Provisions coming into force on 7th November 2018

4.  The following provisions in Schedule 10 to the 2016 Act come into force on 7th November 2018—

(a)paragraph 45, so far as it omits the following provisions of RIPA—

(i)section 6 (application for issue of an interception warrant), so far as not already omitted;

(ii)section 7 (issue of warrants);

(iii)in section 9 (duration, cancellation and renewal of warrants)—

(aa)in subsection (1), paragraph (b) and “but” at the end of paragraph (a);

(bb)subsections (2) and (5);

(b)in Part 8, the repeal of paragraph 6 of Schedule 12 to the Serious Crime Act 2007(1) and section 271(1) so far as it relates to that repeal.