Revised determination – direct payments

30.—(1) A local authority may carry out a new determination where—

(a)it considers that there has been a change in the capital or income of B;

(b)it considers that there has been a change in the reasonable cost of securing the care and support (including a change resulting from a change in the level at which or degree to which care and support is provided);

(c)it has changed its policy about the exercise of the discretion to charge under section 59 of the Act;

(d)it considers that a mistake was made in the assessment of B’s capital or income or in making the determination; or

(e)B requests a new determination.

(2) Where a local authority makes a further determination of B’s ability to pay a contribution or reimbursement in accordance with this regulation, it may not require the revised payment to be made until the date that a further statement is provided setting out the revised amount and the earlier statement will continue to have effect until that date.