Welsh Statutory Instruments

1999 No. 2888 (W. 25)


The Education (School Teacher Appraisal) (Wales) Regulations 1999


31st August 1999

Coming into Force

1st September 1999

In exercise of the powers conferred on the Secretary of State by sections 49 and 63(3) of the Education (No 2) Act 1986(1), and now vested in the National Assembly for Wales(2) and after consulting in accordance with section 49(4) of the Act such associations of local authorities, and representatives of teachers, as appeared to be concerned and other persons with whom consultation appeared to be desirable, the National Assembly for Wales makes the following Regulations:


1986 c. 61. Section 49 is amended by paragraphs 36 and 101 of Schedule 12 to the Education Reform Act 1988 (c. 40), by paragraph 23 of Schedule 8 to the Further and Higher Education Act 1992 (c. 13) and by paragraph 14 of Schedule 30 to the School Standards and Framework Act 1998 (c. 31). Section 63(3) was amended by paragraph 107 of Schedule 19 to the Education Act 1993 (c. 35). For matters to be prescribed see section 67(3) of the 1986 Act (amended by paragraph 66 of Schedule 37 to the Education Act 1996 (c. 56), and section 579(1) of that Act.


See the National Assembly for Wales (Transfer of Functions) Order 1999 (S.I. 1999/672).