PART 2Marriage: Same-sex Couples

Interpretation of existing private legal instruments

8.—(1) Regulation 6(1) and (2) do not alter the effect of any private legal instrument made before 13th January 2020.

(2) In this regulation “private legal instrument” includes—

(a)a will,

(b)an instrument (including a private Act) which settles property,

(c)an instrument (including a private Act) which provides for the use, disposal or devolution of property, and

(d)an instrument (including a private Act) which—

(i)establishes a body, or

(ii)regulates the purposes or administration of a body,

(whether the body is incorporated or not and whether it is charitable or not);

but (with the exception of the kinds of private Act mentioned in sub-paragraphs (b) to (d)) it does not include applicable legislation.

(3) In paragraph (2)—

(a)“Act” includes an Act of the Parliament of Ireland, an Act of the Parliament of Northern Ireland and an Act of the Northern Ireland Assembly;

(b)“applicable legislation” has the same meaning as in regulation 6.