PART 2Application for scheme

Consultation for new permit schemes

3.—(1) Prior to submitting a permit scheme to the Welsh Ministers under section 33 of the 2004 Act, the Permit Authority must consult —

(a)every person who carries out works in the proposed specified area from time to time, to the extent the Permit Authority is aware of them doing so;

(b)every local authority other than the Permit Authority in whose area is situated any street to which the proposed permit scheme relates;

(c)the emergency services which operate in the proposed specified area;

(d)the Welsh Ministers;

and such other persons as the Permit Authority considers appropriate.

(2) If, before the day on which these Regulations come into force, the Permit Authority has undertaken any consultation which, had it been undertaken after that day, would to any extent have satisfied the requirements in paragraph (1), those requirements must to that extent be taken to have been satisfied.