SCHEDULE 6Specific conditions: breeding dogs

Suitable environment

2.—(1) Each dog must have access to a sleeping area which is free from draughts and an exercise area.

(2) Each dog must be provided with sufficient space to—

(a)stand on its hind legs,

(b)lie down fully stretched out,

(c)wag its tail,

(d)walk, and

(e)turn around,

without touching another dog or the walls of the sleeping area.

(3) The exercise area must not be used as a sleeping area.

(4) Part or all of the exercise area must be outdoors.

(5) There must be a separate whelping area for each breeding bitch to whelp in which contains a suitable bed for whelping.

(6) Each whelping area must be maintained at an appropriate temperature (between and including 26 and 28 degrees centigrade) and include an area which allows the breeding bitch to move away from heat spots.

(7) Each dog must be provided with constant access to a sleeping area.

(8) A separate bed must be provided for each adult dog.

(9) No puppy aged under 8 weeks may be transported without its biological mother except—

(a)if a veterinarian agrees for health or welfare reasons that it may be so transported, or

(b)in an emergency.

(10) No breeding bitch may be transported later than 54 days after the date of successful mating except to a veterinarian.

(11) No breeding bitch may be transported earlier than 48 hours after whelping except to a veterinarian where it is not otherwise practicable or appropriate for that person to attend to the bitch.

(12) Each dog’s sleeping area must be clean, comfortable, warm and free from draughts.

(13) In this paragraph, “exercise area” means a secure area where dogs may exercise and play.