The overriding objective and parties' obligation to co-operate with the tribunal

3.—(1) When a tribunal—

(a)exercises any power under these Regulations; or

(b)interprets any regulation,

it must seek to give effect to the overriding objective of dealing fairly and justly with applications which it is to determine.

(2) Dealing with an application fairly and justly includes—

(a)dealing with it in ways which are proportionate to the complexity of the issues and to the resources of the parties;

(b)ensuring, so far as practicable, that the parties are on an equal footing procedurally and are able to participate fully in the proceedings;

(c)assisting any party in the presentation of the party’s case without advocating the course the party should take;

(d)using the tribunal’s special expertise effectively; and

(e)avoiding delay, so far as is compatible with proper consideration of the issues.

(3) Parties must—

(a)help the tribunal to further the overriding objective; and

(b)co-operate with the tribunal generally.