PART VAdministrative Arrangements

Avoidance of duplication

12.—(1) A claim for a payment by way of attendance allowance, financial loss allowance, allowances for attending conferences and meetings, travel allowance and subsistence allowance shall include, or be accompanied by, a statement signed by the member that the member has not made and will not make any other claim in respect of the matter to which the claim relates.

(2) No payment shall be made to a person under any provision of section 176 of the 1972 Act in respect of a matter as regards which a payment has been made to that person pursuant to these Regulations.

(3) A person who, in a period mentioned in regulation 5 or regulation 6 —

(a)performs an approved duty or approved duties as a member of more than one body,

(b)performs two or more approved duties for the same body, or

(c)is entitled to an allowance under section 173 of the 1972 Act and to a payment of a comparable allowance under any other enactment,

shall not be entitled to payments under that section which in total exceed the amount prescribed by regulations 5 or 6 as appropriate for that period.

(4) A body paying an allowance under section 173 of the 1972 Act to a person for an approved duty as described in paragraph (3) may reduce the amount of that allowance by the amount of any other allowance under section 173 or any comparable allowance under any enactment paid by another body.

Records of allowances

13.—(1) Every authority shall keep a record of the payments made by it in accordance with these Regulations.

(2) Such record shall specify the name of the recipient and the amount and nature of each payment and shall be kept available, at all reasonable times, for inspection (free of charge) by any local government elector (within the meaning of section 270(1) of the 1972 Act) for the area of the authority.

(3) A person who is entitled to inspect a record under paragraph (2) may request a copy of any part of it upon payment of such reasonable fee as may be required by the authority.


14.  As soon as practicable after the end of a financial year every authority shall make arrangements for the publication within the authority’s area of the total sum paid by it in that year to each member in respect of attendance allowance and financial loss allowance.