PART IVOther Allowances

Definition of “approved duty”

9.—(1) Subject to the duties excluded by paragraph (2), for the purposes of sections 173, 175 and 176 of the 1972 Act “approved duty” means —

(a)any of the following duties —

(i)attendance at a meeting of the authority or of any committee or sub-committee of the authority or of any other body to which the authority makes appointments or nominations, or of any committee or sub-committee of such a body;

(ii)attendance at any other meeting the holding of which is authorised by the authority, or a committee or sub-committee of the authority, or a joint committee of the authority and one or more other authorities, or a sub-committee of such a joint committee, provided that —

(aa)where the authority is divided into two or more political groups, it is a meeting to which members of at least two such groups have been invited, or

(bb)if the authority is not so divided, it is a meeting to which at least two members of the authority have been invited;

(iii)attendance at a meeting of any association of authorities of which the authority is a member; and

(iv)attendance at any training or developmental event approved by the authority.

(b)any duties undertaken on behalf of the authority —

(i)in pursuance of any Standing Order requiring a member or members to be present while tender documents are opened;

(ii)in connection with the discharge of any function of the authority conferred by or under any enactment and empowering or requiring the authority to inspect or authorise the inspection of premises; and

(c)any other duty approved by an authority, or any duty of a class so approved, for the purpose of, or in connection with the discharge of its functions, or any of its committees or sub-committees.

(2) The duties excluded by this paragraph are those in respect of which the member receives remuneration otherwise than under Part II.