SCHEDULE 4Specific conditions: providing boarding for cats or dogs

PART 2Providing boarding in kennels for dogs

Protection from pain, suffering, injury and disease

10.—(1) Where any other activity involving animals is undertaken on the premises, it must be kept entirely separate from the area where the activity of providing boarding for dogs in kennels takes place.

(2) A preventative healthcare plan agreed with the veterinarian with whom the licence holder has registered under paragraph 9(8) of Schedule 2 must be implemented.

(3) A holding kennel unit must only be used in an emergency and must not be used for longer than is necessary and in any event for no longer than a total of 12 hours in any 24-hour period.

(4) In sub-paragraph (3), “holding kennel unit” means a kennel unit, separate from any other kennel unit, in which a dog may be housed temporarily.