PART 2Amendments pursuant to the European Communities Act 1972

CHAPTER 1Amendments of primary legislation

Transport Act 1968

4.  In section 97(1)—

(a)in the heading, at the end insert “: EU requirements”;

(b)for subsection (1)(a)(ii) (but not the “and” at the end) substitute—

(ii)complies with that Regulation (including the relevant Annexes to it);;

(c)in subsection (2) omit “the requirements of the relevant Annexes to”;

(d)in subsection (6), after “97G of this Act” insert “(so far as those sections relate to the EU Tachographs Regulation)”;

(e)in subsection (7)—

(i)in the definition of “the EU Tachographs Regulation”, after “transport” insert “, as amended from time to time,”;

(ii)in the definition of “the relevant Annexes”, for “Community Recording Equipment Regulation” substitute “EU Tachographs Regulation”.