SCHEDULE 4Specific conditions: providing boarding for cats or dogs

PART 3Providing home boarding for dogs

Suitable environment

13.—(1) Dogs from different households may only be boarded at the same time with the written consent of every owner.

(2) Each dog must be provided with its own designated room where it can, if necessary, be kept separate from other dogs.

(3) Each dog must have a clean, comfortable and warm area within its designated room where it can rest and sleep.

(4) Each designated room must have a secure window to the outside that can be opened and closed as necessary.

(5) A dog must not be confined in a crate for longer than three hours in any 24-hour period.

(6) A dog must not be kept in a crate unless—

(a)it is already habituated to it,

(b)a crate forms part of the normal routine for the dog, and

(c)the dog’s owner has consented to the use of a crate.

(7) Any crate in which a dog is kept must be in good condition and sufficiently large for the dog to sit and stand in it at full height, lie flat and turn around.