social care workers);

(d)Part 5 (which comprises sections 112 to 116 and relates to social care workers, standards of conduct, education etc.);

(e)Part 6 (which comprises sections 117 to 164 and relates to the fitness to practise of social care workers), except for sub-section (5) of section 160 (power to require information);

(f)Part 7 (which comprises sections 165 to 173 and relates to unregistered persons and orders prohibiting work in social care);

(g)Part 8 (which comprises sections 174 to 175 and relates to Social Care Wales and the duty to establish panels);

(h)Part 9 (which comprises sections 176 to 182 and relates to co-operation and joint working by regulatory bodies);

(i)Part 10 (which comprises sections 183 to 184 and relates to miscellaneous and general provisions);

(j)section 185 and Schedule 3 (minor and consequential amendments) insofar as they relate to Part 2 of Schedule 3 (Social Care Wales).


Schedule 2 (which makes further provision about Social Care Wales) is introduced by section 67(4) of the Act.