PART 2Marriage: Same-sex Couples

Effect of extension

6.—(1) In the law of Northern Ireland, marriage has the same effect in relation to same-sex couples as it has in relation to opposite-sex couples.

(2) The law of Northern Ireland (including all applicable legislation whenever passed or made) has effect in accordance with paragraph (1).

(3) Paragraphs (1) and (2), and regulation 7, are subject to any contrary provision made by these Regulations (or future applicable legislation), including contrary provision contained in amendments of existing applicable legislation.

(4) In this regulation—

“applicable legislation” means—


an Act of Parliament so far as it forms part of the law of Northern Ireland,


Northern Ireland legislation,


subordinate legislation made under an Act of Parliament, so far as the subordinate legislation forms part of the law of Northern Ireland, and


subordinate legislation made under Northern Ireland legislation;

“existing applicable legislation” means applicable legislation passed or made before 13th January 2020;

“subordinate legislation” means any Order in Council, order or warrant (other than an order made or a warrant issued by a court), scheme, rule, regulation, bye-law or other instrument.